Snow to liquid ratio

Good afternoon bloggers,

We just had two large snowfalls and we are close to a record total for the month of February. So far we have had 20.5″ of snow this month:

  • 11.o” February 25-26
  • 9.3″ February 21-22
  • 0.2″ February 15

I just went outside and took a core sample of the snow that has compacted in front of the 41 Action News studios:

How Much

How much liquid do you think this will melt down to? I will guess 2.2″ or around a 5-1 ratio. Why? Because it is a sample from both snows combined, and a day later with the snow compacted a bit.  I will post the answer here at 10 PM during our newscast.  The normal ratio is closer to 10 to 1.

Have a great night. Let me know what your guess is.

It melted down to 2.72″  which is much higher than a normal snow to rain ratio. Here is the reason. I took a core sample outside and the first 4 or 5 inches on the bottom was from the 12 inches of snow from last week that had compacted down to 4 or 5 inches, and then yesterday’s snow was likely the top 6 or 7 inches that had also compacted.  If it was just the snow that fell, then it would have been more like 1.2″ or so. Bottom line:  We have a great slow release snow melt to really cut into the drought.




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21 comments to Snow to liquid ratio

  • sedsinkc

    Reposting my 1.52 inch guess from previous blog. But if I’m off by much I’m probably too low.

  • Skylar

    My guess is just under 2.5″ because the national weather service calculated the liquid content of the snow in Pleasant Hill yesterday and it was 2.5″.

  • Freeze Miser

    Gary….is there much danger of the roads refreshing tonight, especially out in the more rural areas?


    Reposing my 1.69 in guess

  • JJ

    1.75 I think sounds good.



    Scary close to the KC area. We have some dorms worth watching over next two weeks

  • weathermanwannabe

    Tough call. Question is, how much “wet recent snow” verse the previous snow is mixed together within that cylinder. Going to say they somewhat offset and go with slightly above the 10:1 ratio. 1.35.

  • kcpurpledog

    Gary, or anyone….as I was telling my daughter that we are very close to a record for most snow in February, she asked if this was the snowiest one week period in our history. It can’t be because of the record snow in March of long long ago of 25.2 inches, but I’m wondering if this could be the 2nd snowiest 1 week stretch we have ever seen. Thoughts anyone?

    • It officially is the second snowiest 7 day stretch in KC history.


    • sedsinkc

      NWS Pleasant Hill today put out statements on exactly these questions. This is now the 2nd snowiest February on record, 0.2 inches behind tying the record. The last 7 days are also the 2nd snowiest 7 day period in Kansas City history, behind the week when the March 1912 snowstorm occurred.

    • sedsinkc

      oops, sorry for the redundant post. Been away for a few hours and forgot to hit refresh before writing my post.

  • stjoeattorney


  • weatherman brad

    hey gary,

    I say about 2.30 or 2.35 of liquid in that cylinder, it will be interestin what it gets down to.


  • HeatMiser

    Gary, are you predicting that we will get any more major snowstorms for the remainder of the winter?

  • Cacti51

    I guess 2.10

  • Kcchamps

    I think we have the chance for 1or2 more of 3″+ snow events before spring takes over for good

  • kiwifruit

    im going for 2.5″

  • whitelightning

    i will say 1.99″

  • Kcchamps


    like Gary said on air tonight, we need to watch the monday night/Tues. storm closely