Snow, Sleet, Rain…Another Weird Weather Day


Good Sunday bloggers,

This is the second straight April Sunday with a chance of snow and other forms of precipitation. The good news is that anything that falls will have a low impact on the roads as temperatures will stay above freezing. This means we are looking at mainly wet roads through the day with the only way they get slick is if the snow comes down heavy in your location. It is quite tough to determine the locations of heavier snow as we are dealing with a disorganized storm system made of several disturbances.

As of 845 AM there was an area of snow, sleet and rain in southeast Kansas and an area of mostly rain in northwest Kansas. These two areas will try to join up by noon. If they do not, then it will be dry for most of the rest of the day. If they do, then we will see the mix begin in our area by noon.


This is the area that we will be looking to for an increase in precipitation.




Well, the increase we were looking for occurred, snow is spreading and increasing across Kansas City. The snow is increasing, but with temperatures above freezing roads will stay mostly wet unless you are under a heavy snow band/shower. The heavier snow would temporarily create slick spots.


Here is our latest thinking for the snow and mix today.


We can go through this with our powercast images.

SUNDAY NOON: The band of snow will be quite extensive, centered on KC with temperatures at or just above freezing.


SUNDAY 3 PM: The snow will have shifted north and east and our temperatures may rise back to 35-40 as a new band of precipitation arrives.


SUNDAY 5 PM: We will have a new period of precipitation, a mixture of snow, sleet and rain. At this time it looks like the best chance of new snow will be across northern Missouri with rain farther south. These temperatures may be a few degrees too warm, so, all locations will be susceptible to more snow and sleet.


MONDAY MORNING: This is when we have to watch for the best chance of slick conditions. We will have total liquid amounts of .05″ to .25″ today. Tonight the sky will clear in some locations with poor drying conditions. So, any leftover wet surfaces could turn to black ice by morning if temperatures are allowed to drop below 32 due to clearing.


Are you sick and tired of us talking about snow, sleet, graupel and cold? Well, if you are we have some good news. Here is a map for Wednesday. Enjoy!


Have a great rest of your weekend and week ahead.

Jeff Penner

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