Snow moving across this evening!

Good evening bloggers,

A band of snow is moving across this evening. This will last for around an hour or two with temperatures dropping to below freezing. There could be some icy spots on bridges and overpasses as temperatures fall.



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13 comments to Snow moving across this evening!

  • stjoeattorney


  • Chuck

    Here is your response:

    Yeah, and monkeys just flew out of my you know what too.

  • stl78

    Well it snowed on me most of the day in Osceola ia and then it followed me south on 35! Im ready for some warmth and sunshine already!

  • Alex Pickman

    Still flurrying here in St Joe. That was a nice little band of snow. Have about 0.3″ on the ground now (probably 0.2″ melted). That .3″ brings my season total to 38.5″. Sure hoping we hit 45″ here this Winter.

    • Chuck

      Alex, what is important about 45? Why not 48? Is there a significance to 45 or is it just a round number?

      • Alex Pickman

        Its a round up number, Lol. If I was at 48″ then I would want 50″. Im kinda OCD with that stuff lol. It has to be multiples of 5 haha

  • yourmom

    Just wet roads here in Overland Park from light drizzle. I hope this won’t mean slippery roads tomorrow morning.

  • Drought Miser

    Drought Miser reporting in from Merriam Ks with a mixture of the very lightest precipitation one could report in about, no sleet but snow and drizzle abound

  • batman

    Thanks for the information from yesterday’s blog. Some tried to answer my question as it relates to the LRC but drought miser and Joe didn’t answer it correctly in my opinion. I will try it again. If Gary says Monday it will be 70 because it was 114 days ago then why wouldn’t it have been close to 70 57 days ago? 57 days ago it was below freezing. I wouldn’t expect it to be 70 on Jan 6th but I could see the relation if it was like 50 or so.

    • Dobber

      It was way colder than that on jan 6th batman

    • kcw0lf

      It’s because the LRC is a weather pattern. There are other things that effect temperature. If everything was the same every 57 days then it would 70 year round. So 57 days it was the heart of winter, it’s going to be colder 114 days ago was closer to fall like Monday is closer to spring. It’s closer the the equivalent of 114 days ago.

    • Joe

      Sorry, I tried to explain it the way I understand it..hopefully, Gary will answer your question to your satisfaction

    • Joe

      Batman, I just caught something. I believe you asked the question in a different way so I would respond with this. Each cycle is different thus, the reason it wasn’t 70 degrees 57 days ago. Every cycle is unique and has its own characteristics. Every cycle is different and is part of the overall weather pattern. Again, this is my basic understanding and the LRC doesn’t say it will be relatively the same temp every 57 days, there are distinctly different cycles that repeat with similar properties..ok now I am repeating LOL

      Hopefully, Gary will clarify