Snow moves into Monday’s Forecast…and that is no April Fools Joke!

Good afternoon bloggers,

Is it really going to snow on April 1st, well it’s just five days away and there is an interesting combination aloft with a very strong early April cold front arriving Sunday night.  A strong storm will be dropping south across southern Canada and a jet stream will be trailing northwest into northern Canada. It is a strange combination that if it develops the way it is trending we will again see accumulations of snow in our viewing area early Monday with the cold blast. Take a look at the upper level flow forecast map I am showing on the air soon:


A strong storm is forecast to develop north of the USA/Canada border.  I plotted a westward extension of the big storm in the form of a trough. It will snow if it begins forming like this computer model (the latest GFS and Canadian models) shows:


Right now I give this a 20% chance of coming together, but a 100% chance of a cold blast with flurries.  Let’s see how it looks as we get a day closer.  Have a great Wednesday night. 


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40 comments to Snow moves into Monday’s Forecast…and that is no April Fools Joke!

  • snicklefritz

    At least the leaves on deciduous plants haven’t sprouted yet.

  • YES!!! CROSSING FINGERS!!!! One More snow!!!!

  • whitelightning

    Gary, So when will finally act like spring? any ideas?

  • frigate

    Thanks Gary, just what I wanted to hear. (NOT)

  • trinlivco

    Hey its snowed in April before, I think in 1972 April 2 we had over a foot of snow in the Chillicothe area. I just hope it rains or snows this week end, still in drought around this area. Hard to make up – 18″ of rain from last year. TR

    • Skylar

      We don’t need 18″ of rain to end the drought. Once lakes and ponds are at normal depths and soil moisture is at normal levels, the drought is over. According to this, Chillicothe isn’t in a drought anymore.


  • snicklefritz

    Last week during the warming trend I noticed a couple of ticks crawling around the garden. Hope this coming Monday zaps a host of bothersome insects.

  • jjcoolman

    Is it necessary to update the blog with only 20% of snow chance?

    • jgbrazil

      I’ll be honest, the whole reason I got on the blog this afternoon was because I heard a rumor at work about snow next week…

    • I don’t just do a blog because it is necessary! It certainly is interesting enough, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog.


    • HeatMiser

      I think its necessary to do it just to tell us about the cold air and the flurries in April dude. You don’t like to hear that kind of stuff, hit the road. This blog is for those interested in all kinds of weather.

  • whitelightning

    The way this late winter has been, 20% has turned into 100 % for us.

  • cm21

    I know it is still almost a couple weeks out but do we have any idea what Royals opening day looks like? (April 8) Im concerned with this trend it will be chilly but hoping for nice weather!

  • whitelightning

    It is very plausible that a narrow band of moderate precipitation will accompany the jet streak, coming into the area sometime Monday into Monday night. Yes, it could very well fall as snow if it occurs.
    As the Pacific wave shifts across the Rockies, we will gradually
    transition to a more southern stream influence late in the period.
    This may occur while shallow arctic air persists thanks to strong
    low level ridging and easterly flow. Precipitation type issues could
    therefore come into play later Tuesday into Wednesday as well.
    Bottom line is that we may STILL not be done with winter weather,
    even as the calendar turns to April.
    The winter that wont end!!!

  • Eswar

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the upper level flow being out of the west/northwest is unusual for this area when there is a chance of snow, especially in early spring.

    Also, it looks like the new 18z GFS is slightly stronger with the cold air and snow for Monday, as it is showing a few inches of accumulation.

  • Kole Christian


    2 inches when accounting for temps.

  • Kcchamps

    latest GFS has 3-5″ of snow for the metro on monday

  • Emaw

    Awesome news for Monday! Today sucked though, sun and close to 50 ? Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow!

  • snowplowman

    Thats enough Gary! Its not fun anymore. Sunny and 70 Monday…….do you understand?

  • Emaw

    You might as well up it to 100% Gary, the GFS is money!

  • heavysnow

    I am trying to figure out what makes a person tick like jjcoolman

    Who wakes up and decides to be a douche bag on a blog?

    You see it on other message boards as well…..I just don’t get it. Do you not have anything better to do?

    • Sv7Fooster


    • jjcoolman

      I don’t understand someone like heavysnow and Sv7 who came here to criticize my comment which was a legitimate fact. I don’t address it to both of you but Gary. Then, F*** off!!!!

      • kellyanne67

        Wow, that was very mature of you (insert sarcasm here) You have been very critical with your posts and then you come back with this? You should expect people to respond the way they do to you.

        It doesn’t appear that anyone else is calling for a lot of snow on Monday. I mean other stations. I believe one changed it to rain this morning… I hope the snow is over. Granted we didn’t have much until Feb, but it’s time for Spring.

  • dpollard

    It is looking good for KC to get 1″-4″ of snow on Monday after initial melting. The timing looks to possibly result in a snow day for us at school! Not to many times have we gotten off of school in April for snow! Bring it on!

  • hey Gary, or anyone, have you seen this being passed around facebook as a rainbow being reflected in a tornado?


    I believe its photoshopped, as there is no scientific reason a tornado could be reflected in a tornado..right Gary??

    Some of my friends are trying to argue with me lol.

  • The lrc still owes an ice storm !

  • Kole Christian

    I want snow.

    So I’m going to say poof and call it a night.

  • hushpook

    Prof Lezak, have you noticed that since you did your Feb sweeps story on man made global warming, we’ve had 3 major snow storms, 2 other snow events. and save 1 day, normal to below normal temps pretty much everyday. Do you think the Weather Gods are sending you a message?

  • stjoeattorney

    Snow in April has not occurred in quite a while in 1990s I had court in platte city at 10 am 2 inches if slush in stjoe 5-7 and slush in the streets as I went north on us 71 to maryville a blizzard I could not make it up their they had 24 inches of snow this was about the 6-7 and they received another 24-30 on mw mo ten days later and roofs were collapsing. As a kid in 60d and 70s it seemed to snow about every other April but nothing larely