Snow Is Likely Later Today With KC On The Northwest Edge

Good morning bloggers,

It is early, 3:45 AM as I am writing this first blog entry of the day. I will be going back to sleep for a few hours, I hope, but I had to write this first entry of the day as I am pretty excited about this storm that is approaching. We all know how hard it is to get it to snow in our area.  We do average around 20 inches a year, but after last year’s record low snowfall total I think most of us understand how  precious this is for a snow enthusiast like me. With that said, I know that snow causes all kinds of problems for travel and I don’t like that part of it at all. I just love how pretty snow makes everything look when it is all white outside with a fresh snowfall. And, growing up in Southern California I spent the first 18 years of my life rarely ever experiencing snow fall at all. So, maybe this is why it is so exciting to me.

Okay, with that said, the latest data has strongly trended north and more organized on today’s chance of snow.  We have talked about this system all week, but we didn’t give it much of a chance of producing snow.  I knew it would only take a very slightly more negative tilt in the upper levels of the atmosphere to pull in a little more moisture and place us in a favorable spot for snow and this is what apparently has happened.

A strong cold front blew through just after midnight and colder air is surging in:

The above map is the 3 AM Surface map showing 50s over central Missouri and KCI Airport already down to 33 degrees.  We are now just a few hours from a very good chance of snow. Take a look at the latest NAM model simulated radar at 9 PM tonight:

This simulated radar map shows some pretty heavy snow for two or three hours near Kansas City.  Here is the map 41 Action News meteorologist Jeff Penner made last night at 10 PM:

We will make adjustments to this forecast and I will post a new map and discuss the new data around 9 AM.  Jeff Penner will be on 41 Action News from 8 AM until 10 AM with details of this rapidly changing weather forecast.

Have a great morning. Look for that new blog around 9 AM.


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