Snow Is In The Forecast Again!

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The winter forecast will be coming out on Thursday night.  We have already made a few conclusions, and then there is still a lot more we will learn in the coming weeks.  Let’s continue our discussion later in the week.  In the mean time look at what is forecast to happen later tonight:


An upper low is forming due south of Kansas City right now, and it is beginning to produce a winter storm. St. Louis is the target tonight. This storm is missing KC, and who is sad that it seems we are missing this storm. We actually already got hit by the lead wave of this system. Tonights storm is what was hanging back, reorganizing, and now ejecting out and speeding up, heading into the northeastern United States.  This is a good sign for winter, that perhaps we won’t be saying that KC is in the wrong spot again for the fifth year in a row.  There are some models that show snow on Saturday night into Sunday morning, while some models barely show anything but a cold blast.  I lean towards the snowier solutions at this moment,  and last night on the air I went up to a 50% chance of some snow from this system.  The European model and Canadian model show a 1 to 2 inch band.   The GFS models were showing something similar, and this is what I posted below. The latest model runs overnight backed off on this snow prediction, so let’s see how this trends today.


In the past nine winters Kansas City has had anywhere from 3.9″ of snow to as much as 44″. There were really four big winters and five very small winters when it comes to snowfall as you can see below.  We will discuss much more later this week after we issue our winter forecast Thursday night at 10 PM.


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Have a great Wednesday!  The winter forecast special is being taped today, so we will be quite busy.  The winter forecast special will air on the 27th, while the winter forecast will come out tomorrow.


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