Snow In The Forecast Tonight

Good evening bloggers,



The storm has spread a large area of precipitation north into our viewing area. We will be on at 5, 6, and 10 PM tonight as our weather team tracks this storm.  We are still forecasting somewhere in the 2 to 6 inch snowfall accumulation range.

Please be careful as slick spots develop this evening.


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61 comments to Snow In The Forecast Tonight


    Gary & team,
    Thank you for getting me motivated to service and fire up my snow blower. I now have food, firewood and enough gas for 1-8″. My wife and dog are happy!

  • craigmac

    Looks like we are going to get less 6″.

  • HH

    Well, just De-iced my car, as the hard wet stuff was building up.

    Not too bad, but since I have to go into work tomorrow early, might as well get a jump on it.

  • blueflash

    Big dry slot racing up I-35 past OK City

  • petewilson1

    Where was Michelle this AM? It’s looking like we may get under 2 inches here in KC. Looks to be going north. Unless the ULL starts to jog east a bit KC will be on the low end of snowfall totals I’m afraid! Stay safe everyone,

  • terrydsnowy

    It’s to early to bring down the snow total’s to 2 to 6 inch. What if we get in to the heavier bands of snow that’s still possible maybe they model’s our wrong in bringing it a little further north. I thank the 3 to 8 was still good enough. The TWC show 5 to 8 still and the last time i looked the NWS was still showing 3 to 7inch.

  • Kcchamps

    I am still gonna say 6+” for my house in Independence

  • Kcchamps

    “Later tonight all models continue to point to several inches of
    accumulating snow occurring from the KC and STJ areas northeast toward
    Kirksville. The NAM in particular is supportive of a frontogenetical
    band of heavy snow developing somewhere between Kansas City and St.
    Joseph that could provide enhanced snowfall rates up to 2″ per hour
    and possibly thunder. However other models including the RAP are less
    suggestive of this and differ substantially with where such a band
    would set up. For now no major changes are being made to snow totals
    tonight, with a band of 5″+ snows setting up near and just north of
    the KC/Kirksville corridor. If frontogenetical forcing does begin to
    dominate later this evening, then there could be some enhanced snow
    amounts around 8″ somewhere near St. Joseph or Kansas City with a
    sharper gradient between areas that receive heavy snow and areas that
    see little snowfall.”

  • Kcchamps

    I think everyone is just being REALLY careful because they don’t want to bust.

  • craigmac

    Dry slot forming.

  • Kcchamps

    It would be awesome to see some THUNDERSNOW tonight, I can’t remember the last time I have witnessed it :D

  • KCR Fan 1995

    It is a really sad commentary on how awful and non-functional the weather in Kansas City has become when the current system (a small winter event) is generating such a high amount of concern and discussion. Historically, a forecast of 3″ or less would not arouse much interest.

  • craigmac

    Kcchamps – Last year we had thundersnow.

  • luvsno

    Moderators, Is there a reason why my comments are not making it on here ?? If I have broken any kind of rule could you please tell me what ? You have my email address.

  • Curiosity

    Thundersnow twice last February. Like 5 days apart.

  • Weatherfreak01

    The roads on the way home from the airport to Lee’s Summit were getting a little slippery. Not to bad yet though.. It is weird that it was below freezing and raining, not snowing.

  • snowlover

    I’m sure it’s probably just me, but when I look at the square on bottom right of my TV screen showing the pink ice areas and blue snow areas, I have no idea where MY area is without showing a distinct STATE LINE where KS/MO meet, or a DOT that shows where downtown KC is, so this box does people like me no good. I really like all of the newer meteorologists that have been added to Gary’s team. J.D.’s easy going, calm and easy to listen to.


    Dryslot is on its way to end the show for south of the triangle

  • craigmac

    Barely raining in Blue Springs right now.

  • craigmac

    Surprised it has not turned to snow yet since it is now dark.

  • terryatbethany

    Gary, just wanted to let you know that the radar showing the blue over Bethany as snow is incorrect.It started raining about 3PM and it still raining right along.Already a fairly good glaze.I thought we were going to get mostly if not all snow up here.Not looking like it.A huge area of precipitation as already moved to the south and east today.Looks like some dry slot already developing in Kansas.I know a lot of times when there are heavy rains/severe storms to the south of us , it robs the moisture and we get much less snow than forecast.Is there any chance this storm is going to fall apart on us at the last moment here?

  • K.I.S.S.

    I do not like the way the radar is setting up. The bulk of the precip is forming well west of KC and the ULL seems to be heading straight for KC. Wouldn’t this mean most, if not all, of that precip out west will rotate and stay west of the ULL (and KC) as it comes through?

  • craigmac

    Night normally causes temps to drop. Colder temps usually causes snow.

    • Temps have been below freezing all day so that is not the reason for no snow. Also, the cloud cover acts as a blanket keeping temps from dropping quickly.

  • craigmac

    KISS – You are right. We are in the dry slot now.

  • craigmac

    So far this has been an annoying storm. Lots of action all over except in the KC area.

  • Cacti51

    Is it just me or even though the evil dry slot is over us right now it sure looks like that it will move to the northeast of us and there is a good swath of moderate to heavy snow behind it that is filling it that may pivot over us here down in Southern KC?

  • craigmac

    Looks like the Low needs to move some more east for us to get a good snow. The professionals must see this happening. Right now, it looks to slowly rotating this way, but will it falter and dry out?


    Snowflake contest will continue on. Maybe next year!!!!@

    • weathermanwannabe

      Tru – Must hate snow!! That statement as bad as the title of this blog. Snowflake contest is over!

  • winterbites

    Both my cue-tips are ready to clear my driveway. Bring it on!

  • lsx347

    man weather undergrounds radar shows some pretty intense snow coming into KC

  • mgsports

    No it won’t because Jim Cantore says KC area about to change over to Snow and 5 to 8 inches and maybe more. all but Fox’s Cheif is in Studio covering Storm.

  • Kcchamps

    the storm is intensifying right now

  • Passing Clouds

    I am worried about the dry slot. Gary has not even discussed this – and if this dry slot moves in for to long, the snowfall amounts will be reduced to as little as 1 to 2 inches. I am not saying that will happen – but it is possible. The storm maybe moving slightly further north. Last night another station forecast this – and then all day today, it was said the storm would take a further south track. I just wantd to say that first.

    However, everything else being equal – it appears as if everything is on track for a major winter storm to hit the metro area. The freezing rain and sleet will change over to snow this evening and the snow could be heavy at times with 2 inches per hour! Thunder snow is also possible. The problem is the sharp cut off for the snow amoutns from northwest to southeast. I think this has been discussed – but it needs to be understood that some areas will not see that much snow, while other areas will.

    The heaviest snow will fall around St. Joe with 6 to 9 inches in that area possible. On the western side of the metro from Leavenworth to KCK – a solid 4 to 6 inches is possible. Again, in some of the heavy snow bands, – rates of up to two inches per hour are likely – and it would not be surprising to hear thunder as this storm is very dynamic. The storm is also slowing down and the track is further south than expected. The storm is also going through several phases – and this will impact snowfall amounts across the area as well.

    As one heads to the southern part of the metro and southeast part of the metro, snow amounts will be less – although still a good amount with 2 to 4 inches.

    The snow should end by early tomorrow morning -but there will be very slick roads and a gusty northwest wind to add to the mess. Blowing and drifting will be a minor problem as this snow will be wet and heavy. The bottom line here is snowfall rates are going to vary from one side of the metro to the other quite a bit. As long as everybody keeps this in mind – we should be good.

    When it is all said and done, most of the metro will have at least three inches of snow on the ground with some areas getting as much as 8 inches. This will be on top of the sleet and freezing rain we had today. If you do not have to go out, do not. I am sure many churches will close tomorrow because of the bad weather.

    Enjoy the snow – at least we will have a white Christmas.

  • lsx347

    Talked to friends in Lawrence and one in Ottawa it’s not snowing yet. I think after this wave comes through we’re done. No snow just a bunch of sleet

  • blueflash

    It’s more sleet….

  • winterfreak

    Shows over guys. Gary just said heaviest will drift way north of metro. Very dissappointing to say the least.

  • stjoeattorney


  • winterbites


    champs, I’ve got some waterfront property I’d like to sell you.

  • LarryA

    Heavy snow in NW Lawrence. Estimated snowfall rate of 2″+ per hour. Visibility less than 1/2 mile. Bands of snow seem to be intensifying south and over Lawrence.

  • craigmac

    Kcchamps – It looks like it is all going north of KC. I am guessing less than 2″. A good amount of sleet is falling in Western Blue Springs right now.

  • snowdayz

    Sleeting in Independence! Bring on the snow!

  • stormchaser

    : 8:28pm. Transformers in south Waldo beginning to pop and spark. Brief power outage.

  • Hockeynut69

    Does an inch of sleet end the snowflake contest? That might be more attainable.

  • petewilson1

    I don’t think the Chief Met needs to be in during a storm. All that says is that you don’t have confidence in the mets under you IMO.

    Where’s terrydsnowy who said we were snow haters for saying that we wouldn’t get 6+ inches of snow. Terry you owe us an apology sir!

    • KUweatherman

      Orrrr it could just mean that he enjoys his job and wants to monitor everything from work. All while also being a nice guy and giving everyone else the night off.

  • LSPeter

    Here in SW Lee’s Summit, we’ve got a hard layer of ice on the driveway, sidewalks, street, trees, etc. The intensity of the freezing rain/sleet really picked up in the last ten minutes, and there’s going to be a nice layer of the slick stuff underneath whatever snow arrives later.

    And when you put a layer of ice under a yet-to-be-determined snowfall, it is not a “small winter event”. My prediction: the list of closings for churches tomorrow morning will be rather long — and cancelling church right before Christmas is not something done lightly.

  • Sleet in Blue Springs on top of a very thin sheet of ice left over from the freezing rain. I wouldn’t drive out there folks

  • kellyinLS

    As of 9:00 we have about a half sleet half snow mix in Lees Summit. About 15 minutes ago it was all sleet. I know zip about the details of forecasting but I do like weather and I’m interested to see what it does anyway!

  • craigmac

    Heavy sleet in the forecast. Snow might come.

  • CityofPrisons

    Heavy snow started in Leavenworth, KS just before 8:30 pm, and as of 9 pm, the snow is still coming down! I would say we have roughly one half inch as of right now.

    Looks like Leavenworth is right in that range where we could see as little at 3 inches, or up to 7 inches… Time to just enjoy the storm now!

  • CityofPrisons

    I forgot to add that here in Leavenworth, the sleet really picked up in intensity, making the ground completely covered in sleet, and then within 10-15 minutes, the precipitation was ALL heavy snow!! :)

  • stormchaser

    Looks like the dry slot is forming in South-Central/Southeast Kansas and moving our way….

  • kcw0lf

    Unless I’m not seeing something…I don’t see an inch of snow even falling here in Raytown. Just sleet here… Looks like the dry line will be here and no more precip after that in a couple of hours.