Snow In Kansas City Early This Morning

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

Snow is falling across the entire KC metro area early this morning. There is one really nice band of snow moving across, and temperatures are just now dropping to 32°.  The temperatures will likely continue to fall to near 30° or into the upper 20s during the next few hours, but the significant snow will push to the south by mid to late morning.  Here is the precipitation shield as it was increasing at 5:45 AM:


The radar echoes were rotating south to southwest around the larger circulation, but also pushing south.  You can see a few of the snowflakes in this picture of Breezy and Stormy:

Snow dogs

Here is the surface map that was not very organized last night at just after 6 PM last night:


It was 70 degrees with thunderstorms forming last night, and this next map shows the much more organized storm and snow falling in Kansas City at 6 AM:


The bands of snow will continue developing with everything eventually pushing off to the south and east.  Have a great morning and bundle up if you are heading outside.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog!


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23 comments to Snow In Kansas City Early This Morning

  • Drought Miser

    A light dusting here in Merriam Ks on the cars and grassy surfaces with flurries

    • Drought Miser

      I can update my totals here in Merriam to around a half inch of snow must have picked up in intensity when I posted last it appears to be over now but looks pretty outside like frosted flakes cereal!

  • Drought Miser

    What in the world is so different from last year’s setup/cycle ? Last year it was so easy to get accumulated snow on the back side of the system, this year we got to beg mother nature for any snow at all !! Picked up some decent rain totals last night though!!

  • kurtjon

    Here’s hoping for decent moisture for those of us that missed again, and yes this will likely be dire consequences when we’re all in a severe drought

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    I’d say Paola had a little more than a dusting, but it keeps melting into puddles as it’s falling. There is a nice layer of white covering the vehicles and grass. sidewalks are soaked and clear of snow. Got a nice little bit of moisture with the rain last night and snow this morning! Good call on winter winning out on this one Gary! Was beautiful seeing the snow fall when I woke up today!

  • OlatheMatt

    Got a mild tan yesterday afternoon wearing a t-shirt hanging out outside. You know, sunglasses and all with 70 degree temperatures. Woke up at 6:30 this morning to take the dog out, and its blowing snow sideways in my face and the ground was white.

    Was it last week that downtown KC hit 80 degrees and then in the middle of the night after that there were snow flurries?

  • Took cornedbeef out of smoker last night at 8pm, this morning smoker covered in 2″ of snow!

  • sedsinkc

    A heavy dusting of snow in KC North, still coating elevated surfaces like cars, decks, and rooftops. A little snow still evident on grassy surfaces as well. Yesterday a buddy and I took down a dead redbud tree in my front yard, then relaxed and enjoyed a few cool beverages in the back yard while soaking up the sun and warmth. 70′s to snow in less than 12 hours happening twice in less than one week? Can’t remember that ever happening before in 20 years here.

  • sedsinkc

    Had a decent thunderstorm last night, but have no rain total because my rain gauge was not outside due to the freezing temperatures arriving by this morning. KCI had around 1/2 inch, and I would estimate we had a quarter to a half inch as well.

  • Drought Miser

    I concur with you Seds…. twice in one week from 70′s to snow is an oddity for sure so when Gary describes our pattern as “unique and complex” I really don’t understand why some on here get so upset??? truth hurts I guess?

  • Emaw

    .25″ in north Olathe. As far as going from 70 to snow twice in 1 week, yes that definitely doesn’t happen often. My point yesterday was this kind of weather is not at all unique for March, thats all.

  • lswxbytes

    0.62″ of rain and melted snow in Lee’s Summit

  • j-ox

    6/10″ of moisture when all was said & done here in NW Lawrence. Saw a few crusty remains from whatever frozen ‘stuff’ we received.

  • Deb

    Any neighbors in Raymore, Belton or even the sothwest part of Lees Summit have any totals for precip? No gauge at my house . . . but need to get one for sure.

  • batman

    Great job with the forecast. It was right on the money! It was a fantastic job of forecasting. I give it a A+++ 100% accurate.

    No snow of any siginficance just some needed moisture but not nearly enough. The big D is here and we need a very wet April to fight it off. If we don’t see a wet April we are in trouble for sure!

  • yourmom

    We had a big storm last night at 127th and Nall. We lost power at about 5:45 am for about an hour. We had a little dusting of snow on the ground at around 9:00 am. Now at almost 4 in the afternoon, the sun has taken away all the snow. The ground does still seem damp and it is cold. Looking forward to some nice sunny weather this week.

  • dpollard

    Came back from a vacation to Branson. Stayed about 10 miles south of there and they got 4″ of snow. We left when there was about 1.5″ and it was snowing hard. Amazingly, there wasn’t much snow between Bolivar to about 15 miles southeast of Warrensburg when all of a sudden we came across an area that had snow drifts maybe 6″-8″ on hills facing north and south and in the shaded areas the ground was covered. They had to have had a couple of inches or close to it with that much remaining early this evening. It wasn’t a large area either. Very interesting.

    • Drought Miser

      That’s cool ty for sharing, knew someone had to pick up some decent snow with all the available moisture around !!!

  • kurtjon

    I really hope something changes as we head into spring, my area has not benefited from any decent moisture. Just snow showers and sprinkles yet again. Our area will need really good rains in the next month or it’s going to be another drought for sure.