Small Snow Event This Morning

Good morning bloggers,

It is snowing at 6:25 AM, and pretty nicely.  Temperatures are dropping and the wind is blowing. We have snow and blowing snow with this one band of snow moving across.  Wind chill factors will be down to near 10 degrees or lower at times so bundle up.  The temperatures are dropping into the 20s and there will be some slick and hazardous spots developing.  Expect a dusting to under one inch of snow in the next couple of hours before this tapers off to flurries.  Farther north there have been reports of 1 to 3 inches of snow. When it’s all done, please let us know how much you received and we will show some totals on 41 Action News.

Take a look at what will be on our doorstep tomorrow morning:


This next front, is likely the strongest cold front of the season so far.  Temperatures will drop to near zero in our viewing area. Remember it has been 721 days since the last time Kansas City dropped below zero.  There may be a few snow showers with tomorrow’s front.  We will go over the details on 41 Action News tonight.

Have a great morning. Let us know what you are experiencing and what your final snowfall total ends up being.  Please check back in and provide us an update later in the day.


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80 comments to Small Snow Event This Morning

  • yewtrees

    Just drove on I-35 to downtown and the road condition is good despite the snowfall. The road is too warm for the snow to stick.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Got about 3/4” of snow in Olathe. Snowing pretty good. and very windy

  • westonhere

    Here in Weston,Mo we have 3 inches on ground and about an inch on the roads. Its very slick up here in Platte county. Saw lots of cars sliding off and a few accidents on 92 and 45 hwys. Down to just light snow and flurries now.

  • westonhere

    Time to go enjoy the fresh snow at Snow Creek.


    PC has about an inch or two I would say. Roads covered and slick. The wind is the kicker. Light snow falling really icy snow vice fluffy flakes.

  • Theo

    Storm total near BV West: 1.31 inches of rain. So far, a trace of snow. Nothing sticking. 28.3 degrees.

  • yewtrees

    Based on the radar, I think the snowfall will probably end by 8am. It is a small scale of snow event.

  • davidmcg

    Good for ya’ll down in KC land with this one, out here in McLouth not so lucky. Our snowfall was low, maybe 2″, but we have winds of 24.1mph, gusting to 37, giving us snowdrifts nearing 2 feet. Some light snow still falling with the blowing stuff it looks like. All the schools in the county are closed, slide offs everywhere. All the roads are snowpacked, because of the ice under the snow, even the gravel roads are bad. KDOT and the county aren’t doing anything until the sun comes up.

    • Jerry

      Where do you get your school info? It appears most districts in Leavenworth County were actually in session today, including Lansing, Leavenworth, and Tonganoxie to just name a few…

  • R-Dub

    Only a dusting here in downtown OP. Even the residential side streets are clear, despite the 28 degree temps.

  • plowboy87

    How are the conditions up around n oak?

  • thomasmidwest

    Streets r good up around n oak getting a little slick but not bad

  • mowermike

    “According to the LRC, the more active and stormier part of our weather pattern, that would impact Kansas City more significantly, is due in between January 25th and February 20th”

    This was posted on Jan. 8th in a blog


    • With all due respect this is really nothing special. I mean the forecast is for a entire month. Just because we had one small event does not make this verify. I think we need to wait to see what happens in the future before we say boom.

    • Theo

      Really? You’re going to hang your hat on one storm (and one that was horribly forecasted within 3 days of it happening)? You need better role models.

      • mowermike


        I never said that they hit the rainfall forecast on the money. You don’t have a lot of room to talk, your forecasts have been completely off for several weeks now.

        I’m not hanging my hat on just this one storm, just saying the prediction of a more active pattern by the end of the month was dead on. That’s all.

        Have a good rest of the week!!

  • mowermike

    Ground blizzard conditions with snow still falling. Approaching 2 inches on the NW side of Liberty. Wind gust to 37 mph…


    PC is having trouble keeping roads up. Still getting covered as snow keeps falling blowing. Ice underneath the snow is causing any new snow to keep sticking. Wind is causing havoc for sure. Love this stuff. Now this is winter.


    So the next chance for snow looks like 9-10 Feb after this passes. This was the week forecast in the LRC and the models are starting to hint that it may happen. Another one to track and watch

  • westonhere

    ok finally total from Weston,Mo is 3.5 almost white out conditions for a while and every now and then it comes up like that from time to time.Roads still slick but getting better cause of road crews. Also water main break in Weston so people need to boil water!

  • Theo

    According to Mike, Gary’s #1 fan:

    “According to the LRC, the more active and stormier part of our weather pattern, that would impact Kansas City more significantly, is due in between January 25th and February 20th”

    This was posted on Jan. 8th in a blog


    So, Mike, 1 storm means Gary got it correct?

    As the NFL Prime Time crew says, “C’mon Man!”

    He has been proclaiming 4 snow events in February. I’ll hold judgement until he hits more than 1 event (which by dumb luck could have happened with those range of dates).

    You sound like a Chiefs fan that thinks 1 or 2 wins out 16 games means they are going to the Super Bowl.

    • JohnP


      It most certainly means that his prediction was correct this time. Then we see how often his predictions are correct (historically Gary has been correct more often than he has missed using the LRC) and after a period of time we establish value. You can not discount any hit or any miss.


  • I have 3/4 inch maybe on eastern Jackson County. I don’t see how Liberty has 2 inches as reported. Radar ceartinly doesn’t support it.

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton Quit snowing about 9:30. We have enough to cover the ground. The wind is the thing.

  • melafinatu

    Well, i’d say Gary and the team pretty much nailed this forecast! Good job guys.

    As for the LRC, there will always be doubters and believers, the best thing is to keep an open mind and observe how it plays out.

  • Emaw

    3/4″ in south Olathe? Hmmmm, barely a dusting in north Olathe and I am currently in south Olathe and it looks the same, dusting at best!

  • Gary and team good job on the forecast. The snowfall map was right on target. Like I said 3/4 inch here in eastern Jackson County. It is probably more like 1/2 inch at best. Hard to be accurate with the wind.

  • Hockeynut69

    They may have predicted the snow totals well but where were they with the rain event that took place ir even the high temps on monday. They had no clue that it was going to happen the way it did and certainly not to the totals that it did on the rain or the temps. I say they are batting .333 with this 48 hr event. With that said, (since a wide range of 26 days was given on a snow event to happen), I will go out on a limb and say our hottest high temperature this summer will be between July 20th and August 15th. This is nearly 6 months prior to it occuring.

    • Yes, we didn’t predict the rain event over Kansas City. It came just a bit farther northwest than expected and we got hit. Topeka only had 0.06″. Thank goodness the storm deepened just a bit more than expected to allow a northwest shift of the expected rain event to our southeast. I am just glad much of the metro area got some rain to help at least a little bit with the drought. Unfortunately we are in the “same” pattern, and it is still a dry one as spring approaches.

  • numbers

    We got a good couple inches of heavy wet snow in Salina. Satisfied!

  • stans

    Amen Hockey. The “Forecast” should be considered mostly missed, as the rain event was predicted largely east of KC. Didn’t happen that way. No big deal. Other outlets (and models) predicted the same. All wrong. I would say he “nowcasted” correctly, posting his snow maps at the 5 newscast, updating after new data in the evening. So he got the snowfall amounts basically correct within 5 hours of it snowing, and even then, he kept hedging that “he may have to update again after more data”…right up to when it started to snow. That makes it a “nailed” forecast? I would question the applause on this event, most definitely. And the whole “Jan 25-Feb 20” forecast window is laughable.


    PC maybe two inches. Roads are good but lots of moisture to freeze over later. The road crews finally have some work to do stay ahead of the freeze. The wind is kicking, that’s for sure.

  • Hockeynut69

    Tornado chasers are back at it. Very active system that gave us the much needed rain.

  • sedsinkc

    About 1 inch of snow in KC North just S of Gladstone. Hard to get accurate measurement due to blowing/drifting. Received 1.07 inches of rain prior to the snow. A very decent moisture event for January. This month is going to wind up with above average moisture for most of KC metro. At KCI, last climate report as of 6 a.m. had them down .03 from average for the month. Will have to wait until later to see if they received enough snow to get us above average thru tomorrow. Still, this is the closest to average for a month they’ve been since the drought began.

  • rred95

    Good job on forcast… it was mostly a hit. Had rain when forcast was for rain and a little snow when forcast was for a little snow. yes we received more rain than expected. Forcasts are only a “miss” if we had zero precip when the forcast called for precip.imo… If amount is off thats a miss? “You serious clark”?

  • Terri

    Would it be possible to make the Long Range Forcast a sticky?

    About this time of year I start wondering: were we going to have one more big storm or were we going to have three? And the LRC has LONG since scrolled down and vanished!

    As a gardener, I have learned to wait until the last winter storm has passed before I set out the hardy seedlings: it is FAR more accurate thant he average last frost date!!!!!!

  • sedsinkc

    The streak of consecutive days without a tornado fatality, which was a bit over 200, may have ended. One death reported in Tennessee and now another death reported in Bartow County, Georgia. Unknown if either death was caused by a tornado or just strong straight line winds. Large tornado hit Adairsville, Georgia a little while ago.

  • Terri

    Rred95 was right, by the way: a storm was predicted and a storm arrived! That is a VERY accurate prediction!

  • frigate

    I’m not complaining as I’m glad for one that the rainfall prediction was way off. We were told KC would more than likely not getting any rain or very little. Now the part where Gary said areas east and south of would get more, than other areas of the city was right. As of this morning, I had 1.60 in SW Grain Valley, MO and up to 4 inches in St Louis and Springfield and KCI got .71 and less the further north of there. It was the forcasted amounts of rain he missed on.

  • sedsinkc

    NWS confirms a death in a mobile home from the Adairsville, GA tornado. Streak of days without a confirmed tornado death in the US officially over.

  • stjoeattorney

    It has been a busy day and I have not had an opportunity to measure. I have a barometer that I always use, the grass is covered completely that is a 3 inch snowstorm. The grass is covered completely. However, streets are slushy and snowpacked. Street crews have been out and putting down salt and chat. Temperature has fallen to 23°, with strong northerly breezes. The city’s salt when the temperature drops below 20°, will have no effect.

    I anticipate Thursday night and Friday morning will go below 0° to break our streak of 700+ days without a below zero day or two years.

    Back to work.

  • rred95

    Gary or anyone is it more difficult to predict rainfall or snowfall amounts? My guess is snowfall amounts are more difficult.

    • RickMckc

      Absolutely it’s snow. Not only do you have to forecast the correct amount of liquid, you also have to forecast the snow to liquid ratio.

      That’s why, at least to me, some of the criticism on this blog seems a bit overdone. At a 15:1 ratio, the difference between 1.5 and 3.0 inches is a mere tenth of an inch of liquid. In the summer, if they predict rain and we get between .1 and .2 of rainfall, no one blinks. Moisture is much more limited in winter so the scale is even finer, and snowfall is that much more challenging to predict.

      That’s why I think that the state of weather forecasting in general – both models and mets – is terrific, a literal “miracle of modern science.” Of course, I was also a math major and really enjoyed differential equations …

      • mowermike

        “According to the LRC, the more active and stormier part of our weather pattern, that would impact Kansas City more significantly, is due in between January 25th and February 20th”

        Ok, here we go.

        I’m not saying he has nailed the entire forecast for the rest of the time period. Some of you claim that you can predict that it will be hot in August or it will be cold in Jan. Sure, my point is that this part of the pattern has been forecasted for weeks now and it was right on time. So, yes, its very accurate to date. Why is it such a big forecast, well that’s easy, we didn’t have a damn thing all of Jan. except for a small rain event around the 10th of the month. Should it have been cold, rainy or snowy, then this isn’t such a big hit.

        You can go back to all of the blogs in Dec. and not one mentioned anything about a strong likelyhood of being active for the first 25 days of Jan. So, this predcition of the pattern becoming more active by the 25th of the month was a very accurate long range forecast. Key words: “that would impact Kansas City more significantly” This has been the most productive storm since the 1-2 inch rainfall city wide back in Nov. and it was predcited several weeks ago.(As early as Jan. 8th. and continued to stress the fact for many blogs that followed)

        How so many can be blinded by the facts that are right there in the writing is beyond me. You can’t deny the success of this forecast so far. What makes it stand out even more is that we had a very inactive three and half weeks leading up to this. Someone once told me, its a natural instinct to want others to fail, that is clearly the goal of some of you. Some of you can say what you want, but the facts don’t lie.

        Too many take the discussion on here as a legit forecast. This is what the blog is for, discussing patterns and storms and how they will act when they get close to KC. Plus, the LRC is not going to predcit exact outcomes of each storm several weeks in advance, it can only predcit patterns and the best set-ups and time frames for active weather.

        Now, lets see how his forecasts work out for Feb. His pattern prediction using the LRC is off to a great start. Are the LRC forecasts going to be right all of the time, clearly not, but I can’t find another forecast or blog or discussion in this town or nationally that said the pattern would get more active by the 25th of Jan. and impact KC significantly. However, the LRC did and the facts are clear.

        We’ll see how the rest falls into place, but for now, why don’t we just give credit where credit is due. LRC or no LRC, the forecast was for a more active pattern towards the end of the month and that is what has happened.

        Have a great rest of the week everyone, I’m going on vacation for a bit.

        • stans

          The bigger mystery to me is how one cannot see the game being played on you by this met. For one, can’t you see how the forecasts are carefully worded to allow for flexibility if the end result differs? Can’t you see how forecasts are adjusted, sometimes at the point when storms actually begin popping, and yet are followed by the “we knew it would happen” or “the LRC predicted it”? Can’t you see that virtually everything with regard to the LRC is NOT verifiable with any degree of accuracy, other than matching up an occasional map or bending the cycle length to fit a certain storm? THAT’s the mystery to those who view this site and it’s content objectively. It’s a very odd behavior to wait act like an attack dog at the gate every time someone calls “BS” on the creator of this blog. Disturbing actually.

          • Weatherman Kumke

            I agree 100% Stans. I remember when Gary went around and proclaimed that he accurately Predicted the Joplin Tornado in Advanced. Talk about Pissing on the graves of the 120+ people who died that day.

            Here at 119th and Blackbob we got….. JACK SQUAT. Just a little snow to cover some of the black shingles of the apartment building. Is KCChamps crying some more because he once again posted maps that were false and didn’t get snow?

            • tushchaser1

              Weatherman Kumke—

              Aren’t you the same guy who sang the praises of Gary several years ago and also claimed you made the decisions to call of school for the local school district…when you were a high school kid?


              • Weatherman Kumke

                I did sing the praises of Lezak until I found out how the “Lrc” came about and how he pissed on the graves of those who died and how he treated a few former storm chasers for the station. Now I just use the blog to point out the missteps till Penner or Lezak ban me from it. :)

                And yes, I did call the snowdays. That’s why we had 6 my senior year. I no longer do it since I’m not there.

                • RickMckc

                  Seriously? “Pissed on the graves” ?

                  I think you need to step outside and chill out.

                • tushchaser1

                  Weatherman Kumke,

                  I am almost certain that your school district did not rely on the “expertise” of a high school student when making the decision to call off school. I am almost certain that you had six snow days your senior year because we had 40+ inches of snow…and every district in the KC Metro averaged six days off due to snow that year.

                  I am almost certain that you also helped GL and the team at the news station the summer after your senior year.

                  However, I also understand that sometimes break-ups occur. Look at Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber or Manti Teo and his girlfriend, or Alex Rodriguez and steroids. Things just happen…and those feelings are real and often devastating.

                  I sure hope you can one day reconcile your feelings of sadness, life is too short to be angry about the weather or the LRC or storm chasers or the fact that the superintendent of schools never returned your calls.

                  Have a nice night. Stay warm and power through.

            • Kumke, that’s WAY out of line! Graves? Really? Give it a rest.

          • Rock Hardon


            Take s step back and think about the critical thinking skills that are needed for operating a mower. That will explain why one cannnot see any games that are being played.

  • R-Dub

    So what was the snow tally at KCI? I’m assuming we have now passed last year and are out of the running for least snowy winter on record.

  • Hockeynut69

    Is it OK to post a youtube video of one of today’s tornadoes in GA?


    Another snow shower in PC.

  • Hockeynut69

    We just had a quick burst of snow in KC North just west of Liberty.

  • Can someone explain what happened to the ruc and stuff that folks were posting saying 3-6 inches of snow? I don’t remember who all was posting these but maybe they can explain why the data they were looking at was so different then the data Gary was looking at.

    • chiefs

      the RUC was showing a little more bullish numbers earlier in the night yesterday but around 10 or so it started to drop off with the snow, it never showed up to 6 inches in the city that i saw that was north of the city and just the hopes of some people bending the truth a little

      • Weatherman Kumke

        Pretty much. People who don’t have any sort of knowledge of meteorology blindly looked at a model and continued to scream Snow and ridiculous amounts. It will be interesting to see how Severe weather season looks for us. The Hodeographs and low level LCLs combined with the 40-60kt shear were pretty good for it being January.

        • RickMckc

          Again, you are wrong and condescendingly rude. I do have some knowledge of meterology. But even if I did not, posting a map is not SCREAMING that it will verify.

          The idea of a weather blog is to discuss possibilities. Why is that so hard to understand?

      • RickMckc

        No one is or was bending the truth in pointing out what a numerical forecast model was predicting. Again, it is a point of discussion.

        If you would like to know more about forecast models this is a great link.


    • R-Dub

      It’s the same data. But models almost always over-predict precip amounts, so most forecasters will go lower than the raw amounts from the models.

  • ChiefsFan

    Gary or anyone,any snow chance for next week or in the near future, I’m ready for a little more snow

  • Emaw

    Just watched the weather, Gary had snowfall totals around the metro. He had snowfall of 0.75″ for Olathe , does anyone happen to know where in Olathe this occurred ?

    • Skylar

      I have about 1/2″ by Johnson County Executive, although I’ve seen some places in Johnson County with barely more then a dusting.

    • Skylar



    Another snow shower in PC. BEen off and on all day with trace accumulation.

  • McCabe58

    We sure got more than jack squat kumke. Better luck next time bud

  • I just saw where Elizabeth Alex is leaving the station. I’m curious if this was her decision or was she forced out by the new GM you all have. I thought I had read something on here about the GM making a lot of changes. Will Christa do the 6 pm news when Elizabeth departs? Are you any closer to a new on air met?

  • terryatbethany

    Hey Gary just wanted to let you know we had 3 inches of snow in Bethany.You,by the way, were the only to predict how much we would get right on the nose. NOAA way over predicted as usual. It was really pretty this morning with wet snow stuck on all my shrubs etc.Had a male cardinal in my burning bush.The bright red of the bird really stood out against the white background.The female cardinal was eating at the bird feeder.Ah…the joys of winter.

  • dogsinkc

    Is anyone else seeing that we’re supposed to be stuck in the mid to upper 50s for a LONG time after Sunday? I think we might as well give up on more snow for this winter.

  • Emaw

    Yeah, that’s awesome isn’t it!

  • cweb

    Gary, you just said on air that it is going to get quiet for awhile…….. Its been pretty quiet for about 2 years.