Six Storm Systems Are Showing Up For KC

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There are six storm systems showing up in the next fifteen days. At the end of this blog we will look deeper into the first two of these storm systems. This will be a big test for our dry pattern that we have been in since the LRC set up almost six months ago.


This is becoming harder to imagine. Kansas City is now down 7.50″ since this year’s cycling weather pattern as described by the LRC developed. We can trace the beginning of the pattern back to October 7th the past two years. Since that date Kansas City is down 7.50″. What happened in the 30 days leading up to October 7th is also incredible:


As you can see, the rain literally shut off on day 1 of this years weather pattern. Now, if you want to look at it on just an annual basis, then this year we are just one two inch rain from getting back to average. Of course, this deficit is growing every day.


Here is one last important rainfall statistic that I looked into last night. Here are Kansas City’s wettest dates since October 7th:

  • January 16th: 0.67″
  • December 4th: 0.60″
  • March 6th: 0.32″
  • December 25th: 0.29″
  • November 2nd: 0.29″

These are Kansas City’s wettest five dates in these dry 166 days. Wow!


March Weather Madness:

The March Weather Madness continues this week. Let’s begin with this mornings radar image:


Storm #1 will be a swing and a miss in KC

The first storm in the series of six storm systems will swing and miss over KC. Snow and rain was spreading southeast in a band over Nebraska and Iowa, while a few thunderstorms are isolated over southwest Missouri. This first storm will leave KC dry through Wednesday.


Storm #2: Thursday – Saturday

This second storm should be a home run but may end up being a swing and a miss for strike 2, or possibly a bunt single.  This is a storm that will get caught under another ridge. The ridge is due north of the storm over southern Canada. This strong storm system should be and still could be very wet in our area. The models are keeping rainfall totals low for now.  This latest data does provide some hope for more than a bunt single on Friday as you can see above. That would be a nice band of showers and thunderstorms.


Then, a massive dry slot is forecast to move in as you can see below:


This big slow moving storm has that good chance of rain Friday, then maybe a few more interesting bands of showers and thunderstorms. This storm likely will produce 1/2″ of rain or more. Remember, the wettest day of the past 166 days was the “non ice” ice storm from mid January when we had 0.67″.

Then, there are storm systems 3, 4, 5, and 6 to follow in this really fascinating weather pattern. Like last year, we have a huge iceberg to break through. Will we break the ice in these next two weeks?

Have a great day! Our weather team will go over all of this on 41 Action News today and tonight!


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