Signs Of Spring On The Last Day Of Winter

Good morning bloggers,

We have made it to the last full day of winter. Spring begins on Wednesday, and why not – today has a bit of winter and spring over the plains. Let’s take a look.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 7.33.36 AM

This radar map is from around 8 AM this morning.  There was an area of snow over Nebraska near the center of the main upper level storm, the one I showed in yesterdays blog that is dropping southeast from Canada. It picked up a little disturbance that tracked over the Rocky Mountains and it brought the KC region a little rain this morning.  Notice closely to how the rainfall pattern curves anticyclonically, or a clockwise pattern.  Look real carefully. Can you see it?  The echoes extend from western Kansas north into the Nebraska/Kansas border area, and then southeast to near KC.  This is a very good sign that a warm up will surge in here, stronger than every forecast out there, well until now.  A surge to near 60 degrees or higher is likely this afternoon:



There is a little surface low developing and tracking northeast.  So, this is going to be interesting to track today.  Spring is coming! A look ahead to Opening Day At The K shows a strong storm due in around next Friday. So, if it comes in early it would be problematic. If it is timed for Friday, another big surge of warmer weather is also likely next week.

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