Severe Weather Risks Next Few Days

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This weather pattern continues to amaze us with some extremes.  Just look at the difference from April to May.  This is a huge contrast. KC has been thrust from Winter to Summer with around a three week period of spring, well it seems anyway.  A front stalled just north of KC and we ended up having this hot month of May.  What will June bring? More on this tomorrow.

We are currently in a rather active period of stormy weather across Tornado Alley.  Yesterday, there was a small outbreak of severe weather, actually day 2 of this outbreak that started May 28th.  Day 3 may be today, and there is an enhanced slight risk which I am posting below. Here are the storm reports from yesterday:


There is an enhanced slight risk located over northern Oklahoma. They could really use some more rain as we chip away at the drought before summer settles in, and they may get it today. This will come with a sacrifice as some spots will likely have a tornado, and a few others will see some hail and damaging winds.


The risks the next two days shift southeast, and then northwest.



For Kansas City, we are seeing more and more of what happened during the winter, caused by this same cycling pattern.  The systems are still going all around us, but we get a little glancing blow here and there.  Tonights chance of thunderstorms will come more into focus as I am on the air during our late evening shows.  Right now it appears an MCS, complex of thunderstorms, will track south of KC. Will the northern edge reach as far north as I-70? This is something I will be monitoring closely.  Then, Saturday there is a big cap, and the system may go by dry. Let’s see how this trends in the next couple of days.

Have a great afternoon.


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1 comment to Severe Weather Risks Next Few Days

  • overlandpark4me

    Fired up pretty good after midnight south of Wichita 80 mph winds. Say goodbye to your trees