Several Rain Chances

Good Sunday,

Well, we need the rain, and the first of several rain chances this week is occurring today.  The rain today is a symbol of the kind of rain we will be seeing this week with coverage and amounts a concern.

SUNDAY 7 AM WEATHER TRACK RADAR: You can see the few downpours.  Hopefully your yard or farm experiences one of these downpours.  Amounts will be a trace-.10″, but it is better than nothing, I guess.  This rain activity is along the leading edge of a surge of warm air.  The very warm air will make it only so far east.



SUNDAY AFTERNOON: This is not an easy forecast as you can see the showers around here this morning will be located across eastern Missouri where some cities will see temperatures in the 40s.  At the same time it will be dry, windy and hot in western Kansas with highs around 90°.  The state line is the dividing line between 80s and 50s, 60s and 70s.  We are going for a high at KCI of 80°, but it could easily be in the low 70s as the 80° line stops to the west, or it could be 83° at KCI if the 80° line moves further east.  It is a game of inches and a tough forecast.  But, it will be a nice day one way or the other, just a bit windy.



MONDAY (THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING):  Spring begins at 5:29 AM and it will be a very nice day with a partly cloudy sky, light wind and highs in the 70s.  A cold front to the north will make the first full day of Spring feel like winter.



TUESDAY (TEMPERATURES): This is going to be a cloudy, windy and colder day with temperatures stuck in the 40s to near 50° as the 80s shift south.  What about rain?  See the next map.



TUESDAY (PRECIPITATION): There will be a few rain showers with, yes a few snowflakes possible in southern Iowa.  Now, once again rainfall amounts will be paltry, a trace-.20″.



RAINFALL SINCE OCTOBER 7TH: It has really dried out as we march to being 8″ below average rainfall.  So, we need several widespread rainfall events as we head into Spring.



RAINFALL FORECAST NEXT 7 DAYS:  So, we have the rain chances today, Tuesday and Thursday-Friday.  This is the total rainfall forecast for all of these events.  This is not going to cut it.  Hopefully, before the month ends we can manage a decent rain event.  There are a series of systems to track, but one has to step out of character to bring the beneficial rain.



Have a great week.


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