Scattered Thunderstorms Have Formed

11:35 AM UPDATE:

The thunderstorms that formed this morning have really struggled to get going.  There are just  isolated weak showers and small thunderstorms moving across the region.  So, until 1-2 PM we expect an increase in clouds with isolated showers and thunderstorms.  After 2 PM this small system will likely move out, leading to a nice late afternoon and evening.


Good Thursday morning bloggers,

We have had thunderstorms in the forecast for this morning the last several days.  Well, during the last 30 minutes they have formed near Topeka as a weak disturbance heads our way.  This disturbance is also aligned with the leading edge of much warmer air.  So, we do expect, at least scattered thunderstorms to move across the area between 930 AM and 1 PM.  Some areas will not see rain, while other could see a quick .25″ to 1″.   At this time, we do not expect them to form into a large complex, but we will be watching this all morning.  If you are headed to the pool, keep an eye to the sky.

Radar Image from 830 AM:


Lets hope we get the rain as chances drop the next 5 days along with rising temperatures.  Summer begins 12:04 AM tonight!

Have a great weekend and happy Summer!

Jeff Penner

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13 comments to Scattered Thunderstorms Have Formed

  • sedsinkc

    And Pffft, most of that activity is going or gone at 9:40, except well north of Topeka.

  • sedsinkc

    As we head into an extended hot and dry pattern locally, KC is “officially” about 0.57 inches below average on rainfall to date in 2013 and 1.67 inches below average for June.

  • frigate

    Sedsinkc…Glad you pointed out ‘officially’ at KCI. I think there is a dome over KCI for some reason…as everywhere else in the entire area, I believe is above normal to much above normal. Hoping this upcoming dry spell doesn’t turn into another 2012 though.

  • Drought Miser

    Western Kansas is still stuck in drought conditions and forecast to move east again this summer at least we had a wet cool spring, maybe fall will be the same!

  • f00dl3

    Welcome back drought! How I’ve missed you!

  • Drought Miser

    Yes the east coast was nice but good to be back in the heartland missed you to flood…

    So is today the longest day of the year or tomorrow? I would conclude that since the solstice is just after midnight our time day’s get shorter starting the minutes after 12:05 am tonight right?


    Days are 24 hrs , regardless :)

    Now daylight is another thing

  • Funky Munky

    12:05 am is tomorrow not tonight

  • Drought Miser

    Why yes it is tomorrow funky munky good point.. love the accuracy almost as good as 41 action news streak of nine years!

  • luvsno

    Summer Solstice…June 21….longest day and shortest night of the year.

  • luvsno

    *Summer Solstice…June 21….The day with the most hours of daylight and shortest hours of darkness.

  • luvsno

    * Least hours of darkness…not shortest ! an hour is an hour, dark or light ! lol my bad