Saturday Night Update: Surface Pattern Is Unique

Good evening bloggers,

Who is up tonight?  We will be tracking a developing storm that is unique to this LRC season.  Take a look at this 6 PM surface map:


Take a look at the top of the map. Here it comes. 28° air is blasting south right now. This is incredible!  Now what will happen in KC.  The surface map that I just plotted is just so all over the place.

There will likely be a few thunderstorms, then some snowflakes, a cold blast, and then we can begin thinking more seriously about spring!


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20 comments to Saturday Night Update: Surface Pattern Is Unique

  • Deb

    The storms that were moving NE just east of Wichita are now moving back to the SW? Signs of things to come tonight? I will be watching!

  • Emaw

    With all due respect, this setup might be unique as far as how things have gone this past winter but I’ve lived here my whole life and this isn’t unique to me, it’s March. I just want some rain, it’s dry man.

  • VerySkeptical


  • HeatMiser

    We have been having an strong t-storm in Lawrence. Frequent lightning and a brief heavy downpour. Lots of spectacular cloud to cloud lightening still going on and plenty of thunder to be sure.

  • stl78

    Yada yada. When is it not unique? I have not looked at radar or any data. However, I have seen lightning off to the south and east. …..sound familiar?

  • Drought Miser

    Wow take a look at the Radar holy rain shield to our south !!!

  • craigmac

    Major thunderstorm in Blue Springs right now. Hail is mixing in with heavy rain.

  • yewtrees

    “some snowflakes”?? how about the chance of a dusting to an inch accumulation you forecasted this morning, Gary.

    • Still a chance Yewtrees, my goodness. The difference between a few snowflakes and a dusting to an inch is like the difference between one and two pennies.


      • Dobber

        Not when it was 70 degrees today… 50 something now. Pavement will NOT be cold enough. Grass maybe…… Not on the roads. One or 2 pennies?

  • anshad

    Heavy downpour, frequent lightning and a minute or so of pea size hail here on the KC side of Liberty! Love the rain regardless of how brief.

  • HeatMiser

    LoL…yeah, some snowflakes is about as unspecific as you can get? You could anything from snowflakes that melt on contact to fifty feet of snow and that forecast would be correct.

  • Henley

    As has been the case since early last summer, nothing going on here in southern Lees Summit but in the morning I’ll be interested to read about all of the massive T-Storms and heavy snow rates/totals

  • Drought Miser

    Some light rain and distant thunder here in Merriam and temps are crashing down for sure windows going shut again

  • j-ox

    1/2″ of rain this evening here in NW Lawrence.
    Hoping to double down…

  • kurtjon

    Yet again, another dry windy front! I’m sick of same old same old and this is much longer than this lrc; this has been several years! What the heck
    It should have stormed before the front got here but nope 8:00 and the howling wind came. Watched a great lightning show move just south. If and if I want a yard this year I’ll be dragging hoses. I think
    I need prairie and desert plants

    This weather pattern sucks!

  • blueflash

    Looks like we had generous 1/2 inch plus rains over the vast majority of the metro. Yet some people will see gloom and doom in any scenario. I am sick of the negative, combative, griping tone of this blog. Would you guys just lighten up and enjoy what KC weather has to offer? Did anyone appreciate the beautiful day we had yesterday? Does rain ever come without wind and storms? No lets just gripe and pick apart whatever Gary has to say. I don’t know why he even bothers to respond to the trolls, I sure wouldn’t.

    • kurtjon

      I’m not being combative, and just because the immediate metro got a good rain doesn’t mean everyone did. It’s terribly dry here and hasn’t changed in a couple years.

    • kurtjon

      And by the way I only got wind and no rain! We need rain doesn’t matter how nice the weather or plants and trees won’t grow