Saturday Evening Update…540 PM

Good Saturday Evening bloggers,

When we say it is a tricky forecast we mean it!  We always knew we were on the northwest edge of this system and a shift by one county either way would make a big difference.  Well, it set up one county southeast, so KC will see flurries maybe a dusting in a few spots by 11 PM.  The accumulating snow will occur from Pleasant Hill to Odessa and Higginsville.  See the ESP image below from 540 PM.  These areas will see 1-2″ of snow.  If you are travelling east on I-7o tonight conditions will be bad.  Freezing rain, sleet and snow will occur in Columbia.

Have a good night and at least the roads will be good tonight.

Jeff Penner

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34 comments to Saturday Evening Update…540 PM

  • outdoorchic76

    Not one flake in Tonganoxie.

  • Skylar

    Partly cloudy in Overland Park with a steady light snow. It’s been this way for about 30 minutes, but there aren’t any accumulations that I can see. Amazing what difference a few miles can make! I sympathize for people who live around the great lakes right now. :)

  • HeatMiser

    So when you guys said you were leaning toward the solution that had it giving KC one to two inches you were….wrong…right….

  • eodchop

    We have a solid 3.5 inches in Harrisonville, and it is still coming down. We had dinner in Belton (northern Cass County) and they had barely a dusting. The roads/weather went from fine to snow covered and snowing heavily in the 11 miles in between Belton and Harrisonville. Truly a few miles, makes a huge difference in snow totals.

  • blueflash

    Forecast to go down to 6 degrees tomorrow night. Probably would have had our first sub-zero with a blanket of snow

  • weatherman brad

    its now snowing with a little bit of sleet mixing in at 103rd and Connell.


    • blueskies

      Good to see you back on the blog, Brad. Home from Lawrence for the weekend? How was New York over New Years?

  • Todd

    Snow to the west… snow to the north… snow to the east… snow to the south. Almost comical how KC is getting missed by all of this.

  • R-Dub

    {sad trombone}…..o well. Woulda been fun to get a little snow tonight.

  • parkvillejayhawk

    Just started light snow type pellets in parkville

  • Emaw

    I would like report approximately 13 flurries from north Olathe. Awesome!

  • Skylar

    I’d like to report my grand total of a very light dusting at 135th & Metcalf now that the last flurries are moving out.

    • Theo

      That is huge BS. There is no dusting here. I live near 135th and Metcalf. We had three ice pellets and 30 seconds of graupel. Quit with the sensational BS, Skylar. You’ve done it now for 4 straight storms.

      • Skylar

        Are you sure you’re talking about the same 135th and Metcalf? What two new shopping centers are being built here? Anyways, I think we’ve only had three snowfalls this year if you count today, and yes I do have a dusting, but it is very light. Would you like me to take a picture and show you? BTW, it’s snowing again as I am writing this. l haven’t been sensational about anything. I posted a picture of my total and official national weather service snowfall totals confirming what I got from the last storm too.

      • Skylar

        Yeah, it’s not very much, but this still counts as a dusting: “http://i.imgur.com/OVY49.jpg?1″
        And it has been very lightly snowing since about 5:20: “http://i.imgur.com/4vYXM.jpg”

        • mowermike


          We believe ya! Theo is upset the Packers yet again got blown out in the playoffs. You would think as great as he claims them to be that they would fix their defense. This was an easy bet tonight. They can’t stop any good teams.

          BTW, it did snow in the metro tonight, you said no chance of snow 4 days ago, well, although most in the city missed it, it did snow for some.

  • Hockeynut69

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I would say the forecasting of precipitation in the last twelve months by local meteorologists, pretty much nails the definition.

    • mowermike


      Where were you on the Dec. 20th when this weather team predicted blizzard conditions and 1-3 inches of snow.

      What about the Dec. 31st storm, where they predicted 1-4 inches in the city.

      The most recent rain event, predicted .10 to .50

      All these were very good forecasts. There has been many others too.

      Yes, they have certainly missed some, today is one, but they gave plenty of info on how close it was for us missing the snow. For some of the folks in the 4 county area, the forecast was right. (Lee Summit and eastward)

      It’s amazing how some forget all the good ones.

  • Theo

    Perfect explanation Hockeynut. The forecasting has been awful.

  • Dwight

    From Pleasant Hill but in Columbia today with school competition. I went outside here at Rick Bridge to get something from my car and it is snowing like crazy with almost quarter inch ice on everything. Took me 10 minutes to get into the car. crazy. fortunately we have family here to stay with overnight but there are over a dozen high schools frantically looking for hotel rooms for their students. The bus drivers revolted and refused to drive home.

  • HeatMiser

    Here in Lawrence we got, wait let me measure……….zero inches of snow. Zero cm of snow for you foreign blog readers. Zero nanometers for you scientists. What? One to three inches was predicted for us by the NWS you say? One to two inches was predicted by Gary you say? They were all totally wrong, even though the event was supposed to occur within a couple of hours you say? Here’s a thought for the Meteorologists out there who say it’s a complicated situation and hard to make a call. Just say the truth…that you have absolutely no idea, because it’s obvious you don’t have the ability to predict these kind of events that are so small in scale. Don’t say you lean toward one model or another, because the truth is you have no clue which will occur. That way you won’t be wrong, just honest.

    • zimbokc

      It’s called forecasting: It’s a prediction. You make it seem like they called for 1-3 inches of snow and then it was 75 degrees yesterday. They were off by 2 counties; Gary said that much was possible back on Friday. You really need to chill-out with your attacks on the 41 team.

  • ctinaditty

    At my home in Greenwood, I think we have about three inches. I’ve heard from lots of friends around the KC Metro who haven’t had near as much though. Seems like a pretty hit and miss storm! Tough forecast!

  • trinlivco

    Here in the north country, Chillicothe area we got zero moisture. AGAIN!!! Mother Nature is really ripping us off up here.Sure as hell hope it turns around someday or the midwest is going to dry up and blow away this spring. TR

  • windyinmarshallmo

    Here in Marshall we got 2.5 inches.:-)

  • JDMLife

    I love this blog for the undeniable fact that this is the only opportunity people with zero education are given the chance to critique someone’s hard work in predicting weather. I’ll put money down 90% of these trolls are posting from their parent’s basement since they are socially deprived, and most likely are also avid players on World of Warcraft when they aren’t in troll mode on a weather blog forum.

  • blueflash

    As part of this forecast, I remember hearing the caveat from several sources that this would be a storm with banding of precipitation, meaning that some would get heavy snow for a time while others would get very little. That was certainly true. I look forward to the day when technology allows us to accurately predict exactly where those bands will develop. In the meanwhile, please cut the forecasters some slack!

  • NorthlandKB

    Just waking up to snow falling in the Northland…I think we are getting more snow this morning than we did all day yesterday and last night! LOL

  • restull

    We’re not the only place struggling for snow. The central and southern Rockies have had under half their normal snowfall to this point. Throw in Chicago too!