Severe Weather Special Tonight! Royals win! And, a look at the set-up!

Good evening bloggers,

Our Surviving the Storm weather special is on tonight at 6:30 PM.  I am showing our severe weather forecast on that show, and I have posted the calendars below.  The weather pattern is setting up for some severe weather across parts of the plains with some risks possible in our area.

Here is some good news:  The Kansas City Royals just won their first game of the season! 

Now, onto the weather:  Take a look at this forecast map for Monday.  What do we see here?


There is a dry line, warm front, low pressure area, and a very strong cold front. The very strong cold front will be developing and heading south Monday night.  The set-up for some severe weather is obviously about to occur in the next four to five days.  You can go to www.Weather2020.com and see exactly how this storm fits perfectly into the LRC cycling pattern. Click on the blog!  Absolutely fascinating to us. 

Severe Weather Calendar MayJune 2013

So, what does all of this mean?  We will learn a lot more in the coming days. In the mean time it is a big warm-up. I will have all of this tonight and our weather special is on 41 Action News at 6:30 PM.  Here are the severe weather calendars.  I would strongly emphasize that middle week of May!  When you see a strethc of days in the red, I am expecting about one of those May 2-4th days to have a severe weather set-up, and two or three days in that middle stretch. It does not mean that every one of those days will be severe. And, the non red days may have smaller scale disturbances that I have not identified yet that could produce a severe weather day or two.

Severe Weather Calendar May 2013

Severe Weather Calendar June 2013

Have a great evening. I will go over more details in the morning.



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7 comments to Severe Weather Special Tonight! Royals win! And, a look at the set-up!

  • weatherman brad



  • weatherman brad

    Ill tell you what i see gary, I see a classic severe weather setup early next week that coud mean a significant severe weather outbreak possible.


  • Take a look at the forecast from The Weather Channel on where the greatest tornado risk will be month by month.


    Come out to Nebraska Furniture Mart this Saturday from 11-2 and we can talk about severe weather and I’ll give my personal take on these maps and talk about this years severe weather season.

    Leslie and Dean Burton from Intercept Images will also be there and the three of us would love to meet you all! We will have plenty of things to give away and you can check out our chase vehicles as well!

    A severe weather event could be shaping up for next week. Where will it be and how strong? We will talk about it with you on Saturday.

    Jacob Honeycutt
    F5 Chasers

  • blue8091

    Great post – enjoyed it – it contains nothing about cold fronts or flakes :) Read just in time to tune in.

  • Justin

    Was there a calendar created for the month of April?

  • LittleAndy

    This is my second favorite time of year! Though severe weather can be very dangerous and I would never ever wish for a destructive tornado to strike a town, I do enjoy a good strong thunderstorm complete with wind, hail and all the good stuff! Bring on Spring! And more rain!!!