Roller Coaster Ride

Good Saturday.

We have had a couple of frigid mornings and now we turn our attention to a nice warming trend.  But, we are tracking a series of cold and warm fronts, so we are in for some ups, downs and all around’s on the thermometer.  At this time we do not see any significant precipitation with all of the ups and downs.  Now, there is considerable precipitation in the southeast and western USA.

A winter storm will be exiting the southeast tonight.  There are Blizzard warnings around Norfolk, Virginia.



On the west coast, this is day 1 of a 7-10 day precipitation event as numerous moisture laden systems come in off of the Pacific Ocean.  Central and northern California may end up with 15″ to 25″ of rain/melted snow before this ends.  The good  news is that this will greatly dent the drought and fill up low lakes and rivers, the bad news is that flooding and mudslides are likely.



Now to our weather.  We do not have excessive precipitation to track, but we will be tracking crazy changes on the thermometer.

TODAY: A weak cold front will slip through this afternoon.  It is weak as the air ahead of and behind the front is about the same, frigid!



TODAY: Temperatures will warm to around 25° ahead of the front.  Then, temperatures will quickly drop to the teens this evening as we go into a mini colder pocket.



SUNDAY: The cold front from today will washout as a warm front surges east across the Plains.  This warm front will be preceded by clouds, but by afternoon the sun will return and temperatures should crack freezing.



MONDAY: We will start in the 20s and by afternoon with a nice south breeze we will warm to 40°-45°.  Notice the dip in the green contour in eastern Kansas.  This is due to a snow cover affect, so we may end up closer to 40°.  Now, the snow is not that deep and will be easy to melt, so if we can get rid of the snow faster, we will get close to 45°.



TUESDAY MORNING: Look at this!  Strong south winds will be occurring Monday into Tuesday morning, transporting warm and actually moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, so by Tuesday morning we will be close to 50°.



TUESDAY AFTERNOON:  Warmer air will be surging in as a cold front approaches.  If the front is slower we could see highs 55°-60°.  If it is faster we could see highs 45°-50°.  We are going in between with a high of 54°.  In any case, it will be much warmer than what we have been dealing with the last few days.



The rest of next week will see temperatures cooler Wednesday, warmer Thursday and colder Friday as we track a series of warm and cold fronts.  We do not see any precipitation producing systems at this time, but if one were to affect us it would be next Friday and Saturday.

Have a great weekend.


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