Record cold July night likely

Good morning bloggers,

A cool July air mass is spreading southeast and expanding across the United States today.  Temperatures dropped into the 50s this morning, and the record low for tonight is 55°, set back in 1968.  We are forecasting a low anywhere from 51° to 55°.  The lowest July temperature ever recorded in Kansas City’s history is 51° on July 5, 1997.  So, this kind of cool air mass has happened before, but this is definitely a rare and cool start to July.

  • Record low today:  53°
  • Today’s low was:  56°
  • Record low for July 3rd:  55°
  • Forecast low tonight:  53°

The record high is 105° for today and we haven’t even been above 91° at KCI Airport yet this year. It has been an active weather pattern and we officially had an EF1` tornado in Liberty, MO two nights ago. Here is a picture from our American Century Investments sky view taken around the time the tornado happened just after 9:30 PM Monday night:

Century Lightning Liberty

There is a lowering and possible funnel cloud on the leading edge which was bulging out away from the solid line of thunderstorms. It appears to be in the right location of the cumulonimbus cloud, so this very well may be the extending funnel that briefly touched down.

Do you realize that we have received a lot of criticism for cutting into programming Sunday and Monday evening with tornado warnings in progress. One viewer even said that “if it isn’t in my neighborhood I don’t care. Please do not cut into the national news at 5:30 PM.”, and then he went on to say, “even if there was a tornado heading into my neighborhood I still don’t want you to cut into the National News”.  Really?  This person would be just relaxing watching the National News while the sirens are going off and a tornado may be approaching?  My goodness! We only cut into programming around 18 hours per year, that is 18 hours out of 8,760 hours per year which means we only cut in .0015 of programming. Yes, everyone gets to watch 99.999% of their programs.

Have a great Wednesday!


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21 comments to Record cold July night likely

  • anshad

    Gary, It is really frustrating that people are so cynical. All of this technology we have in the world has turned us into a bunch of self centered curmudgeons.

    Those that are complaining are obviously a VERY SMALL minority, but have a loud enough voice to be heard. I appreciate the coverage as I live in Kansas City near Liberty. It is reassuring to people to be able to hear and see what is going on while they are hunkered down!

    I read the blog everyday, but only post occasionally. I enjoy what most of the people here write, but indeed there are those that only care about themselves and their opinions.

    Thanks for all of your hard work 41 Action Weather team. You are appreciated.

  • LuvsSummer

    I couldn’t agree more anshad, thanks for the post. I live in Independence and it didn’t bother me at all that programming was interrupted for a tornado warning. No, it wasn’t in my neighborhood, but it reassured me, that if it had been, the 41 Action Weather team would have been there to keep me informed. Keep up the good work, Gary and team. You are appreciated!

  • Drought Miser

    I’m ready for the record coolest night let’s bring it!!!

  • sedsinkc

    Gary, I’m fairly certain you have a thick skin and the criticism doesn’t bother you too much. You can’t be in the TV weather biz if you don’t have a tough hide because you’re frequently going to catch flack from viewers who are unhappy about one thing or another. Good coverage of the severe storms imho and well warranted.

  • overlandpark4me

    Bethany nado off of I-35

    • luvsno

      How were you able to post this video ?? I haven’t even seen pictures posted on here by any bloggers, much less videos ! :)

      • overlandpark4me

        Not sure. Just plopped in a link, and it popped up. I used a link in an earlier post, and it got me a “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

        • overlandpark4me

          Let me see if i can my earlier post to go this time:

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          July 2, 2014 at 12:49 PM · Reply

          I didn’t have a huge issue with the majority of the coverage. There was a point where it was apparent it wasn’t going to do anything, AND go into Iowa that I thought they should have cut away sooner. I had no issue when this one looked like it was going to be a problem.


          A 2 mile long damage path is worth the coverage

          The problem is people are more aware of coverage that might go past it’s welcome because it was so widely abused in the past. Ch 5 and Horner used to “cover” possible nado’s that were north of Sedalia and moving away. She explained that there were some viewers who got the station (Jeff City) in their cable package. I get WGN in Chicago, but they aren’t going to cover my weather. Last I looked they had a market already in place to cover it (Jeff City/Columbia/Sedalia.

          One year Horner sat there straight faced and scared south O.P. by having them think one was on the ground. She was alone in her “opinion”. That’s what happens when you have a woman with a P.R.degree get an online degree in meteorology and put her on air. She was in over her head from day one, but the revolving casting couch at 5 didn’t seem to mind.

          I think that viewers email is a bit extreme though. Who knows, it’s possible someone might have been screwing with Gary. If not, I hope he gets some help.

  • yewtrees

    Anchorman Mark Clegg resigns for job in Houston:


    Thank you, Mark, for your dedication and services to the KC community. You will be missed!

    • overlandpark4me

      That’s a nice pay raise for him. Houston is a top 10 TV market (10th), and KC is 31.

  • KUweatherman

    IMO what a lot of people are getting tired of is the sensationalism that our local stations are putting on weather that is not going to effect us. It happened awhile back where there were hours of coverage placed on storms in OMAHA that had no impact on Kansas City whatsoever. Many, many hours later when a severe storm did arrive in the Kansas City Metro, the local stations were nowhere to be found with coverage. Mind you, this occurred at 1am or so, so most people were asleep but that is besides the point. If people’s evenings can be inconvenienced for weather reports for weather reports from 200 miles away then we can be inconvenienced from a local storm 20 miles away.

    Even so, there is no real need to constantly be breaking in for severe thunderstorm warning updates. Use the commercial breaks. Personally, the ONLY time extended coverage should be used is where there is an immediate threat (large hail, tornadoes, history of strong straight line winds). It has been quite awhile since KC has seen a real tornado threat so the weather folks seem to just be drooling for something to cover. Could just sense them all getting off to the funnel cloud near Liberty the other day.

  • Dobber

    They, dag gum spell check, adios!

  • anshad

    Funnel Cloud near Liberty?

    EF-1 Tornado, on the ground for .75 miles, and 200 yard max width. This occurred by Fountain Bluff Sports Complex… Where people play ball.

    I am sorry that this tornado did not rip through your backyard and cause damage that you could tangibly see, but it was close enough to home for me, and I was happy that they were covering it.

    Oh, and KU, sensationalism is everywhere, good or bad, its a part of our lives now… Just Google Hobby Lobby right now, and you will get all of the sensationalism you can handle.

    About the weather: It feels more like an April afternoon than July! Nothing wrong with this nice little “break in the action”.

    • KUweatherman

      I’m not disagreeing with you. Funnel cloud or EF-1; doesn’t matter. That situation absolutely calls for TV coverage. 40 mph winds and pea size hail do not.

  • Drought Miser

    Ummm Dobbs…..I’m going with three major heat waves 7 days or longer above 95 degrees,very high humidity, and 5 rainstorm MCS with one derachio event that knocks down some of these big huge trees that haven’t seen an ice storm since 03′ then it cools off quick with our first frost occurring before the fall equinox sometime around the first or second week in September. El Nino then kicks in and hopefully we’re on the right side of the Pineapple express and we don’t talk Drought for another ten year cycle.

  • kellyinkc

    did anyone see the slight of hand by NOAA this week?

    Very interesting.

  • sedsinkc

    Today’s high at KCI was 71. The last time we had a July day this cool or cooler with no measurable rainfall was in 1997. July 3, 1997 had a high of 69 with a trace of rainfall and July 4, 1997 had a high of 71 and no rainfall.

  • Drought Miser

    We just set a record low for the date(53) and still dropping the all time July record low is 51 degrees