Record Breaking Cold April

Good morning bloggers,

The wild April weather ride continues.  Take a look at these past 8 days.

The past 8 days in Kansas City:

  • Sunday, April 8:  High of 38° with 0.8″ of snow. Huge snowflakes!
  • Monday, April 9:  High of 42°
  • Tuesday, April 10:  High of 61°
  • Wednesday, April 11:  High of 80°
  • Thursday, April 12:  High of 82°
  • Friday, April 13:  High of 83°, severe thunderstorms erupt with hail over parts of the KC metro area. One small Supercell tracked just northwest of downtown
  • Saturday, April 14:  High of 52° at midnight, and then SNOW!
  • Sunday, April 15:  Record shattering high of 31°, 10 degrees below the previous record coldest high temperature of 41° in 1993.

And, then this morning we broke the record low, but at least the sun is coming out.  This mornings low broke the record by at least 2 degrees. The low was 26° as of 6:55 AM.


Look at the surface forecast valid at 7 PM Tuesday.  There will be a strong dry line tracking into western Oklahoma, separating very dry air with dew points in the single digits from a humid air mass surging north across Oklahoma with dew points near 60°.  Conditions are not favorable for thunderstorms, however, with this compact storm moving out into the plains.  Snow will be developing north of KC however. This second map, below, shows the cyclone moving over the Mississippi River by Wednesday morning with some heavy snow developing over Iowa.



After this moves by, we can look ahead to the next storm, this weekend.  The models are all over the place on the weekend storm.  We just had three days of severe weather tracking from the plains into the east coast last night.  For Kansas City, we continue to be on this rather wild April ride from snow to 80s back to snow again.

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  We continue to have a great weather discussion on the blog over at Weather2020. Read everyones comments and join in the conversation if you would like. Have a great start to the week.




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