Record Breaking Arctic Outbreak

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Sunny The Weather Dog is not sure she wants to go outside this morning.  Schools are closed this morning in response to the Arctic outbreak this morning. It has dropped to way below zero over many spots this morning. The Arctic high pressure area is now moving into northern Missouri as you can see below:


Later this afternoon a thin band of snow is likely going to form and track near Kansas City. The exact track will be determined in a few hours, so we will be monitoring this closely.  Kansas City will be near the edge of this fast moving little disturbance as you can see on this next map:


A rather major shift in the pattern is predicted for this weekend. A surface cyclone will be forming over Nebraska by Sunday afternoon. This storm will draw in Gulf of Mexico moisture and temperatures will be forced to rise into the 60s over parts of the plains, and 60 degree air is likely going to reach up to KC by Sunday.  Even without rain, the ground will likely saturate due to the moisture increase and much warmer temperatures which will  force the humidity to reach 100% and the roads will likely become wet by Saturday.


This storm will miss KC with snow spreading over the northern plains and Rocky Mountains.  Who is looking forward to this warm up. Bundle up this morning. Have a great start to your day and join in the conversation at Weather2020.com as we share in this weather experience.


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