Rapidly increasing area of snow

Good evening bloggers,

We will be adding a bit to today’s snowfall totals. Snow is rapidly increasing as I am writing this we are forecasting 1 to 2 inches of snow, perhaps another inch or so farther north. The snow is coming down nicely on the Plaza right now.

Take a look at the National Weather Service’s plotted snowfall map from earlier today:

SnowfallYou can click on this map for a larger view.  The bulls-eye was very close to where we predicted it.  And, now we will be adding one or two inches to these totals in a few spots.

We are on the back side of the exiting storm and new bands of snow are rapidly increasing. I will show this tonight at 10 PM. And, there are two more potential chances for snow, one small one Friday, and possibly one bigger one early next week.  I guess March is going to come in roaring like a lion.

Have a great night!


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20 comments to Rapidly increasing area of snow

  • stjoeattorney


  • stjoeattorney

    Gary is this comin in from IOWA??

  • weatherkcmo

    More snow on Monday? Im a snow lover. Make it stop

  • Hail No

    Get out and get your bread and milk so you can make French toast!

  • snowlover71

    No snow in Overland Park. Moving past the snow when these storms come back in April will we have to worry about severe weather? Gary, do you think we will have tornadoes this Spring. I would take 100 inches of snow over tornadoes.

  • CityofPrisons

    With all respect to the NWS….. The total of 5″ for the Leavenworth area is low. We had 7″ at a minimum, and I recorded 8″ at my house. Not to mention the snow was compacted like crazy, melting little by little, and the fact it took so long to start sticking.

    The wetness and consistency of this snow and all the power outages and tree limbs breaking reminds me of the “October Surprise” in 1996 when we received 6.5″ of snow on the 22nd of October. Only then the leaves had not yet dropped from the trees, and the trees were dropping their limbs and branches like crazy. Clean-up took weeks, and in some cases, folks in KC were waiting until the following March or later for the city to pick up their storm debris as they had promised the citizens they would.

    Crazy that storm was, and one of my all-time favorite weather events for the KC area. (Save for all the issues it created.)

  • olathe-snowkid

    What did the new models say about friday and monday?

  • yewtrees

    “possibly one bigger one early next week”. Temps are too warm to snow next week.

  • thundercolt

    There is plenty of artic air left to be brought down from canada so to soon to rule out snow !

  • Grumpy

    Keep the snow coming!

  • stjoeobserver

    St. Joe seeing moderate snowfall now. Radar matching observed conditions. Previously plowed streets already recovered. School still has not been called off here in town yet; I expect that if it snows most of the night our area schools will close.

  • d100patel

    Anyone know what gary said just now on the news? Missed the forecast.

  • Sv7Fooster

    Another 1-2 inches tonight, slight chances Friday and Tuesday of additional accumulation. He took some time to talk about the blocking high over Greenland and how it’s forcing the jet stream further south. Says were in that part of the pattern for at least another week. Oh and he’s tired.

  • Weatherfreak01

    We live in Lee’s Summit, near the intersection of 7 and Colbern.

    We had to mark where the circle part of the driveway was for our wonderful neighbor who was going to plow our driveway again for us. He plowed it on Friday and when I was marking the edges of the circle driveway (the area with the least drifting) the snow was deeper than what it was on Friday. I measured numerous places on Friday and got a consistent 10″. I would guess we were in one of the few places that got 12″ this time around. I would have measured it with the yard stick again except the youngest daughter broke it in half on Friday. Today the snow was at the top of my boots where it was not on Friday. It is snowing again here in LS.

  • KUweatherman

    Haven’t been outside to measure/shovel yet, but we’ve been seeing decent snow in northwest Olathe since ~10pm last night. I expect to measure every bit of an additional 2″ on top of what we got yesterday.

  • mmack66

    Still snowing lightly in Riverside.