Rain today, heavy rain possible tonight

Good Morning,

    Periods of rain showers will be possible into the early afternoon.  Here is a snapshot of ESP Live from 9AM.

Monday Radar

     The 2nd band of rain shown above, west of Kansas City, should move through by 2PM.  Then we may get a break followed by rain and thunderstorms tonight.  Some of the rain tonight could be heavy.  Here is the timeline.

Rainfall Timeline

     There continue to be several solutions when it comes to rainfall amounts, but I think its safe to say there will be some heavy downpours with many areas picking up close to an inch of rain, but again the bulk of the rain may not begin to fall until after sunset, which is 8:33PM.  Here is a look at one possible solution.


   Any one else run “Rock the Crossroads” Saturday night?  The weather was amazing.  I loved this race as it was my first time running it.  The course has a couple of hills and fantastic finisher medals.  I ran it with my 12-year old son Seth.  For him it was his fastest 5K at 29 mins.  Check out his smile!


  Have a great Monday!  Let us know how much rain you get in your rain gauges!  Thanks in advance.


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93 comments to Rain today, heavy rain possible tonight

  • Dobber

    Rain estimates are vague at best on these blogs lately

  • mukustink

    Brett thanks for the update. Congrats on your son and his time! It’s great to see you and your son enjoying time together!

    Jeff Penner how does this fit the LRC? This cool weather wasn’t forecasted on the 2020 site was it. Please explain how this fits the LRC theory. Thanks.

  • Theo

    So far, this storm has been completely unimpressive. All rain continues to move north of I-70. Rain by Hutch is aiming to be north of I-70 by the time it gets to the metro as well. Sure hope this gets it’s act together tonight. We need rain south of I-70.

  • mowermike

    This was the forecast for the week Of July 28th through August 4th.

    FORECAST MADE MAY 26, 2013: We will be tracking two cold fronts this period. Each one will bring a chance for thunderstorms. The timing of these fronts will be around July 29th and August 4th. This will keep temperatures near to slightly below average for this time of year. If you are planning a trip to the Ozarks, keep an eye to the sky –

    We have a cold front and thunderstorms today and another cold front due in late this week into the weekend, with thunderstorm chances.

    Pretty good.

    • Theo

      Even a blind squirrel……..

      What % of the forecasts have been even close, let alone correc? Get your copy/paste montra going. 25 % or less.

  • Farmgirl

    Rain??? Really it is going to rain?? I got a whopping .02 since this so called soaking rain event started. Same old pattern and locations getting rain.

    Sure hope the mold gets broken tonight and I can squeak out at least an inch in south-eastern Miami county.

  • mowermike


    Outside of one lucky spot north of I-70 in northern Jackson County,(radar estimating .50 inch amounts)the rain shield has been just north of the KC metro. SE Neb. showing 2″+ amounts per radar. Just plain unlucky so far….should change later today and tonight, most areas should see better than 1″. The NAM forecast all day yesterday and the SREF model showed the potential north solution. So far, it looks to be on track.

    • Morham

      Can confirm the one lucky spot. I live right under it! I hope everyone else picks up some tonight. But I will take what I have got so far. Sorry guys and gals!

  • Drought Miser

    .25 here in Merriam KS grass looking greenish all ready lets keep this going all throughout the night and into the day tomorrow!! A real drought buster come on guys Leta face it we are over due you throw a dart at a board enough IRS bound to hit eventually??

  • sedsinkc

    Rainfall totals as of noon:

    Downtown Airport 0.18″
    Johnson Co. Exec. Airport 0.16″
    KCI Airport: 0.13″

    More to come.

  • greek

    So far, it’s the usual, disappointing KC rain. Only 0.10″ at my place. Sure hope the heavy stuff arrives soon.

  • Hockeynut69

    It’s a start but hoping the system between Salina and Hutchinson brings a good additional amount for much of the metro.

  • Gene

    May I ask a question without being viewed as some sort of flamer? Actually, two questions. First, why do so many of you get angry about the weather and direct it at forecasters? Surely everyone realizes that they are doing their best to predict an unpredictable system and, further, getting angry about it doesn’t change anything.

    Second, why do people that live in the metro KC area care so much about rain events? If you are a farmer, or you have some sort of activity planned, I totally understand caring. But otherwise, why? If it doesn’t rain for 3 weeks and your lawn turns brown…really, big deal. In fact, the Missouri River, where we obtain our water, is well above normal flow. I would rather it rain in north central Missouri, Kansas, or anywhere there is farmland than in KC Metro. Which, more or less, is what it has been doing.

    • sedsinkc

      I’m not one who gets mad at the forecasters so won’t answer your first question. As to your second, I can only speak for myself. The reason I care whether it rains in KC is that not only do I have a lawn, which I don’t water because it’s half weeds anyhow, but I also have small trees, shrubs, flowers, and a house foundation. In excessively dry weather, these things require watering to keep them alive and healthy and to minimize damage to the house foundation. Watering costs money, money I would not have to spend if it would rain in a timely fashion.

    • Theo

      I’ll go at the first one. It’s not being angry about weather. It’s the forecasting.

      1. When you advertise constantly that you are the most accurate, and you aren’t.
      2. When you say you are great at forecasting, yet you rely completely on the models.
      3. You claim you have the magic formula (LRC) yet you produce no scientific research to back it up.
      4. You allow your minions to write whatever they wish yet you chastise your detractors.

      • mowermike


        “You allow your minions to write whatever they wish yet you chastise your detractors”

        That’s the problem right there, why must you call us/them minions? I don’t call you names, I just call you out when you post inaccurate claims.(I use the copy/paste method to prove my argument)The detractors as you so call them don’t approach the critique properly or professionally. When a blogger says…”well, another blown forecast””or you guys blew it again””KSHB has no credibility” “Forecast was a total bust””the other station predicted, you didn’t)Theo, come on, for real, you don’t talk to people like this face to face, it’s just not likely you would do this in person.

        Critique is fine, I have never had a problem with that. We could say the same about you detractors in the other direction. Right? You always call us bloggers that say “good forecast” or “you guys got it right this time” or “your minions will come on and defend you” Your doing the same thing, just the other side of the argument or discussion. We all have opinions, nothing wrong with it.

        • mowermike

          “The Mower man probably threatened the wrong dude and got his handed to him. Either physically unable or too embarrassed to get back on the blog. Purple Hog is still around though”

          “Where are the blog bullies Mike the Mower and KC Purple Hog? They said the drought was over”

          These are just a few of many comments that just wouldn’t be said in person to a stranger. I’m a stranger to you. Why do you do it. The 3 months that I left this comment section, you would on a regular basis comment like this. This isn’t the behavior of a grown man. It’s the behavior of instigator. Why would anyone want to respond to this. MuKu does the same, than you both complain to Gary that he never responds to you and that he chastises his detractors. I wouldn’t want to respond to it either.

          You talk down to people on here Theo, that’s all there is to it. That’s the only reason I like proving you wrong.

          • The0

            Mike, I would like to finally admit to all this. You are correct, I’ve been acting like a dumba$$ for a long time now. I honestly don’t know what I’m talking about and I only act like a fool to stir the pot. I’m 5’3″ and I’ve been picked on my entire life. I’ve lived with my mother for all of my years. I would get my own place, but she cooks, cleans and bathes me so why would I go anywhere else. I want to say I’m sorry and I will try to do better with my future posting. It’s just so hard when everyone I know is so mean to me. I’ve learned to be mean too. I have a lot of problems. I probably need to go talk to someone about them. Do you know anyone I could talk to?


            Your pal,


        • Theo

          Thanks, copy/paste boy. I’m not scared of you.

      • mowermike


        “When you advertise constantly that you are the most accurate, and you aren’t”

        For 9 years this weather team was the most accurate, I’m guessing that’s why they do so. Do you have evidence to support your claim? I don’t have any evidence myself and I’m not saying this weather team is the most accurate. I’m just asking for evidence from you to support the claim that they’re not the most accurate.

      • Hillsdale_Bruce

        4 points why you personally should move to another blog?

    • Hillsdale_Bruce

      Answer to your first question is immaturity.

  • frigate

    Yea, I couldn’t believe the rainfall amounts for SE Nebraska!!! How did that happen??? I too, am hoping for that area in central KS, holding together so we can at least climb towards an inch vs this normal tenth of an inch dust settlers.

  • j-ox

    .65″ thus far in NW Lawrence.

    Getting mad at forecasters really is futile.
    Wanting avg rainfall is essential to keep the subsoil moist for trees to tap into during dry-spells.
    Also, your homes foundation/basement can have devastating/catastrophic damage due to a lack of moisture (as well as too much, duh). Slab homes are at great risk.
    The folks who are capitalizing on our recent string of drought years are the foundation repair folks, tree trimmers and irrigation system installers. I’m sure there are more, but you get my picture.

  • Theo

    NWS has backed off rain amounts. Cut them in half. Went from over 2 inches to up to an inch for tonight. Trend continues downward.

  • sedsinkc

    If you look at storm total rainfall as depicted by the NWS Pleasant Hill radar, it graphically shows how KC and areas to our south and east have been short shrifted on this rain event so far. It shows a crescent moon-shaped area of heavier rainfall, with the horns of the crescent to the north and south of KC and with the rest of the crescent bending around to the west of KC. I’ll try to post a link but don’t know if it will work. “http://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=eax&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no”

  • Greenstein

    I assume this area out to the west that is heading (crossing my fingers) this way isn’t the main “show” that is predicted for tonight? I think Brett said we’d get a break after 2pm and perhaps that break will be a short one, but if the current area of rain to the west (as I sit here at 1:35pm) is the “rest of the storm”, no way we’ll get an inch of rain.

    Can anyone share their thoughts? Are we still anticipating yet another area of rain to develop after the area that is currently east and south of Salina?



    Closing in on .50″ in platte City. Been a nice steady soaking rain so far.


    On a personal note, I will be relocating for work at the end of August to te southeast. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog and experiencing KC weather, no matter how frustrating at times it can be.

    Theo, and the others who keep a watchful eye and critical eye on forecasts and forecasters. Keep it up. It will only make them better and all of us more intelligent when not taking everything at face value and actually thinking on our own.

    Mower and seds I appreciate your take on things and not being afraid to step out there and put forth your opinion and standing by it.

    To my miser brothers , Heat, Freeze, and Drought. It’s been a pleasure. Wishing y’all all the best.

    KC has treated me great and the weather here was always fun to watch and hypothesize on what might happen.

    Good luck to the 41 weather team. Hoping weather forecasting takes more of an art form and you trust your instincts and education vice te run of the mill models as the end all be all.

    Good luck to everyone and fair weather.

  • Hockeynut69

    It has been pouring near Grandview for the past 20 minutes. Looks like a break in the action soon with moderate to heavy rain on its way. It’s a great day in KC!

  • Gene

    Fair enough on the tree / foundation comments. I live in a 110 year old house with many mature trees and landscaping, so I share those concerns for the most part. I think they are mostly overblown because we just suffered a 100 year drought, but I understand the concern.

    As to complaints about forecasters, I think people are just tilting at windmills. The LRC is silly, I’ll give you that. Weather astrology in my view, but as to specific predictions, that’s why percentages exist. I appreciate that this site shows how the sausage is made and let’s me understand what is being considered. I don’t really feel like the dome over KC was very predictable, and everyone has been missing on the high side for KC Metro for a month. I don’t see much point in getting upset about it. Most people are guilty of recency bias (It will never rain here because it never rains!), but I’d prefer my weather forecasters not to be.

  • Morham

    It’s nice to hear rain on the roof yet again.. when I can hear it pounding the chimney and roof you know its coming down good. Looks like a nice line of moderate rain moving through now.. Love it! We need it!

  • Weatherfreak01

    Here in Lee’s Summit we have had a light steady rain all day. Granted, it has been very light, but that way it can soak in decently.

    Congrats on you and your son running the “Rock the Crossroads” 5k. Cool looking medals! The family walked it last year and we did not get medals. I feel kind of ripped off to tell the truth, especially since I almost passed out a couple of times. (don’t do a 5k when it is over 100 degrees and it is the day after a medical procedure where you lost a fair amount of blood.)

  • Drought Miser

    A I thought the heavy stuff wasn’t till tonight I just had a major downpour here on the plaza is this a prelude of what is to come tonight or has tonight’s timeline of heavy precipitation begun early? Either way lets keep that rain dance going wonder if G- man is excited about Flossy I would be!!!!

  • sedsinkc

    Have received 0.78″ at my house in KC North as of 3 p.m. Totals thru 3 p.m. not available for local airports on NWS website yet, but I think those will have risen quite a bit in the last hour, esp. KCI which now shows over 1″ based on radar estimate.

  • sedsinkc

    Updated rainfall totals as of 3 p.m.:

    Downtown Airport 0.53″
    Johnson Co. Exec. Airport 0.55″
    KCI Airport: 1.17″

  • mowermike


    1.18 inches so far at KCI. That happened quick. I’m thinking this may be the main show. Convection rapidly developing in SW KS. but feel that may skirt to the south tonight. We still have hours of steady rain yet to come through, so 1.5 inches looks likely for KCI. We’ll see what happens later. RAP model shows renewed convection late this evening and overnight.

    What ya think, is this the main show?? If so, not bad. However, I think people further south of the immediate metro didn’t get much.

    • sedsinkc

      Yes Mike, I think this is the main show for KC proper, which should last a few more hours. I think the MCS to develop over southern KS w/ the associated svr tstorm watch will stay mainly to our south tonight, though the south side may just catch some light rain from the northern fringe of that MCS. Maybe a chance for one more round here tomorrow morning? Not sure about that.

    • sedsinkc

      Let me add a caveat to what I just posted. There is new convection firing west of Manhattan to around Salina which is moving toward KC. Question is whether the severe storm complex now north of Wichita moving toward the KS Turnpike from Emporia southwest and all the rain cooled air in E and NE Kansas will cause that convection to weaken as it moves this way this evening.

      • mowermike


        I just looked at the local forecast from the NWS, clicked on a few locations, one by KCI and one by MCI, they’re now showing 1-2 inches on the text again. Theo mentioned earlier that they had downgraded the amounts, which was true, but now it’s reading 1-2 inches again.

        I don’t think the rain cooled air has anything to do with it. We’re under a very cool air mass and warm air is pumping into it from the SW. I don’t think this is your normal convection set-up. Thoughts?? I could be way off….

        • sedsinkc

          You may be right, we seem to be in a warm air advection regime today, which is why the rain has been so persistent. But as we’ve seen, other than the one band last hour, the rain around here has been light overall. What happens tonight depends on the storms to our south and whether we get a low level jet developing near us overnight. If the storms south of us move east fast enough, get out of the way, and the LLJ establishes into our area, we could get heavy thunderstorms forming late overnight that would affect Kansas City. Plenty of moisture to our south to feed into storms overnight. Overall, this rain event is looking pretty decent for us, at long last.

    • Greenstein

      Agreed. Hopefully some of this starts to train out a bit and just slowly creeps east. If that happens, I agree, there is a good chance the projected rain totals could verify.

      Either way, this is WAY more rain in 24 hours than I’ve had at 159th and Antioch in south OP in the past 45 days.

  • yewtrees

    Gary might get more rain in Hawaii than we do here for the next 3 days.


  • GreenwoodMO22

    Checking in with .24″ Hopefully much more to come soon.

  • Jrock

    Finally some much needed rain. We are at 2.3 inches of rain here in Easton, Kansas as of 4:10p.m. Bring on some more. Hopefully the metro gets blasted by this tonight. We were lucky to be north of 1-70 where we have had tons of rain today!
    Gary, please stay in Hawaii for the next two weeks. Thanks!

  • Theo

    Wow, a drenching .28 inches near BV West in South OP! May need to sand bag.

    • The0

      Wow, what another STUPID comment by you! Since other places that are forecasted for have received much more, it looks like the forecast is pretty valid. Not that it would make much difference to a nutcase like you.


      You will never know.

  • mukustink

    Good to see mowermike back stirring things up!

    I think Gary and his boyfriend should stay in Hawaii as well. He’s getting to experience a tropical storm as well while he’s there.

    I have received 2.83465739 inches of rain. I have the most accurate rain gauge and have had the most accurate gauge the last 9 years!

    Is it just a coincedence that Mower came back when Gary and his better half went on vacation? I think Mike got mad that Gary didn’t take him. Just a thought, what do you think?

    • The0

      And, a STUPID comment by the other main JERKWAD in this blog.

      • mukustink

        The0 you sound like an angry little monkey. Are you ok? Do you need professional help? Mental health problems should not be taken lightly!! Please seek out help before you shoot up your fast food workplace. Thanks.

    • Funky Munky

      Speaking of Gary’s boy friend, I never heard Gary express his thoughts on the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. I would assume he is pretty happy with the ruling. Perhaps he and his boy buddy eloped in celebration.

  • Emaw

    Sitting at .50 in north Olathe with light rain, at least this is better than our usual Jack Squat!

  • Theo

    Thanks for your support, Mowey! Hopefully, your probation is up soon and you can get your $%# handed to you again. Actually, it could be the purple hog or even Skylar’s alter ego. I’m not scared….. Wasn’t last time either, and look what happened to you Mikey. Maybe you can share with the bloggers?

    Great job on the name, though. Theo The0. Wow–original.

    • The0

      Show yourself Theo. It’s not Mikey, the purplehog or Skylar. Guess again. Everyone hates you.

  • Drought Miser

    _ 105 last year
    67 this year
    = 38 Degree differ


  • Drought Miser

    I don’t know but I think those T-showers to the southwest of us will get here tonight…. this could be it Folks an actual Drought Busting toad strangling Gully washing rain of the Month event?? !!!

  • Emaw

    Billy Joe down on the farm said “It’s rainin’ pitchforks and hammer handles”, he’s pretty happy they’ve had quite a bit more down there than we have in the last week. He also told me that Bessie’s teats are doing much better as well since the rains came!

    • mukustink

      Good to hear about Bessie’s teats! I know the bloggers were worried about them!

      Kevin how is mowwrmike and weatherman brad working out as your new interns? I’ve made a formal complaint to the EEOC! You should be hearing from them in the next couple of weeks.

      Gary must think he’s in paradise. He is expierencing a tropical storm while on vacation! He’s the only one who would be happy about that!

  • mukustink

    Mowermike in regards to your previous post from the 2020 site in relations to the forecast.

    1. We have not had thunderstorms here. We have had rain showers but no severe weather or thunderstorms.

    2. It also said temps would be normal to SLIGHTLY below normal. We are way below normal and have been for days now.

    3. Around the 29th. Well that could be the 24th or it could be the 2nd of August. If you use his 50-55 days he says the cycle is. That is then a 10 day spread which is not very good or accurate.

    Where were you the last 3 months when I among others were asking questions on how things were relating to the LRC? It seems no one has answers for those events. Gary does answer my questions by the way. You think because you kiss his a** all the time that you are the only one to get questions answered or something.

    The most accurate claim is crazy. As others have pointed out 5 won the title fair and square. They were deemed to be MOST ACCURATE by the same service Gary always touted as the authority in the matter. To a lot of folks 41 just looks like sore losers. If they were to say Here’s Gary Lezak who was KC’s Most accurate forecaster for 9 years from 2003 till 2012 that would be one thing. Heck even the commercial shows 2012 and 2013 up top which is false. It would be like the Royals saying here’s your world series champions Royals to take the field. People would say are you kidding. 41 lost so man up and don’t say it until it’s TRUE!!!

    • Theo

      Mikey, you liar. You are on 2020 posting lies. You ARE a 13 year old girl. I knew it!

    • The0

      Why would Gary give you the time of day and answer a question you have, even if it were to be a legitmate one (doubtful), when you attack him all the time? Why would he do that? To get respect, you have to earn respect. You do not have any.

  • Emaw

    This morning the heaviest rain was to our north, this evening it has set up to our south, just watching the radar over the last 16 hours has been unreal. I will be surprised if anyone within the immediate metro gets to 1″

  • Theo

    And Mikey, as with the rest of your forecasts, you were wrong again. And KSHB continues to bet the farm on their models. All the rain is 2 counties south and will stay there. Make sure you copy/paste that too Mikey, I mean Mickey.

    • The0

      BFD. Who the F cares? It rained more than the forecast, it rained less than the forecast. Who in the hell cares (other than farmers and our lawns).????

      Does your life revolve around attempting to prove someone wrong? You are pathetic.

  • mowermike

    “41 lost so man up and don’t say it until it’s TRUE!!!”

    Kind of strange coming from you MuKu. Man up?? I’ve been asking you to do that for some time now. I’ve asked you several times to say the same things in person….

    Theo is upset on how many times I have proved him wrong and you Muk are mad because of all the screen names I have busted you on.
    That’s the bottom line.

    The both of you know it won’t go any further than your computer screens. Too many talkers in this world, not many walkers. You two fall in the “talker” frame. I’ve seen too many of your kind.

    Carry on, I know this is all you got.

    Have a good evening the rest of you bloggers. Good rainfall up here in Liberty today. Need some more though.

    • mukustink

      Mowermike I didn’t call you names did I? I simply pointed out that your previous post was not accurate. You reply with a rant that’s filled with non-sense and non truths. I replied in very straightforward facts and you reply with attacks. The blog was better while you were in the county pokie or where ever you were. Have a great evening Gary still loves you :):):)

      • The0

        The blog would be better if you were permanently gone. No one cares how either. You attack people all the time. You don’t give facts. Lie, lie, lie. Coward. Show yourself.

  • Rodney Sherman

    Nice thunderstorm with heavy rain in Desoto!

  • overlandpark4me

    .58 since it started around 4AM here. Decent soaking rain that will actually do some good. Rained pretty hard here a little after two, but it was very brief.

  • Hillsdale_Bruce

    Tens of thousands on vacation in Hawaii and I bet only a handful are happy about Flossie, lol.

  • John Sickels

    Good steady soaking rain most of the day in Lawrence, about .70 so far in my gauge. Not much runoff. Even some standing puddles in the yard. I’ll take it.

  • overlandpark4me

    Oh, and to the Global Warming losers, Record highs for July in KC after 80? ONE. Record lows from that same period? 19

  • Greenstein

    As per usual, it looks like the main show is south. I don’t see anyway anyone in the metro area gets to one inch. It was just to good to be true.

  • KCR Fan 1995

    Despite all of the forecasts, the majority of the rain misses KC AGAIN!?!?!

  • Henley

    Even the rain knows Kansas City is not a place that’s worthy of spending any time

  • sedsinkc

    Rainfall totals as of 8 p.m.:

    Downtown Airport: 0.74″
    Johnson County Exec. Airport: 0.74″
    KCI Airport: 1.40″
    KC North my backyard: 0.99″

    Decent totals. South side and south of KC getting the most rain at this time. Still some redevelopment to the west that has to be watched.

  • Emaw

    Op4me, Haven’t you heard, global warming doesn’t mean that it’s getting warmer anymore, now it causes blizzards, floods, tornados and hurricanes . . .

  • KCR Fan 1995

    How can the forecast be for heavy rain overnight when all the rain has already passed Kansas City?

  • trinlivco

    Well I guess you could say the forcast of .25 to 1.0 of rain for the areas north of k.c was correct by 41 News. But all I can say is .30 that I have right now in Chillicothe is a bummer!!! I can’t say what I really want to say but mother nature is in control. It seems like the Chillicothe area is in what I will say is the OUTER LIMITS when it comes to K.C weather people telling us what its going to do up here. I really hope some day we will get a decent rain again. Lord knows we really need it here. TR

  • j-ox

    1.2″ in my rain gauge in NW Lawrence. Praying for more redevelopment overnight as we were >6″ below avg for the year.

  • Theo

    Sorry Mickey. You lose again. Nowhere in the metro with 2+ inches. As you can see, the rain is over and your models are wrong…..AGAIN.

    • mowermike

      July 25, 2013 at 6:48 PM · Reply

      “Who’s turning a corner? To what? It hasn’t been hot all summer. Turning a corner on the drought? You still think the drought’s over? What exactly are you smoking to say it will rain a few inches between Sunday and Wednesday? There isn’t any indication that it will rain 2+ inches in the next week or even in the next month”

      My Forecast: Posted on July 25th: ” 70′s this weekend, followed by a few inches of rain Sunday through Wednesday. We’re turning the corner folks!!”(KCI as of 7:00 a.m. this morning is at 2 inches of total precip.)

      Posted on July 26th: “Over the next 14 days, we will likely have rain in and out and amounts could be very good.I say 3-6 inches by August 6th or so”(this dog is still in the hunt)

      Pretty good stuff Theo.

      • mowermike


        There wasn’t any indication that it will rain???
        A very warm and juicy air mass pumping over a very cool air mass….rain was a given. This forecast was too easy.

        This was very similar to the Feb. 21st snow storm: Remember. A very cold arctic high overhead and warm air advection over the top of it… cycling pattern. Remember that week at all, you said the warm air would race clear north of us and turn the snow to sleet, cutting snowfall amounts. 5 days out, I mentioned the Arctic high and how it would play a role in keeping us all snow. For 5 days I said all snow….

  • it’s done.. forecast has changed within a few hours already.. bleh! This morning the weather went north, tonight it goes south. There is an obvious bubble over the city when it comes to rain.

  • OlatheMatt

    Jack caught Kalee off guard tonight. Gary is used to it, and is ready for a response (usually). Sometimes Gary gets caught off guard too though.

    Just ask Jack about how MU is faring in the SEC.

  • Same trouble makers, year after year… Could we PLEASE get a moderator on here? MowerMike, you are right on the money! And you have been very polite(despite the attacks). You’ve been attacked when you weren’t even on here for MONTHS! And you are one of the few remaining bloggers that has interesting and informative content to add to this blog. I know for fact that one of the troublemakers is around 30 years old. How sad it that? I guess there could be some developmental or, other mental issues at play, but this is beyond absurd that this never ends. I think the mets have done a pretty good job. I guess you must be some kind of naive idiot to not understand that this is a business, and ratings are the measure of success. Of course there will be so called “hyping” of the weather. But I guess when you are either young, or challenged, this doesn’t register?
    Coming on a blog that is hosted by a station, and constantly attacking, belittling, calling out, lifestyle comments, etc said station…. How in the hell do these individuals NOT get banned? I would start by banning IP’s, or groups there of, if you can’t appoint a moderator to simply delete inappropriate comments! Of course, you can bet your last dollar that I will now be called a “minion”, or “lapdog”, or idol worshiper of Gary/KSHB. Of course that would be nothing but fallacy by small minded boys hiding behind their keyboards! Que Theo, MUKU, Touch, and their pseudo’s… “rollseyes”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!