Quiet for us today; Happy 4th of July

No record lows this morning, no record highs this afternoon, no rain for today, and no major wind to contend with. Hey, when it’s a boring day for us in the weather center, it’s a great day for you!
Visible satellite shows the mostly sunny sky over our area at 10:15am this morning.

A lot of weather talk about Hurricane Arthur, which made it up to category 2 status last night. It has now gone back to a category 1 storm. It made landfall around 11pm CDT last night. I just want to share some impressive images with you from that storm.
First up is the satellite and radar from just after 1am when it was over land.

Next up, some incredible visible satellite pictures.

This is from 6p Thursday night. Check out that well-defined eye wall.

At 6am this morning, the storm still had a pretty good eye to it, but it was showing signs of weakening.

Just a few hours later, at 9:37a, the storm is firmly back over water, but not as well organized as it was twelve hours prior.

The International Space Station captured this image at 8:30a. Pretty impressive. Remember to click on these images for larger views to really get an idea of this storm.

One other thing I did, just for perspective. I crudely too two satellite images of the same ratio and overlayed Arthur over Kansas City. The eye fits perfectly over the Metro. This gives you more perspective on the size of this storm.
Full disclosure: I used photoshop to get rid of some of the state lines on the East coast so it would not look so confusing. But as you can see, if that storm were centered over KC, it would stretch from South Dakota to Southern Arkansas easily.

Let’s bring this blog back closer to home and talk about our rain chances. We do have a few on Saturday. Newest runs of the models are a bit encouraging, as they appear to keep the bulk of the rain to the North. But the problem I see here: some area somewhere is going to wind up with a wet Saturday. This may lead to someone saying “you guys said it was going to be a nice weekend and all it did was rain!”. Today is dry and Sunday will be dry. Two out of three aren’t bad, right?!  I know people have plans outside. I encourage you to keep eyes on the weather & let your friends know there’s a chance too.

Out in-house Microcast model is suggesting this for Saturday:


I just checked the 12z RPM Model and it’s got a similar idea. As always, this is not promised or guaranteed, but the chance is there for a few areas to see some heavy rain Saturday. I’m not very impressed with traditional “severe weather”, but it’s possible some localized flooding may occur if the heavy rain stacks up. That cell Powercast shows in the images above basically drifts along the state line all day. Could be a soaker for a few areas.

Let’s double-check that fireworks forecast for tonight:

Hard to argue with a forecast like that when many people will be venturing outside tonight. Grab a nice blanket or a comfy chair and enjoy the fireworks. On behalf of all of us at 41 Action News: have a great Independence Day holiday, be safe and have fun.

1 PM


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5 comments to Quiet for us today; Happy 4th of July

  • robyn corzine

    JD great blog as always. What are your thoughts on the LRC? Can you speak freely about it or do you have to temper your thoughts because of the boss?

  • Drought Miser

    I liked Jeff s 4:15 pm model runs better it had some o’s us picking up well over an inch in some spots

  • Drought Miser

    Why does Action 41 Radar look a lot more ominous with deep reds and yellow colors compared to other radar sights with the same storms?