Possible Debris Found On Australia Satellite Picture

Good morning,

Welcome to Spring! Spring begins just before noon today and it will feel like it with a warm-up to near 70 degrees.  We will go into our weather situation in a second, but first some possible debris was found southwest of Australia. If this is real, then it should be found with ground observation within the next 24 hours.  Here is a satellite picture from this morning:


There aren’t any strong storm systems that should impact the search today.  Here is a higher resolution closer look:


It this is any relationship to flight 370, then oceanographers and meteorologists, and other scientists, will have to analyze the currents to see where the plane would have gone down two weeks ago.  But, the first thing on the list is to verify that this debris is from the plane, or possibly not related at all.  So, we will see what is found today as the mystery of the missing flight 370. It has been almost two weeks now.  Let’s see what happens today.

Weatherwise in Kansas City we will get a nice day to enjoy this first day of spring. There is a RED FLAG WARNING that will be going into effect this afternoon.  A strong cold front will be coming through Friday and there will be some chances for precipitation, possibly snow early next week.  We need some moisture now!  There will be some precipitation opportunities in the next two weeks.

Have a great day!


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21 comments to Possible Debris Found On Australia Satellite Picture

  • luvsno

    As if there isn’t enough news about this plane already, now we have to read about it on a weather blogv ?? Don’t get me wrong, I hope they find the plane, but we come here for weather.
    Everyone enjiy this beautiful day !

    • luvsno

      Stupid tablet……*blog……*enjoy….

    • northlander11

      +1, please stick to weather on the weatherblog… if you want to tweet about current events please feel free to, but i come here for weather and weather only.

      • Joe

        Do you people have nothing better to do than complain? Yes, this is a weather blog however, it is also not costing anybody a dime and as far as I am concerned, Gary can post whatever he wants….Over the years, we have discussed sports, weather, dogs and the such which, is perfectly ok since I DONT PAY TO BE HERE…

        Good grief..go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather for crying out loud

        • batman

          Joe you need to lay off the caffine. You are one hyped dude. Take a pill and chill. Hvae a drink and relax. Find a woman or a man if that’s your preference. Wow, you are a crabby little fella.

  • yourmom

    Gary is one of the folks who is used to this type of imagery. They are depending on lots and lots of people like Gary to find this needle in a haystack. When they find it it will be big news and important for everyone who gets on a plane.

  • yourmom

    And yes, let’s enjoy this first day of spring!

  • kcbearcatfan

    Can we please have a 70* day without WIND!! Come on!!! I want to grill steaks tonight.

  • Jerry

    Though there may not be any big storm systems in the area to hamper the search, it appears as though fog and rain are still a big problem impeding progress:


  • Dobber

    I just heard on the radio Fred phelps died today.it will be interesting to see if anyone protests his funeral.

    • Hume-Dude

      I don’t think they will protest his funeral , that would be too much like them. Its important to remember just because they are nasty doesn’t mean we have to go down to their level. That organization is one of the most veil and contemptuous I can think of, more like Nazi than Christian. Fred is finally answering for all his hate speak….

  • Drought Miser

    I helped look for the plane on a Web page called Tom nod it is crazy the amount of ocean you have to look at its vast and sometimes there is cloud cover impeding your view I hope this brings closure for the families so sad and tragic situation

  • Jerry

    It appears as though the drought monitor is now showing further degradation in our region, indicating an increasing drought severity.

    Gary – you mentioned in your winter forecast that you expected above average rainfall and no chance of drought in the spring — do you still hold to that?

    Are you planning on doing a review of your winter forecast now that Spring is upon us? Any Spring forecast coming out?

  • 4shoes

    I know you have mentioned something happening around the end of March or first of April. Can you be more specific on when or what you are expecting to hit as far as rain or snow? We have an outside project around that time scheduled and wondering if we need to move it back a week. Thanks!

  • greek

    I’ve lost all interest in the missing plane. But, I’m really worried that we’re into year #3 of the drought. Bone dry with strong winds and no rain in the foreseeable future. It’s not looking good.

  • luvsno

    Soo……Gary gone again. Hmm….Thursdays and Fridays are JD days on air now ? :)
    Oh well, can’t say I blame Gary for taking this beautiful day off !

  • batman

    The drought is here to stay for this year just like last year and the year before. Others can live in make believe land and say the drought aint so.

  • f00dl3

    Droughts seem to go in 10 year cycles around here. We were just spoiled from the 90s into the early 2000s. (Over spoiled in ’93!)