Plaza Lighting Forecast Looks Great!

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Well, yes, I went to New York City to see the Chiefs take on the New York Giants. I got back late yesterday morning.  The NYC experience was awesome. The game, not so much.  So, let’s move onto the Plaza Lighting where our special guest flip switches are Alex Smith and Derrick Johnson from the KC Chiefs.  The weather looks awesome for this event.  Between now and Thanksgiving Day there will be a cold front moving through.


This cold front is moving across the region this morning and by 9 AM it will already be clearing the Kansas City viewing area.  North winds will take over and be about as strong as Monday’s south winds.


There is some Arctic air building up over northwestern Canada and eastern Alaska. There is still no indication of when or if this air mass will eventually blast south.


La Niña is developing over the tropical Pacific Ocean. It appears it will grow into a moderate La Niña. There have been four previous moderate La Niña years. The most recent one was in the winter of 2011-2012, and that year Kansas City had 3.9″ of snow.  That was also a very positive Arctic Oscillation influenced winter as well.  This combination obviously didn’t work out well for KC.  Now, it does not appear it will be a positive AO year in combination with La Niña at this time. It appears it will be more of a neutral AO and NAO winter.  The other three moderate La Niña winters all had over 20 inches of snow.  Some things to think about as this all is still coming together.

If you want something to think about, look at the past 30 days ending November 18:

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.51.10 PM

This is something to take in seriously. These past 30 days, down the heart of the developing LRC, have been extremely dry from Mexico north to North Dakota and over all of the southwestern states.  The temperature anomalies are setting up into a very influenced La Niña look with the below average temperatures stretching from the Pacific northwest east southeast through the Great Lakes.

Our winter forecast will come out early next week.  Right now, remember again, we are in the classic “panic period”. So, please be patient for another week or two as this continues to evolve.

We are honored to bring you the 88th annual KCP&L Plaza Lighting Ceremony on 41 Action News locally, and we are streaming around the world on KSHB.com Thursday night from 6 PM to 7 PM.



Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the cycling weather pattern.   Click on the blog over at Weather2020 and join in the conversation.


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