Passing thunderstorms at times today

Good Morning,

    A weak cold front is approaching the area today.  We’ve already had a round of thunderstorms this morning.  They were really hit or miss.  Some backyards got .30″ of an inch of rain, others a trace or less.  There is another chance for some scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, as you can see on the surface map below.

Saturday Surface Map      This is our fifth storm system to move through the Kansas City region this month.  If you’ll recall, at the end of February in a blog dated on the 28th of the month, I made a March forecast based on the LRC.  Here was that forecast:

    ************I believe there are at least 5 storm systems that could affect us in March and perhaps four of these could be very wet storms.  The first very wet storm is showing up for March 10th.*************

      Well, really only two of the storms have spread widespread moisture across the area.  The march 10th storm produced an inch of rain.  A storm on the 23rd & 24th produced five to ten inches of snow.  At the beginning of March, a heavy snow event like that was not on my radar.  All totaled, we are slightly below average for moisture in March.

Rainfall 2    

       Remember, the numbers posted above are from Kansas City International.  There might be some areas, especially on the south side of town that are closer to average or even above as the snowstorm produced more moisture on the southeast side of town.   Of note, and interesting is this;  take a look at the yearly precipitation total for the year.

Rainfall 1  

     4.84 inches of rain is right at average for the year.  Did you know last year, at this point, we had 7.75 inches of rain.  We know what happened the rest of the year.  We went into a drought.  Will that happen again this year?  Using the LRC, here is my April outlook:

    * April 1st thru 7th, mainly dry and warming up.

    * Chances of Rain around the 8th & 12th

    * Severe weather set-up on or around April 15th

    * Showery the 18th & 19th

    * April 22nd, More thunderstorms

    * A warm end to the month with a chance for rain & thunderstorms on the month’s final weekend.

    Please let me know how much rain you get or have received today as I will use these totals during the afternoonand evening weathercasts.

Have a great Saturday!





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19 comments to Passing thunderstorms at times today

  • stjoeattorney

    three-quarters of an inch in less than an hour, it is great, and we could pick up some more looking at radar. much needed.

  • .05″ for this corner of Lawrence, and sure would not mind having more.

  • grassmankc

    Only had .07″ of rain this morning in Greenwood MO. I think my year to date totals are off a little because the gauge doesn’t catch all of the melting snow. For the month we have 2.11″ and for the year we are at 5.49″

  • f00dl3

    Surprised you didn’t mention anything about the exceptional cold weather we had in March. It’s over 7 degrees below average!

  • Hockeynut69

    I hope this morning’s rain is not a vision of what is to come the rest of spring. This setup was very similar to many storms last year where it splits around the kc metro area and then solidifies just to our east.

  • stjoeattorney

    .90 INCHES

  • LibertyJeff

    Not even .1″ on the south side of Liberty. Sure hope the rain events in April are more than just light showers. We need to keep this moisture coming and saturate the soil!

  • StormyWX

    So, um, why does the blog randomly switch over to the mobile version despite being online?

  • Craig

    Brand new Severe Thunderstorm Watch for areas SW of KC, through 10:00 pm.


  • themightyozds104

    I didn’t hear any thunder or heavy rain this morning and when I went out to the rain gauge a bit before noon, was surprised to see 0.70″ in it! We’re in the Northland near NW 68th and 169.

  • Twistersis

    It feels pretty soupy out there. I bet KC has storms too.

  • Drought Miser

    Nice storms firing soutwest!

  • Emaw

    Any of that action up in Nebraska going to make its way down here tonight?

  • Alex Pickman

    Around an inch here in St. Joe. Some nice thunder this morning

  • sedsinkc

    A few days ago someone commented about pinkish snow and maybe some Oklahoma dust got mixed in to last weekend’s snow. Today I noticed a reddish-brownish dirt residue on the railings of my deck as well as the patio table top where I had left last week’s snow and it melted in place. I cleared the snow from one section of railing in case we got additional snow so I could measure the new snowfall. Well, that section of railing had no dirt residue. So yes, I’m convinced there was dust mixed in with last weekend’s snow.

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Hope your right about April getting a lot of rain.Chillicothe had 0.70 today which was great. Really hope April is wet because regardless what some people say its still dry around here. Keep it coming, maybe this year will more of a normal year for rainfall. God I really hope so. TR

  • Despite the rain, another busy day at work and next weeks looks to be the same!!!!

  • Skylar

    Just had a brief downpour by Johnson County Executive

  • Ken Lewis

    The drought still persists. I am seeing the same pattern as last year. The minor difference being Is snows, but it still wont rain. Mountains of snow will not sustain us the summer when it will not rain. Now there is no rain in the forecast for the first ten days of April. Not good.