Part 2 Of The Major Snowstorm!

Good afternoon bloggers,

Winter Storm Warning continues!  There are many cars and people stranded on various roads all around the region this afternoon.  The road conditions are gradually improving but I have heard many reports, especially just east on I-70 between KC and Columbia where there are many stranded cars.  In rural areas it must even be worse as roads likely haven’t been touched yet.

Storm Timeline:

  • Now until 10 PM:  A band of snow will spin in from the west.  1″ to 3″ of additional accumulation possible. It will most likely be closer to an inch or so. Let’s see how it looks as it approaches us.

Part 2 of the major snowstorm is just now developing near Wichita, KS and moving our way.  We will go over the details on 41 Action News beginning at 2 PM.  Here is a look at Live:ESP at just before 2 PM. You can see the new area of snow rotating around the main upper level disturbance:


Wow, 440 comments on this mornings blog. I think it is a record.  I am not sure how much snow KCI Airport has had so far today, but 11.8″ is the biggest one day February total and that happened in 1900.  We have just over 11 inches of snow here on the Plaza, and I am still trying to figure out where the bulls eye of this mornings snowfall was located.


I will finish the blog soon.  Let me know what your snowfall totals are as of now?


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150 comments to Part 2 Of The Major Snowstorm!

  • Overbrook

    Had 10.5 here near Overbrook SW of Lawrence.

  • farmingnolkes

    Working on country roads up around Lawson not much traveling going on an around a foot up here

  • mwnavyvet

    11″ in south olathe off of mur-len and 159th

  • Cacti51

    12″ at 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe

  • Kcchamps

    SNOW is rapidly developing in central KS and northern OK

    • nofluer

      You guys must have special radar. I’m looking at the NWS radar and it looks to me like it’s falling apart, NOT “developing.” The tag end of the train that is out in KS and S NE has disconnected from the main storm, and is just kinda rotating and seems to be in a holding pattern as it breaks up and dissipates.

  • weatherman brad

    I got about 11.4 at ku in Lawrence, I am enjoyingmy snowday so far.


  • WeatherNerd

    12″ in Louisburg, KS

  • weatherkcmo

    Hope it doesn’t weaken as it gets here.

  • paxman

    GARY LEZAK RULES!!! Total chaos in the BIG TOWN!!! Nothing like “Snow Anarchy”! There are cars stuck in the middle of major interstate highways and their owners have just walked off. Several reports of snow plows stuck and even two that have slammed into each other and are stuck. People are freaking out all over town like Godzilla has invaded and is marching thru the heart of our town wreaking havoc up and down the streets!

    All of you nervous ‘Nellies’ can sit your cups of Starbuck’s coffee down next to your pretty little notebooks and laptops for a second or two and type your panic inspired hateful responses directed at me. Don’t forget to hit all of your favorite social media sites to coninue ripping on the idiot who loves snow! Love those pics of your cute little Prius burried in a snow drift!!! Or is that a Yaris? Who cares…the kids and I are headed out to go sledding and enjoy the beautiful weather god has given us!!!!!

  • Kole Christian

    Over 10 here. Hoping for more than 2 with the second part.

  • tigerscott

    about 10 inches in Lees Summit at Todd George and 50

  • Concordia

    It’s really hard to get a good measurement here in Concordia MO. Lots of drifts. Most areas around 11-12″.

  • Kcchamps

    10″ so far where I live in Independence, maybe even a little more than that

  • kiminpv

    Exactly 10 inches in PV. 75th & Belinder.

  • GoPokes

    The stick I have on the sidewalk reads 11″.. by Staley High School in the northland.

  • What’s the accumulation forecast for the second round?

    • I will write it into the blog. But, it is looking like 1 to 3 inches. That would usually be a significant day in it’s own right.


      • nofluer

        “In rural areas it must even be worse as roads likely haven’t been touched yet.”

        Ummm… up here in the Frozen Wastelands of the North (N Holt Co. MO) the roads don’t need to be touched unless we get significant drifting. I’m watching traffic going up and down my rural road with no problem.

        And REPORTING SNOW TOTALS (so far.): Still snowing some but small flakes, steady N wind. Total accumulation = rain gauge – 2.5″, ruler – 1″. Some snow blowing around making little snow humps of about 6″ or so. Had a bit of sleet – but if I tried to measure it there wouldn’t have been enough of it to measure. Le bon Temps – 21 F. So far I’m well below my “6 inches or less” forecast for my area.

  • weatherfreaker

    At least 10″ in Lee’s Summit by Unity Village…probably more than that because of the weight of snowpack…we’ve had intermittent very very light freezing drizzle here, too, for the past hour or so, but I don’t see any of that on the radar every time I check…???

  • I really want to break the one day record.

  • OlatheMatt

    Im still waiting on Foodl to come and report how much snow he got

  • Just over 10″ at 105th and Mission in Leawood/OP.

  • weather

    Gary I have 10.6 inches here in Eastern Independence/Northern Blue Springs. Great job on the forecast! Take a star out of petty cash and pin it on your snow vest!

  • Twistersis

    9″ average in eastern Shawnee.

  • douglas6280

    I just got in from cleaning off the drive and front walk. Before I came in I measured in six or so different areas and came up with right at 13″. I live in south OP near 143rd and Switzer.

  • weatherfly

    11″ at 159/Nall

  • MoonLightning

    We measured everywhere in our yard and we’re getting 13″ in Lees Summit around 291/470.

    We thought that was a crazy number, but we measured everywhere just to make sure!

  • stormchaser

    10″ in Waldo at 83rd and Cherry.

  • f00dl3

    Hey guys! Yeah, no sleet. Temperatures were 22 when it started this morning. Much colder than I even expected.

    8″ average of 3 measurements here near downtown Lenexa where I live (~95th & SFTD)

    Driving was pretty much useless. Got the wifey to work without getting stuck. Got stuck 5 times on the way back home – apparently the front wheel drive ’08 Mazda6 isn’t as good as I hoped in deep snow (or the tires are shot.) Finally just left my car parked on a residential street and hitched a ride with a awesome pickup/tow truck driver after figuring out I was stuck for good. Wife is a nurse and got a ride home from the doctor, who got stuck several times as well.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until streets are plowed to get my car and hope no slides into it!

  • weather

    Looking like round 2 will be on the light side. Probably no more then a inch.

  • southopsonya

    11″ at 159th & Kenneth Road (State Line)

  • sedsinkc

    Just came in from shoveling. Took my ruler with me. Got an average snow accumulation of 9.5 inches in undisturbed snow areas. Freezing mist falling now.

    • sedsinkc

      In KC North just S of Gladstone. Looks like no mail delivery today.

      • nofluer

        No mail here either. I think the PO decided to make a new holiday. Like “We don’t have to work today because it’s snowing – and besides that it’s cold!” day? Isn’t there another President B-day coming up that no one knows about? Maybe today? MO already “celebrates” three of them. Lincoln, Washington, and Truman. (Yes – ALL State holidays!)

        I can see it for those areas where significant snow actually fell… but that’s not here. When I worked for Orkin years ago, there was a blizzard that I got stuck in. Two days later I got the truck out and went to work while the rest of the crew whined that they couldn’t do their jobs because there was so much snow! (I did their routes too.)

  • sedsinkc

    My prediction for this storm that I made 2 days ago and repeated yesterday was 9 inches at my location. So just a tad low, with perhaps one more inch of snow to add on.

  • sedsinkc

    When shoveling I noticed the bottom half or so of the snow was very powdery, but the top had a layer of a few inches that had a bit of stickiness to it. You could see the warm air advection at work in the snow consistency.

  • sheldan

    Right around 11″ in Holden. Shoveled sidewalk and cleaned off car, beats doing it in @ 5 in the morning. If I can get out at all :)

  • Weatherwatcher

    Just wondering… will most of the schools be closed tomorrow?

    I noticed a few closings have begun to come in.


  • cocochick

    Hey Gary. I live in Omaha and it is snowing very lightly at the moment. There looks to be a dry slot moving this way. How do you think that will affect the forecast totals for our area? By the way, I lived in KC for 10 years and you totally spoiled me! I’ve found no other met nearly as accurate and fun as you are, which is why I still follow your blog and trust your judgment.

    • Thank you so much. The dry slot has affected your snow potential There were a lot of thunderstorms across Oklahoma and Texas this morning and that was an influence as well. But the upper low is still spinning your way so it will snow for a while.

  • NCSUguy77

    11″ in Sugar Creek north side of Independence. What are the road conditions on 291 in liberty?

  • kayrenee

    13″ in our driveway @ Blue Ridge and 470 near the Triangle. It was 11″ up by the house.

  • sedsinkc

    Anyone know how much snow KCI has had? They only need 8.9 inches to surpass the total of all the snow they had last winter plus all the snow this winter before today COMBINED.

  • maz167

    10 inches in Western KCK

  • yewtrees

    Since the start of 2008, the 10 biggest snows days previously recorded in Kansas City have been the following, in chronological order.

    Feb. 17, 2008 — 4.4 inches

    Feb. 28, 2009 — 5.2 inches

    Dec. 24, 2009 — 3.7 inches (with an additional 3.3 inches the next day)

    Jan. 6, 2010 — 4.7 inches

    Feb. 21, 2010 — 5.1 inches

    March 20, 2010 — 7.3 inches

    Jan. 10, 2011 — 7.2 inches

    Jan. 19, 2011 — 7 inches

    Feb. 1, 2011 — 8.9 inches

    Feb. 24, 2011 — 6.2 inches

    However, on March 24, 1912, an inch over two feet fell in Kansas City in a single day, the largest snow depth officially recorded for Kansas City.

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Only 6″ so far here in Chillicothe. Hope phase 2 of storm dumps on us. TR

  • 160.5WB

    Just made it home from work. 2.5 hours from KCI area to Lee’s Summit. Nightmare… Hundreds of cars and trucks in the ditch and blocking on and off ramps. I am glad I know the back roads, or I would be sitting on the I-70 parking lot right now.

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    8″ in Paola, Gary, at least on the west side of town. Though drifts have been seen as high as 5 feet around town!

    Family had to drive from KC area to Paola (typical 50 minutes trip) and it took 3 hours to get home today! Made it until about 15 feet from the driveway before getting stuck! Go figure on that!

  • melafinatu

    Sorry guys, wish I could give you a measurement for KCI. They sent us home and canceled all SWA flts today


    Sitting at a good 8″ in Platte City. Snowdrifts well over a foot and a half against buildings and cars. Hoping another 4 to make an even 12 tonight

  • The U of KC

    Are we gonna see anymore snow from this Gary? From what I see on radar it looks like its just breaking up. Are you or anyone else seeing anything different.

    • yewtrees

      I am concerned that the dry slot is too wide for any potential snow to fill in it. Will see what happens in the next few hours. But not looking good right now.

  • cjmitch

    It looks to me like it’s moving due north and the eastern edge won’t even clip us on the west side of the metro…I was looking at the mosiac NWS radar.

    • PaolaWeatherNewbie

      I thought it looked like that when I looked at the radar a minute ago. Maybe some will still fill in further to the east and move up this way though?

  • davidmcg

    I took 8 measurements here in areas that were flat, the average was 12.75″. At 8:30AM a volunteer firefighter in Elk County KS said he had 3″ of crushed ice on the ground. Haven’t heard from him since.

  • Twistersis

    There’s a lot of kindness out there on the road…Mr. Twistersis got stuck three times on his way home and was helped, and helped others when he could. We’re all in this together.

  • davidmcg

    Sorry, that is here in McLouth KS

  • networkguy

    Does anyone know how much is in Liberty?

  • Hockeynut69

    Wind has picked up quite a bit in the Northland. Liberty schools closed tomorrow. I would say we are close to the 11″ mark as well. Wind is blowing things around, will have to clear driveway again later.

  • reedcrete

    Savannah,MO. Maybe 3″ here out in the timber where there is little wind. It’s never really stopped snowing , not much of a dry slot. Drove out 2 miles to the highway and the drift will be pretty substantial by morning.

  • cjmitch

    I hope so! But hey, I won’t complain if it doesn’t after what we already got! :-)

  • HeatMiser

    Snow predictions were pretty good. The only thing that confused me was this morning I kept hearing how it would snow all day, for 12 more hours at least I heard once. So it snowed about 4 1/2 hours and dumped 9 inches on us in Lawrence. That was quite impressive. But then a dry slot was approaching and I heard that it will fill in. Then the dry slot got bigger and I heard that it will stop snowing for a few hours before Part II of the storm him and the there would be hours more snowfall when it did. Then I heard well, 1-4 more inches. Then I heard 1-3 more inches. Then I heard probably only one. So, our snow fall prediction will probably just make the 10-15 inch range as predicted. Bravo! However, it amounted to a 4-5 hour morning snowstorm with really only one part. It didn’t snow all day, it didn’t snow another 12 hours, I guess the dry slot part of the forecast was really missed in the forecast. So, I give Gary an A+ for getting up before the crack of dawn to cover the storm for us and an A for getting the snowfall amount pretty accurate, at least for my area. However, the thing about it snowing all day and there being a Part II of the storm that was of any consequence at all was flat out wrong. So, that part was disappointing and doesn’t get a passing grade. Overall, I will give Gary a B as the total amount is the most important part of the forecast to me.

    • JohnP

      Since part two of the storm has yet not started how can you claim it was a miss? Lets wait and see.


    • RickMckc

      HM, I’m not sure I would grade down more than a half-grade for the dryslot break. That kind of thing happens all the time in large storms (especially rain).

    • Twistersis

      Even experienced meteorologists are only human; Mother Nature trumps all. There is no perfection in forecasting, only speculation from judging different sources and models.

  • outdoorchic76

    Davidmcg….if u don’t mind my asking, which side of McLouth are you on? I live about 5 miles east of town and I can’t get an accurate measurement due to the blowing snow. I’ve measured everything from 8in to 11in!

  • sedsinkc

    Shoveling is DONE. Shoveled the full street in front of my house as well, as it might be 2 or 3 days before I see a plow. Easy to shovel, only 1 set of tire tracks compacted any of the snow and that was this morning when only about 2 inches had fallen. Not a car by since.

  • NorthlandKB

    If I am reading this right, KCI has only picked up 0.56″ of precipitation. That’s only a little over 5 1/2″ if you’re using 10:1 ratio and 7 1/4″ if you’re using an optimistic 13:1 ratio. I don’t think that we are anywhere close to an official record. Thoughts?

  • chiefs

    Made the drive home from I-70 and noland rd to Greenwood saw atleast 100 cars just stranded roads were not as bad as i thought they where gonna be but still where not good Thank you to the road crews out there you guys are AMAZING!

  • braysmama

    Blue Springs called and school is cancelled for Friday. Looks like we got at least 10 inches. Thanks to the neighbor down the street who cleared my driveway with his snowblower.

  • weatherkcmo

    We aren’t getting anymore.

  • Kcchamps


    latest NAM has more SNOW monday

  • tigerscott

    Lees Summit R7 schools are closed tomorrow!

  • cjmitch

    I hope the colleges will follow suit and close tomorrow..otherwise I’ll have to go dig out the car tonight. Not that it will do much good if they don’t plow our street. My husband and I have been watching car after car get stuck after trying to get out of their driveway. Even the pick-ups are having trouble.


    Snowing again in Platte City. Moderate snowfall

  • Skylar

    Starting to snow again in Olathe, stuff is developing on radar across area.

  • stjoeattorney

    6 inches so if we had one hour of thunder snow we would have made 9 inches. i see another 2 inches so 8 inches is not that far off as big flakes are now faling.

  • rkcal

    Moderate snow now in western Shawnee, big flakes. At this rate for a few hours could see maybe 2″ more.

  • trinlivco

    Well Chillicothe area ripped off by mother nature again. 6″ here. Would have gladly taken 18″ the more moisture the better. TR

  • NorthlandKB

    Moderate snow again at I-29/Barry…

  • snowbird

    Disappointed no thunder snow here at Weatherby Lake but it has started snowing again, fairly heavy, small flakes I have not ventured out to measure but looks like about 7 inches, could be more

  • Skylar

    Yup echoes are expanding right over and to the southwest of the city with some nice big flakes. Another 1-3″ seems doable.

  • krislauram

    We had a few minutes of freezing rain here in Grandview, but it’s changed over to snow now!

  • JohnP

    Snowing again in south Johnson County.

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton As near as I can measure in our wind protected lawn we got 7 1/2-8″. The E-W road in front of the house has 5″. I’m sure the N-S roads are plugged. Some of the drifts are over 2′. In case you were wondering if there are any idiots left in the world: hwy 7 has about 10% traffic going at about half speed. That includes a steady stream on semi’s. My cows would like to ask anyone who likes snow to keep them company tonight.—The only good thing is we got the snow first and ice second. A heavy crust on top but it isn’t slick below.

  • Ladybug

    I measured 9″ in Shawnee near I-35 and 67th street. Just started snowing again. Big beautiful snow flakes. I was really hoping we would get over a foot.

    • kcpurpledog

      We did in places. We are right at almost an even foot in S. OP at 143rd/Switzer area. Can find some 11 inch and 13 inch measurements, but the majority are almost exactly a foot.

  • HeatMiser

    Let me just say that nine inches is a lot of snow to scrape off the top of one’s Grand Caravan. Whew!

  • kcjc777

    Big snow flakes coming down pretty good right now around Zona Rosa. Let’s call it Moderate Snow, especially compared to the WAA snow that we had earlier.

    • kcjc777

      Also, we successfully got my Mom’s car out of where it was stuck. Interestingly, two snow plows were stuck right in the same place we got stuck.

  • erock89

    coming down pretty good in prairie village! Nice big beautiful flakes, Hopefully I can see another 2-3 inches out of this! Hows it looking on radar? I would look but Im about to get my kids ready to go play out in the snow since the shoveling is all done.

  • McCabe58

    Freezing drizzle in pleasant hill… Layer of ice covering cars and shoveled sidewalk

  • Weatherwatcher

    Gary and staff,

    Here in Lee’s Summit, I see nothing at this point. There was a bit of mist earlier around 4:30PM, but no snow is falling as I write this note.

    Thanks for your great coverage.

  • blue8091

    Nice big fluffy flakes – falling pretty moderately – not as fast as this morning but still at a pretty good rate here at 119th/Antioch.

  • weatherkcmo

    Snowing moderately in the Waldo area.

  • snowbird

    I wish I could take credit for this but I saw a friend call the snow Snowtorious B-I-G. Hahahahahahahahahah

  • 10 inches 152 and North Oak

  • weatherfreaker

    HUGE flakes falling pretty heavily in Lee’s Summit by Unity Village…

  • HeatMiser

    Wow, KU closed again tomorrow and they’re letting us know the night before again. Shocking. Oh well, another day off work.

  • OlatheMatt

    ugh, blog seems to be crashing all day. what gives? Yeah i get the high traffic but to shut it down?

  • HeatMiser

    Gary just said all models show significant rain to snow storm on Monday except for one. He’s waiting unit next run to see if the one falls in line or the others do. Yikes!

  • OlatheMatt

    Anyone have links to the latest NAM and GFS for Monday? I am feeling lazy lol

    • RickMckc

      Look here for text version of 18z GFS. Not showing anything Sun/Mon.


      • OlatheMatt

        Thanks! Hmmm, we still have Friday to get past before I am sold on much.

      • HeatMiser

        Okay, so that must be the model that is disagreeing with all the others he’s looking at that says there’ll be a substantial storm. It’ll be interesting to see which is right.

  • kellyinkc

    WOW, about a foot here in Raytown, hard to tell with the drifting.
    The snow rate was incredible. Mr. Snowblower had a work out.

  • Weatherwatcher

    Hey Gary,

    Now it is snowing in Lee’s Summit. We are west of Todd George Road.

  • weather

    I would give Gary and the team a B+ Did a great job with the forecast and the reason for the B+ and not an A is that it did shift south quite a bit and the 2nd part of the storm never really formed as expected. Yes we are getting snow but he did say that it would all fill in and clearly it never did. All that being said they did a hell of a job!

    Thank you Jesus for the person who invented snow throwers/blowers. My back thanks you, as there was no way i could have shoveled my drive and the 3 elderly people on the street that I do.

  • weather

    The only real negative was that the blog kept crashing. You guys need better servers or IT people.

  • cjmitch

    It appears that jccc is not going to follow suit.

  • 7″ as of now in Leavenworth. However I’m measuring in 3 different areas of my yard and plenty of trees around. I’m also at the bottom of a hill.

    Gary and the team REGARDLESS of what others say you did a fine job with this.

    Snow is a tough thing to nail on a large area storm such as this. Fine job to all!

  • HeatMiser

    LoL…Gary just said the only model not showing a significant snow storm for us on Sunday night and Monday is GFS, and it’s almost showing it.

  • f00dl3

    Finally got the car back in the driveway. Total so far at around 10″

  • 9.5 inches by Forest View elementary in NW Olathe. Couple of nice 2 1/2 foot drifts that put my snow blower to the test. Little bit of an ice glaze on some surfaces. Surprised at how heavy/wet this snow is.

  • cjmitch

    Yes, thx Weather. Kinda hard to believe that Ku closes and jccc doesn’t. Usually it’s the other way around. Oh well there’s still time for them to make the call I guess.

  • HeatMiser

    Has JCCC said they aren’t closed or have not said either way yet?

  • HeatMiser

    Oh, and Gary, if you should happen to read this, I think you have done an outstanding job on predicting this storm. How big does the Sun/Mon storm look at this point (assuming you can get GFS to cooperate)

  • cjmitch

    I just spoke to my chef and he seems to think that it’s business as usual tomorrow..we have an event tomorrow night.

  • cjmitch

    Yep, just got it!

  • blue8091

    I’ve been able to get consistent measurement at 12″ here in S. OP., but I have a serious drifting issue on my front walkway and for some reason between my home and the house next door. It’s drifted higher than the snow blower the guy had – which he said was 19″ tall. Everywhere I walked..the snow was up to my knees. So much for my dog..who is 9″ tall. My front walkway has snow level with the bushes -3-4 ft tall drifted up against the house – stairs disappeared – have about 6″ on covered front porch and cannot open the front door yet. Whooped my yards butt!

  • Grumpy

    shoveled a third of my driveway…then bought a giant snow thrower. ahhhhhh, power tools.

  • snow coming down at pretty good clip here in Olathe. About another additional inch so far. Oh and Im a sub for Olathe school district, even tho they have school cancelled for tomorrow, Im still getting calls to sub for tomorrow lol. Wild

  • nofluer


    That’s a hard question to answer. I guess that would depend on where you measured it. On the ground by the rain gauge (flat open area) I had about 2″ of snow on the ruler – but at 18:00 there was nearly 5″ of snow in the gauge. And that included a brief bit (VERY light) of misty-freezing rain and some sleet. I swapped out the gauges (put a new one out and brought the old one in) and melted the snow and ended up with .45″ of liquid moisture. I don’t know what the new gauge has in it, and it’s cold and wet out there, so I have no intention of going out to look. (Chores are done. Cows are fed and the chickens fed and closed in to keep the owls from snatching their heads off … so I’m in for the night!!!)

    The reason it is hard to total the stuff is that storm system tail that split off from the main storm and headed North is whapping us here in NW MO. Just a glancing whap of the end, mind you , but in terms of snowfall, it’s snowing harder now than it did during the height of the storm. I don’t expect much accumulation from it though as the clouds that are doing the dirty deed are smallish and fast moving, so it won’t last long.

    So I’m going to call it 5″ of snow, .45″ moisture, which slides just under my “6 inches or less” call from yesterday.