Overnight rain coming? Election Day coming? 70s return soon? Lots to talk about!

Good Morning Bloggers!

I hope you’re doing well.

We had a beautiful view from the south side of town this morning, just after sunrise.

This shot was taken near the Leawood & Overland Park, Kansas…with a layer of broken clouds around 11,000 feet above sea level.  Even though today is calm in KC; barely any wind, cool temps push toward the upper 50s this afternoon, there’s actually a lot going on in the atmosphere.

Look below at the water vapor satellite map.  This is commonly inspected by meteorologists to pinpoint upper level disturbances and flow patterns:

A 1st distubance over northern Illinois, tracking eastward, was resposible for dropping 6″ of snow over parts of North Dakota early Saturday morning.  The 2nd disturbance over southern Canada is a little stronger.  It was also triggering snow over North Dakota this morning.  That storm system will gradually dive southeastward through the day.

 As it moves southeastward, rain will spread toward KC.  By 10 pm, we have a chance for showers in KC.

The chance for rain in KC is 50% from 10pm Sunday through Noon Monday.  Light showers may bring between a trace to 0.1″ of rain in this time frame.  It’s definitely not much, not enough to even affect the drought, but it may make for a wet morning commute Monday.  Monday afternoon looks chilly, breezy, cloudy with potential drizzle.

Let’s take you to election day.  Weather will not be high maintenance in KC.  As you know, that traditionally means high voter turnout.  I filled out a weather ballot (minus a write-in candidate!) indicating our forecast.

That’s the KC forecast.  Are you wondering what the nation will see?

Now this is just for fun, but do you think rain over Florida, or a rain snow mix over Wisconsin & Michigan could create some election day drama?  A note about the above map, I used a base map from ChristianPost.net and weather features are highlighted in beautiful non-partisan yellow!

After that…Thursday through Saturday are all possible contenders for 70 degrees in KC, meanwhile we’re still waiting to for t-storms next weekend followed by a big cold push.

Lots to talk about for the week ahead…Get out and vote!


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5 comments to Overnight rain coming? Election Day coming? 70s return soon? Lots to talk about!

  • dogsinkc

    It looks like a big, cold system will come this way next week.

    Wish we could get some snow flurries

  • f00dl3

    I heard the Electoral College is giving out degrees in Advanced Voter Fraud and offers awesome student loan rates that add to our increasing national debt that our kids and our kids’ kids will never be able to pay off, even if our tax rate goes to 80%. Both parties plan to escilate the debt even further, either domestically or through “nation building.”

  • I am certain it will rain at my house. Just finished washing our cars in the driveway. Sorry Andrew, it’s too nice out to pay for a carwash, maybe next time.

  • davidmcg

    Sprinkles in McLouth now

  • blue8091

    Nice blog post GW! For as boring as it is around here weather wise, you do a good job of staying upbeat. What if all this “weather” results in a call for a recount or some other chaos due to so many registered voters being unable to vote in storm affected areas. Here we are in .01 parchville watching it all…just think of the extra policial commericals we will get to see!!