Open Your Scientific & Artistic Minds To This One: Matthew & Maria

Good Friday Night In The Big Town bloggers,

We have been sharing a likely connection from earlier cycles to this active hurricane season in this blog.  As we showed you, we made a strong case that Tropical Storm Cindy was related to Major Hurricane Harvey. We made a prediction in this blog 55 days before the eclipse that there would be a Major Hurricane likely forming in the Gulf of Mexico within a few days of the eclipse, and Harvey formed as forecast.  Then we had enough insight to “know” that Irma was likely heading to Cuba before making the turn north into Florida.   And, now could it possibly be that we take the cycling pattern almost through an entire Cycling Pattern Hypothesis year?  Take a look at Matthew and Maria:

1 (2)


The top picture is Maria and the bottom one is Matthew. Now look at October 5, 2016:

CPH Cycle 1 October 05

And, look at the satellite picture:


Jose and Maria are reflected in the October 5th 500 mb chart, and the western trough.  Wow!  And, on October 5, 2016 Matthew was crossing the Bahamas 300 miles west of where Maria is crossing just east of the Bahamas. Now, many of you know we have been describing this cycle in the 56-61 day range since December, centered on 58.5 days. Would it shock you if I told you the 58 X 6 + 351.  Yesterday was September 21, 2017.  September 21 is exactly 351 days after October 5, 2016.  That is exactly 58.5 days. Matthew is directly related to Maria, that is if you have an understanding of the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis.

The trough in the west is even quite similar. Now, it is September 22, 2017. The sun sets at the North Pole at 3:02 PM Central time. Maria is now caught in the transition into the next pattern that will be evolving between now and November 30th. What do you think of this concept, and yes this hurricane season will be studied a lot, and we will be writing a follow up paper to our first one which we hope gets published in a few months.

Have a great Friday. It is hot here in KC and I am broadcasting live with Sunny The Weather Dog on 41 Action News tonight. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis. Go over to Weather2020.com and let’s discuss this concept.


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