One last band and it will be time to look ahead

Good evening bloggers,

What a day! Thunderstorms with very heavy snow, two to three inch per hour snowfall rates, and a foot of accumulation or even a bit more in a few sp0ts. There is one last band of snow showers heading in from the west around the main storm.  Here is a picture of me in front of our television station:


And, it snowed another 1/4″ in the past few minutes.  How much snow did you get? Even if you already posted your amount, please post it again.  Have a great Thursday night.  We will look ahead to the late weekend storm soon.

Gary Lezak

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62 comments to One last band and it will be time to look ahead

  • Twistersis

    As of 4:00 this afternoon, eastern Shawnee had about 9″. Since then, I don’t know!

  • kimba

    Additional inch in eastern Lees Summit since shoveling the driveway after the main storm.

  • Kcchamps

    a little over 10″ of snow here in Independence

  • Cacti51

    13″ 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe

  • sheldan

    Bout 11 inches in Holden

  • nofluer


    That’s a hard question to answer. I guess that would depend on where you measured it. On the ground by the rain gauge (flat open area) I had about 2″ of snow on the ruler – but at 18:00 there was nearly 5″ of snow in the gauge. And that included a brief bit (VERY light) of misty-freezing rain and some sleet. I swapped out the gauges (put a new one out and brought the old one in) and melted the snow and ended up with .45″ of liquid moisture. I don’t know what the new gauge has in it, and it’s cold and wet out there, so I have no intention of going out to look. (Chores are done. Cows are fed and the chickens fed and closed in to keep the owls from snatching their heads off … so I’m in for the night!!!)

    The reason it is hard to total the stuff is that storm system tail that split off from the main storm and headed North is whapping us here in NW MO. Just a glancing whap of the end, mind you , but in terms of snowfall, it’s snowing harder now than it did during the height of the storm. I don’t expect much accumulation from it though as the clouds that are doing the dirty deed are smallish and fast moving, so it won’t last long.

    So I’m going to call it 5″ of snow, .45″ moisture, which slides just under my “6 inches or less” call from yesterday.

  • weatherkcmo

    Doesn’t seem like the one on Sunday night into Monday will be that big of a deal. Rarely do we get two significant snowstorms back to back like that. Anything can happen though.

  • RickMckc

    Wow, what a great day for snowlovers (with apologies to all who had to go out today). Speaking of looking ahead, the 12z Euro for next Monday is looking pretty interesting. Upper level low goes from the Four Corners to the OK panhandle to the MO bootheel to the Delmarva coast. Somebody is getting blasted somewhere along that track.


    Click the “next” button near the top right to advance frames by 24 hrs.

    • RickMckc

      Should add that the GFS has a similar feature but about 500 miles north of what the Euro shows. I’m buying the Euro.

  • Grambo624

    12.5 inches in downtown Lee’s Summit.

    Brian Graham

  • Tornado

    8.5″ at 119 and Nall in OP.

  • stjoeattorney

    6 and now another 1 inch total 7……

  • buckeye2

    12.2 inches measured here in N Blue Springs for this storm.

  • mamaof3girls

    Pleasanton KS recieved 6 inches.

  • kcpurpledog

    Right at about 13 inches at 143rd and Nieman in OP. A tiny more in places and a few spots at 12 or a bit more, but most right at 13.

  • 160.5WB

    12.5 inches in SE Lee’s Summit. I shoveled half the driveway. Now i’m spent.

  • McCabe58

    Anyone have a take on the Monday storm? Only a couple days away, what’s the track looking like for our area in particular?

  • tneber01

    12 inches in Gardner, with drifts measured up to 15.

  • weatherkcmo

    Not favorable according to the GFS but the Euro and NAM show a track that takes the low from the OK panhandle to the bootheel of Missouri.

  • windyinmarshallmo

    A little over 10 inches here in Marshall.

  • sojoxowx

    13.9 in Gardner

  • Kcchamps


    78hr NAM


    81hr NAM

    maybe another snowstorm?

    • kellyinkc

      maybe…. We need the moisture

      • HeavySnowBlowingSnow

        We definitely need the moisture. And a back-to-back snowstorm scenario would be…well, it would be interesting to say the least. It would be a snowstorm double feature — the first one being “Q” (as dubbed by TWC) and the second one would be…well, what would it be? Perhaps “Redo” or “Redux” or simply “Repeat”?

  • Another 1.5 inches to add to the 9.5 inches earlier, so a total of 11 inches here in NW Olathe (near Forest View Elementary).

  • HeavySnowBlowingSnow

    Gary (or anyone!), what is the snow-depth measurement in the photo out in front of the station? I can’t make out the numbers on the yardstick. Where are those darn reading glasses??? Thanks.

  • HeavySnowBlowingSnow

    Found the reading glasses! If I am reading it right, looks like the top of the snow is just below the 13″ mark. Pretty good storm for these parts.

  • weather

    Gary I ended with 10.8 inches in Eastern Independence/North Blue Springs. Great storm! I had one big lightning and thunder probably a 20 secong thunder roll and the snow fell like candy out of a broken pinata!

    Great job with the forecast. Get some sleep and forheavens sake hire another met. Preferably a female easy on the eyes :) I am OUT!

  • RickMckc

    Compare this (0z NAM 500MB at 84hrs)


    to this (current 500MB)


    Replay of today?

  • stormchaser

    Gary and team: Before this comment gets buried in this blog, I wanted to say you guys did an excellent job forecasting and predicting this record storm. I know I sometime joke about missed forecasts but this one was spot on. Congrats on the accuracy and also for asking people to stay off the roads.

    Great effort!

  • weatherkcmo

    I doubt that sticks Rick lol. Has the NAM stayed consistent with that?

  • 13 inches so far in SE Olathe (an additional inch this evening)

  • windyinmarshallmo

    Didn’t Gary predict this storm today about 2 weeks ago? Well done Gary and team for keeping us all informed and updated on this storm.

  • OlatheMatt

    Well I just got home from a beer run. Most of the stores are all closed in Olathe. Once you get off the side streets the driving is better. You can do 35 and be safe in the 45mph roads. The snow is compacted on the roads most spots on 119th, murlen, strang line, ridgeview.

    There are stuck cars off to the sides as you would expect if you havent been out.

    I did see a modest amount of people out walking around enjoying the snow. If you have a sedan or small car you probably dont want to be in this tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be much better? There are some patches where the snow melted, and there is this thin ice melt sheeted over so you have to watch for that.

  • grassmankc

    Total 11″ in Greenwood MO.

  • robx4357

    8.5 inches southeast of the square in Liberty. The roads and Square are deserted. The City of Liberty email newsflash asked people to stay of the roads unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out. Side streets and alleys(its a Liberty thing) are still un-plowed.

  • Concordia

    11.5 here in Concordia.

  • allietag

    9 inches in Lancaster, Kansas

  • gwh64063

    Approximately 11″ in Lee’s Summit @7 Todd George and Langsford

  • goldenroads

    Measured 10 inches in Gardner, KS around 3:30 pm.

  • lvksguy

    I’m measuring 8.5″ here in Leavenworth.

  • backwoods4ever

    We had several rounds of thunder sleet and freezing rain in Lebanon, MO. Ended up w/2″ sleet and 1/4″ ice.

  • KCWeather

    We gotta keep posted on this next storm :) Loving this weather! Start posting those links for Monday!

  • SpringHill

    12″ just South of Spring Hill (223 and Ridgeview).

  • KCWeather

    Finally figured out to how comment via the phone

  • jayhawkX

    13.5 Gardner

  • Morham

    I can confirm weather and Kcchamps measurements in Independence. I am at 23rd and Lee’s Summit Rd and had just over 10″ and drifts up to 2 feet.

  • OlatheMatt

    Any latest NAM and GFS?

  • McCabe58

    I won’t be greedy with this next storm. We just got dumped on, so I won’t be too disappointed if we miss this one all together. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m definitely pulling for another snow storm here!

  • thomasmidwest

    Latest nam shows a lot more snow for next storm system. “http://www.instantweathermaps.com/NAM-php/showmap-conussfc.php?run=2012121406&time=PER&var=ASNOWI&hour=084″

  • Meir

    Wow new nam looks like 6-8inch :)

  • Meir

    O man gfs takes it north and gives us <1 :(

  • mattmaisch

    Overnight NAM from Kuchera. Entire metro being depicted with 8-12″ in the next 84 hours! Could it be!? GFS goes a little further north with the storm, but the ECMWF keeps it south like the NAM.


  • Hockeynut69

    Just asking the question, but does that map take into consideration the current accumulation on the ground or does this map depict new accumulation amounts? I am not familiar with how that map interprets data so that is why I ask. Thanks!

    • mattmaisch

      That map is only showing new snow. It does not account for any snow on the ground. It would be something if it verified.

      • Hockeynut69

        Wow that would be something. Thanks for your response. That will definitely keep our temps lower than average for a while.