One Hot Day

Good Wednesday bloggers,

Well it was quite a light show this morning.  There was also a rainbow as the thunderstorms were stalled to the west and it was clear on the eastern horizon.  So, when the sun was rising it was able to shine on the rain shafts to the west, creating the rainbow.  Here are some shots from our One Park Place Condominiums Skyview.


Here is the double rainbow.



The thunderstorms were stuck from Lawrence to Pleasanton as this was the developing zone all night as the warm front stalled for a few hours. This created some very heavy rainfall which caused flooding in Lawrence.  Here are the total estimated by ESP.  Amounts were 5″ around La Cygne.


Now what is next?  The morning thunderstorms are now moving off to the east and will be out of the viewing area by 12-1 PM.  The were caused by a warm front and so now here comes some heat.  Today will warm to 86, but Thursday will jump to 95.



This cold front will move through Thursday night with little chance of thunderstorms as the air aloft will be warm, in other words, “capped”.  Then on Friday, behind the front, there will be an influx of monsoon moisture as a disturbance comes out of the Rockies.  This will create lots of clouds and showers behind the front.  So, Friday will see highs in the low to mid 70s.



The good news, is that this will all shift south for the weekend and we are looking at some spectacular weather with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  Yes, the weather for the Chiefs first game will be about as good as it gets!

Have a great day.


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10 comments to One Hot Day

  • Hume-Dude

    WOW….ponds might be filled up now. BIG RAIN at the farm this morning, maybe actually a BAD rain since we were actually quite saturated before this event. Thinking 3″+ right now, awaiting rain gauge confirmation, STILL pouring. Haven’t said this all year but, need some time to dry out now!

  • Drought Miser

    Drought Miser reporting live from Moscow Idaho, a rather rainy cool and blustery day today in the Pacific Northwest hopefully this cooler weather here today (highs in the fifties) will filter it’s way to KC by the time we return the Mighty Mo valley and we Don not have to deal with any more high nineties for awhile! !!!

  • f00dl3

    This has always bugged me – can someone tell me why there are 2 forecasts on your 7-day forecast page? Shouldn’t you guys just stick with one?

    Graphic/text combo (“upper-right-hand”) forecast (next to current conditions):

    Wed 09/03 Partly Cloudy 86/67 40%
    Thu 09/04 Mostly Clear 93/76 40%
    Fri 09/05 Thunderstorms 81/69 40%
    Sat 09/06 Partly Cloudy 74/60 40%
    Sun 09/07 Mostly Clear 77/56 0%

    Graphic only 7-day forecast w/ KSHB “design”

    Wed 09/03 Sunny 86/67 Not mentioned
    Thu 09/04 Partly Cloudy 94/74 Not mentioned
    Fri 09/05 Rain 78/69 60%
    Sat 09/06 Cloud w/ rain 73/58 50%
    Sun 09/07 Sunny 78/54 Not mentioned

  • weathergeek

    Um because they don’t care. This has been brought up countless times. I bet this doesn’t happen on the pay site! Gary’s attention Is not with 41 site anymore. he only cares about the almighty dollar! $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • luvsno

      Yes, Gary answered it numerous time in the past……the top right one is computer generated by some other source, or something like that. And Gary said he and the other mets have no control over it. The Graphic only is what you see when they give the on air forecast…..put out by the mets.

      Complicates things, but I don’t even look at that computer generated one anymore.

      • f00dl3

        It’s computer generated from another source? What does that say about what’s supposed to be striving to be the best most accurate weather team in Kansas City if they don’t even have a say on the forecasts that get displayed on their weather team’s website!