Nice St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Bloggers,


It is a cold start to St. Patrick’s Day and if you are setting up for the parade or heading on out there today get that coat ready early. The weather will improve by later this morning with temperatures warming all the way into the 50s this afternoon.  Spring begins later this week and it will feature a warming trend with temperatures approaching 70 degrees again by Thursday.

The flow aloft is unblocked and moving fast and there will be a fast moving storm that will likely track north of KC on Tuesday. Here is a surface forecast map valid at 1 PM tomorrow:


This storm will likely go by dry in our region.  The pattern will remain dry this week.  Have a great morning and please remember to get that designated driver on this St. Patrick’s Day!


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18 comments to Nice St. Patrick’s Day!

  • batman

    Since you claimed that you predicted the 70 degree day’s in March and Jan, why can’t you tell us when our last freeze will likely be? It would be nice to know when our last hard freeze would be!

    Is it to early to put dowm lawn fertilizer? Should I wait another couple weeks? All you lawn junkies chime in.

  • kcbearcatfan

    Lawns wake up hungry in the spring. Feeding your lawn in the spring strengthens roots and gets it off to a good start before the heavy growing season. If you had crabgrass last year, apply a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to control it. I recommend Feb-early April for your first application. Then 3-months later do it again.

    • mowermike


      The time frame you mentioned is a good range to go by each year, however, this year it would have been too early to apply it in Feb. or even early March as the soils were frozen. The same thing happened last spring, matter of fact, you could have applied prevent as late as May 1st last year and been fine as soil temps struggled all of April last year.

      “Lawns wake up hungry in the spring”

      True, but if you fertilize 3 times in the fall from Sept. to late December, that’s more than enough food for spring. That’s the best time of year to feed the yards.

  • mowermike


    You should mow your yard low now to remove the dead tips. Mow low and bag, this will accelerate the green in it. As far as fertilizer, you can put it down now, but if you don’t get to it for another week or two, that will be fine too. The soil temps are still really cold, so crabgrass seed won’t germinate until the soils get to 55 or 60 degrees.

    Had. .49 inches of rain over the weekend. With last Tuesday’s rain/snow and this last weekend’s rain, close to 1 inch of moisture last week. In the last 45 days, with regards to averages, I’m .28 inches above average for my area in clay county. KCI is above average for that same 45 days. So, while dry conditions remain, we’re not doing to bad up here. However, the heavier rains have missed the south side of the city. As we continue to green the vegetation up, we will certainly need some better rain storms here soon.

  • Hume-Dude

    I got about an 1″ of rain Sat night / Sun Morning outside of Rich hill, MO. We really needed it too. I am not surprised at all with another dry storm system, it would have just too odd to get two precipitation events within 72 hrs. of each other. I am a little concerned over another dry 7 day forecast, but maybe something will pop up over the next couple days, this past storm was not showing up as anything major until 2-3 days before and it ended up producing fairly well for the entire region. I hope everyone got a nice little rain to kick start the spring, and back to Batman’s question , said in the words of a true Irishman “FEED YOUR LAWN, FEED IT”

  • luvsno

    Happy St Patricks Day everyone !
    But a word of caution once again from NWS Kansas City….

    US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri
    8 minutes ago
    Winds will increase today, humidity values will plummet, and brush/grass remains very dry. Mix these things up and you end up with an increased wildfire risk again this afternoon. A red flag warning is in place for portions eastern Kansas and extreme western Missouri, but honestly, burning should be avoided in most areas today and of course please don’t carelessly discard cigarettes when driving.

  • mowermike


    The increased fire danger is due to the dormant grass and plants plus the low humidity values. Some areas just saw .50-1 inch of rain, so the soil top is wet, but those areas are still in a high fire danger. If the vegetation was green, than the fire danger would be quite a bit less. I think if we had 2 inches of rain over the weekend there still would be a red flag warning today because of the low relative humidity and the dormant vegetation.

    Another fertilizer thought: Too much fertilizer in the spring increases the chances of disease on the turf grasses. 90% of the turf food should be applied in the fall to early winter time frame.

  • kurtjon

    Congrats to those that saw any moisture. About 20 drops of rain and a dusting of snow. Still now widespread rains up here to alleviate the dry spell. :-(

  • j-ox

    I’ve quit fertilizing in the Spring altogether as it just requires more frequent mowing with tons of top-growth. Grass grows like heck in the Spring anyway, so why encourage it further?? Bagging grass clippings to put into paper bags is a joke. So, I don’t bag anything all year and my lawn is top notch.

    By fertilizing in the Fall, and especially in the late Fall around Halloween, your lawn will be ready to go/grow when the soil temps rise in Mar/Apr. In our area, Sept is the most important time to fertilize, and if one wants to reseed, they should wait until then.

  • Hockeynut69

    Make sure you water your lawn if you do fertilize, doesn’t do as good if it’s not watered in.

  • kurtjon

    I will make sure to fertilize all the mole runs, I did reseed in September and the yard looked really good until the moles started working after we started getting some rain up here last fall. Then it turned bone dry in the Oct/Nov time frame and that all went to heck. I am hoping for some good greening soon, but need rain first lol!

  • Drought Miser

    Another fire dangerous day or afternoon man let’s see some rain in the forecast this stuff is getting old!!!

  • Emaw

    Does the picture of the leprechauns flying around the pot of gold represent the feeling some bloggers get when it it snows? . . . Bah dah boom! Relax people that was just a joke.

  • f00dl3

    The two with yellow helmets do look like they are gonna hug…