Nice July Weather Continues

Good morning,

We came very close to setting a record low temperature today:

  • Record Low:  53° in 1924
  • Today’s Low:  54° 

The weather pattern will allow for a warming trend by the weekend, but between now and July 4th it will stay cooler than average.  And, there is a chance of a few rain showers and thunderstorms in the next 36 hours.  There will likely be very little organization to any showers and thunderstorms that form, but there will likely be a few downpours around the area between now and tomorrow night:



There is a weak upper level storm near the Mississippi River and it is drifting west. If we had higher dew points (low level moisture values) there would be more wide spread and heavier rain from this system approaching from the east. The dew points have been over forecasted by the models all year long. It is very rare to struggle to get the dew points higher in July. It certainly is making it feel quite comfortable out there.

If you are heading out to the pool the next two days keep your eye to the sky and we will keep you updated on any developing showers.  Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Action Weather Blog and have a terrific Tuesday. The EOI (Eat Outside Index) is again near a TEN today.


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15 comments to Nice July Weather Continues

  • The deaths of those firefighters? Whose to blame? Mets., operating mngers., God? U tell me,dang nabbit….

  • Temp.is 59degrees in SW Independence this minana…..

  • f00dl3

    Starting to get brown patches in the grass again in Lenexa… and the grass barely grew any this past week. May not have to mow next week if we don’t get rain.

  • Drought Miser

    Gary just raised precip chance up to 60%…. I think I’ll dance in the streets if it rains 60% of tomorrow!!!

  • oldsquid

    Cameron @ 6:25 p.m.
    0.3″ rain, sidewalk and deck covered with hail (pea to nickel size). Precip occurred over about 10 minutes.

  • mukustink

    Hoping for rain tomorrow as well. Sprinkler syatem came on for the 2nd time this year. Hope we get more then .03 of rain. I would be happy with .50 to 1.0.

    I miss mowermikey. Mowermikey where are you? Gary misses you madly!

  • Someone needs to be charged with 19 counts of manslaughter in the Yarnell forest fire incident!!!!

    Reports of the winds that created the explosive nature of fire ‘WERE’ forecasted for that time/location of day,per the 3km HRRR,and also The University of Arizona WRF models…..

    The medias reports of winds that were erratic,and unpredictable ARE FALSE!!!!!!

  • frigate

    Wow…just had a nice downpour with some crazy thunder in SW Grain Valley, MO. Recieved .35, that was a pleasant surprise!!!

  • Drought Miser

    is this a “cutoff ” low? Weather mans woe?