New Heavy Bands Of Snow!

Good evening bloggers,

There are new bands of snow with increasing intensity as I am writing this at 7:35 PM. Snowfall rates are becoming their heaviest of the night on the south side of the metro area.   Snowfall amounts between 4 and 6 inches have already accumulated and this storm has another 5 to 8 hours before it begins ending from the northwest to the southeast.  So, an additional 4 to 5 inches will accumulate.  Here is the final forecast for the storm that we issued during our 6 PM newscast:

There are two more storm systems we must look into on Thursday. There is a fast moving disturbance that may bring us a band of snow or snow showers on Friday, and then a stronger system that is still a bit suspect for Sunday.  Wasn’t this one suspect a few days ago?

How much snow have you had so far? Are you experiencing these heavier bands?  Thank you so much for sharing in this weather experience and visiting the Action Weather Blog.


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188 comments to New Heavy Bands Of Snow!

  • Adogg

    As of 7:30, 3.25 here in Drexel. Gary, how much can we down here expect?

  • snowprincess

    6 inches at 152 Hwy near Maplewoods CC. Still coming down!

  • Kcchamps

    4.25″ here in independnece, im hoping to double that!

    i just went outside 10min ago and measured 3 different spots in my front yard and i got about the same in each spot

  • shopqueen

    4″ in Harrisonville and coming down good.

  • craigmac

    Is the band in Southern Nebraska going to make it to the metro for additional 1″ or less?

  • spaceotter

    Made it home about an hour ago. 2 hour 52 minute drive from renner and college to 95th and metcalf. If you don’t have to go out I wouldn’t suggest it. Maybe things have thinned out some, but it appears everyone thought it was a good idea to leave work early…..at the same time. That drive normally takes me 20 minutes sometimes 30, taking back roads. Wow. I only remember one other time being stuck out that long in weather. Don’t remember the year but Merriam got about 7 inches of rain in 40 minutes. Everything flooded quick. Took forever to find a way back to my house. (That was AWESOME though and warm. lol) this was slow and grueling….ok I’m done rambling. lol

  • How much more can the northland expect? 5 inches in North Kansas City.. Measured in 3 different spots that had no snow on them yesterday. :)

  • I’m not sure about the snow depth, but it is definately getting deeper! It looks like somebody put a bunch of that jet puffed marshmallow on the ground and on the trees, then set up a fire!

  • MHjhawk

    6″ at K7 and 47th Street in western Shawnee and still coming down pretty good (although smaller flakes)

  • ksfarmwife

    It’s going to have to do a whole lot of snowing at my house to match Gary’s prediction. I’m right on the border of the 3-5 and the 4-8 and right now it’s not snowing and I don’t know that we have an inch :( We seem to be in the absolute wrong spot on this storm and it’s killing me! Frustrated down south.

  • Ladybug

    Measured several spots and have somewhere around 4.5 inches of snow in eastern Shawnee near I-35 and 67th Street.

  • Hey Gary and Jeff–

    Almost 5 inches here in Old Leawood… BG (hope your well)

  • Baseball Mike

    Gary—-It is still snowing moderately here in Berryton, I measured 6.5 inches and by the looks of the radar more snow may come in from the northwest but they have called off schools here in Topeka as the roads are a mess—-so far this season I have measured 15 inches—-any more precip on the horizon? It seems as though we have gotten some much needed moisture despite the dry runs we did have—Take care, Michael/Berryton/Topeka

    • MikeL

      Mike, we’re lagging behind on my side of town. :) I have 5 inches at my house in SW Topeka. New development west of here so I’m guessing I could have 6-7 inches before it’s over.

  • weatherfreaker

    At least 5″ on the Lee’s Summit KCMO border where I live. It is coming down VERY hard!!! Seems to be intesifying! I keep sweeping a small path on my driveway every half hour or so, and it is snowing at least 1″ or more an hour here.

  • it’s 7:55 pm here in Raytown and looks like we have over 5″ +.

  • weatherfly

    just went outside, got a solid 5 inch measurment in several spots here in S. OP

  • clarklsn2001

    Went outside here in lee’s summit about 15 min ago and we have 4.25″ on the ground, come on 11″

  • Farmgirl

    Didn’t think it was suppose to be windy tonight. But the north winds are picking up here in La Cygne. Getting gusts of about 18 MPH. This is just miserable.

  • I just went out to measure, it’s hard for me to tell exactly where the deepest drifts are. I have a metric ruler I went out to measure with and it looks like we have about 13-15cm of snow, which I guess is about 5.5-6″ of snow near 143rd & Metcalf in southern OP.

  • Nic

    Gary, I know we are still in the middle of a major winter storm, but could you maybe tell us a little more about these Friday and Sunday storms, anything significant?

  • Overbrook

    5″ here and still snowing moderately- averaging about .75 inches/hour since 5:00, but there have been some times of fairly heavy snow separated by periods of lighter snow. Light winds- 5-10 mph.

  • cntrygal

    We have 4″ here in Trimble

  • goodlifegardens

    323rd & hwy 7 Garden City/Creighton Just a little less than 4 inches at 8:00. Extremely fine powder/dust snow. It really is like dust on a windy summer day.

  • chiefs

    You seen the maps for friday and sunday?

  • kcjc

    6 1/2 Inches in Parkville, really coming down right now, not so many big puff flakes, like little ice crystals, visibility is really low.

  • dpollard

    4.3 inches at 8:05 in Blue Springs.

  • At 8 pm I measured 5.5″ in several places that had been cleared before the snow started falling. 79th & Lackman in Lenexa.

  • mbilar1

    At about 6 inches in Grain Valley as of 8:00 p.m. Obviously still snowing.

  • mikey0715

    Measured about 4 places in Lee’s Summit and got to almost 5in in all spots.

  • huskerz

    6 inches in shawnee as of now. the storm is now backing up and increasing the snow around kc and to the northwest.

  • 5.9 inches in KC North.

  • Blessed1

    We have about 5″ as of now north of 152 Highway and North Oak! Thanks for all of the good work your team is doing to keep us informed and safe!

  • Kcchamps


    the GFS had “MAYBE” up to an inch friday. and it had around 3-5″ for sunday, lets see what the new models say

  • weatherfanatic

    About 6″ or a little more close to state line on the missouri side.

  • weatherfly

    S. OP is in a heavier band now, it’s really coming down.

  • numbers

    I love how snow turns night into day… So bright out

  • brandon

    UP in Maryville just over an inch of really fine snow with north winds around 10 to 15 mph it is cold with a reading of 7 degrees. Whats that snow in Neb. going to do?

  • Blessed1

    OMGosh, neighbors just measured!! 6 1/2 inches of snow and blowing snow north of 152 Highway and North Oak Trafficway!! Wow

  • We have just a shade over 6 inches in Gladstone and its still coming down hard. My dogs about neck deep in it

  • weatherlover

    My friend lives in Weston and she sent me a picture and claims she has 9 inches…don’t know if that is true or not. In West Wyandotte, we measured almost 7 inches but 6 blocks away, they say 8 inches.

  • Baseball Mike

    Mike L —Thanks for the report from the SW side—if you notice the radar it was a little heavier in the SE side but I believe you will be catching up soon—This storm facinates me in the fact it keeps backbuilding the the west—also the wind has picked up some over the last two hours and we are getting some drifting over here near Croco Road—Take care—Michael/Berryton

  • One more band of heavier snow organizing just north and northwest of Topeka.

  • EmmysMom

    So I guess it’s safe to assume that Gary’s winter weather prediction of 13 inches of snow for the season may be a bust???? :(

  • momof3

    We have right at six inches here in independence. No sooner do we clean it then it is completely covered again so we are done till tomorrow!

  • sportsfreaked

    Gary,,,, As of 8:25 pm we have 5 inches of snow in eastern Independence 3 wiles north of I70 291 and Truman to be almost exact.


  • ravenscroft

    Just completed the “Retreat from Moscow'” down 63rd to 350,STAY HOME! Any hill has a number of folks trying to get up it. Our delivery Semis’ are stuck on Manchester and 63rd. Roads are unfit right now.

  • shopqueen

    Almost 5″ now in Harrisonville, and still coming down good. At this rate we will get 9″. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere tomorrow.

  • braysmama

    4.5 inches at my house at 7 and Duncan in Blue Springs.

  • MikeL

    Topeka radar still shows development west of Topeka and is now picking up the activity in SE Nebraska dropping southeast. As Baseball Mike noted this is a fascinating storm. About 5.25 at my house in SW Topeka.

  • ravenscroft

    Can really see this snow bands pinwheeling now. A weather source has pushed the heavy snow cut-off from around 10 to 1 a.m..

  • mbilar1

    Need to revise that down in Grain Valley after some shoveling. About 5″ as of 8:30. My rain guage is not an accurate snow guage!

  • weatherfly

    Gary just updated the NBC weather page, “heavy snow bands until midnight, 8-11 inches likely for kc metro area…

  • teamster83

    just measured at cookingham drive measured 6.5 inches and still coming down decently

  • Lenexa Lenny

    … just finished shoving my drive for the 2nd time…. approximately an additional 3″ since 4:00PM … total in Lenexa,at 87th & Lackman, approximately 7.5″ …. still moderate to heavy … at this pace 10″+ should be easily attained …

  • weatherlover

    haha, I made my friend measure in two other spots in Weston and she said it was not 9 inches, but 6 inches.

  • whitelightning

    about 6″ here in kck by county line and switzer.still snowing very steady.

  • R-Dub

    Near downtown OP I was a little surprised to only find 5″…maybe the ratios aren’t as high as predicted. Still snowing but it’s not piling up as quickly as it was.

  • Adogg

    wow, measured 3.25 at 7:30, just measured at 8:50, 3.5. I can’t see how us in Drexel will get much more than 4 at this rate!!

  • Two, 6.5+ inch snowstorms in only 9 days? I believe that’s a first for me here. Been here since 1994. Good thing much of last week’s snow melted earlier this week or we’d be working on building the MoKan Glacier.

  • clarklsn2001

    Just measured 10 minutes ago in Lee’s Summit, we now have 5″.

  • pastor_brad

    Gary might have to add Richmond to the 8-11 band. We have 6 3/4 inches as of right now. Looks like we will add a bit to that total. I think we can hit 11.

  • Less than 3 inches in st Jo. Still snowing lightlly.

  • mowermike

    7.1 on the westside of Liberty, steady moderate snow. Visibility very low, maybe 1/4 of a mile

  • Kcchamps

    things could get interesting sunday accourding to the latest NAM

  • westonhere

    7.5in in Weston,Mo! Still snowing pretty good!

  • yewtrees

    It is funny to see the weather team keeps changing the graphic sign for Friday’s storm. Now, the snowing sign is gone.

  • numbers

    Could you post the link to the NAM? Thanks!

  • amthysthrt

    We’ve got about 7 here in Blue Springs and it’s still snowing — the flakes aren’t as fat as they were earlier, but still coming down hard and fast!

  • Just under 7″ in southern OP now.

  • weatherfanatic

    What is the new nam saying?

    • craigmac

      Go to NWS Pleasant Hill
      Search for NAM
      Go to Day 4 and the number 84
      This will be the map of the projected amount of precip on Sunday.

  • goodlifegardens

    323rd & hwy 7 Garden City/Creighton Over 4 1/2 as of 9:00. We’ve gained about 3/4 in during the last hour.

  • Just measured about 6.5 inches in lawrence, still have a steady snow. Watching a heavier snow band organize over Topeka.

  • JohnnyRock

    8″ as of 9pm in NKC.
    Just came in from shoveling the FIRST 6″ layer.
    No kidding, I shoveled for exactly 30 minutes, and by
    the time I was done, there was another 1″…fine powder, but some huge flakes mixed in.

    And the radar is dark pink clear to Topeka and moving slow!
    I’d be surprised if we didn’t get at least 12″.
    Hope I’m wrong!

  • Looks like i spoke to soon; the band over Shawnee county Kansas appears to be fizzling out.

  • eh, someone else on another station, far far away, said the heaviest snow was east of town.. this said as it’s snowing really hard outside my house…

  • dpollard

    5.5 inches at AA Highway and Adams Dairy Parkway in Blue Springs at 9:15.

  • 5.5″ @ 125th & Quivira in OP @ 9:17pm

  • braysmama

    NWS has 7 to 10, but I don’t even have 5 and it looks like it’s about over.

  • blizzard68

    I live Leavenworth measured 3 places almost at 9 inches

  • 6″ at North Oak & 291.

  • blizzard68

    Still comming down hard

  • weatherfreak

    6 inches here in olathe

  • bethhatessnow

    6.5 inches at 291 and Stark in the Northland. Shoveling is pointless.

  • I’ve got a little bit more just north of dpollard, just a hair under 6″

  • jrfan830

    I have measured around 8.5 inches here on the west side of Leavenworth, Still coming down at a moderate clip! Maybe we can reach double digits before the snow tapers off! Sunday is looking a little intriguing, though its still 4 days away!!

  • Morham

    I just measured in 5 different places of level concrete that was dry to start with. (Playground across the street.) 5 readings of 5″. Independence MO, 23rd and Lees Summit road. Does reading on concrete make a difference in the readings? Was the snow heavy enough to account for compaction? If so, how much do we add? When they say “heavy” enough for compaction do they mean heavy rates or “weight” of the flakes?

    Cheers! Stay safe everyone!

  • goodlifegardens

    The radar shows another storm in southern Colorado, OK panhandle area. Is this coming our way?

  • windyinmarshallmo

    5 inches here still coming down

  • CityofPrisons


    I live in Leavenworth, near 4th and Limit Streets… I just measured at 9:15 pm and I have 7″ here at my house. I made sure to take several measurements. The snow I have falling are really small flakes, but it is still coming down! I went out to clear off one of our cars and pull it in the garage, and the 30 minutes I was out there, we easily picked up at least a half inch.

    Anyhow, hope that helps you out!

    7″ in Leavenworth (4th and Limit Streets) at 9:15 pm

    -Ryan in LV

  • Kcchamps

    i just went outside and measured again and have 6.5″ here in my backyard in independence

  • f00dl3

    5.7″ in Overland Park near 119th & Metcalf

  • Farmgirl

    3.75 average in La Cygne. That’senough. Turn off the powder machine.

  • R-Dub

    5.5″ near 80th and Metcalf, downtown OP.

  • hmm, well based on Radar, getting near 10″ may be a tough sell..

  • bewild79

    so is the stuff in Nebraska and Iowa coming this way?

    • ravenscroft

      Been watching that and it hard to tell,it is filling in between these areas so it may.

      • bewild79

        Ugh…I am ready for it to be done lol. I left work early and made sure I stayed at home. I did have to get out for a bit and had a hard time getting back home. Good thing I can work from home right now…

  • braysmama

    Close to 6″ in my part of Blue Springs, looks like we will be on the lower end of the snow totals.

  • f00dl3

    Radar shows things drying out just west of Topeka. Think the heavy stuff may be done by 11 PM with flurries continuing through the morning hours, unless things re-develop.

  • rwalther

    around 7″ here around 114th and Stark north of 291.

  • mowermike

    It’s funny how a lot of bloggers are looking forward to the next event and we aren’t even finished with this. Can’t get enough can we?

    • weatherfreaker

      No! We definitely can’t! You are SO right mowermike!!!

    • :) What the heck. Was happy to have less snow this winter (until recently), now the snow lover in me has re-emerged. Might as well make the best of it.

    • I am really bad. I am looking beyond the next event at the one after that. LOL

    • f00dl3

      I think it’s safe to say we are entering a period of colder and snowier winters than in some past recent years – the last 3 or 4 winters have been pretty good at snowfall compared to the early 2000’s. We tend to go through cycles like this every so often. Would be neat to see if Gary can tie the LRC in with 5-year or 30-year weather cycles that tend to influance Kansas City

  • craigmac

    Seems the moisture is drying up.

  • wxwatcher

    At 9:35 in Osawatomie, measured in 3 different places, all showing 3 inches.

  • NWS just upped us to 4-8 inches overnight.. They had us at 3-5 overnight here in NKC.

  • cardstukinkc

    6 inches in SW Lee’s Summit

  • Kole Christian

    7-8 inches of snow 3 miles nw of Parkville. I’m still expecting double digits here no matter what the radar is showing. I want to see a foot!!!

  • LibertyJeff

    What a time for my snow blower to break! It’s “only” 15 years old at that! Of course it breaks when everyone is sold out of new ones! We have no less than 7″ here and as we all know it’s still coming down. We’ll be lucky if streets are respectfully cleared by tomorrow night. Even MODOT cannot keep up it’s snowing so hard!

  • Nick1

    Well we have had a nice steady “powder sugar” snow here in St. Joe since early this afternoon, we have been north of the really heavy stuff, but still not bad looks like about 3 to 4 inches maybe so far, have to use a tape measure as I can’t find my ruler but want to wait until the storm is either over or closer to over for my final total, note with it such a dry powdery snow even the modest breeze is blowing it pretty good at times. Well my 9 inch prediction for the winter is looking like the roof of the metrodome right now;)

  • clarklsn2001

    6″ here in Lee’s Summit at 291 and scruggs

  • numbers

    How bout a snow day for Friday? Will Thursday’s sun melt all this away?

  • R-Dub

    Won’t melt but the snowplows will have time to clear the streets.

  • 5 inches in NE Cass county(Strasburg, MO) at about 9:45 and still snowing heavy.

  • 6.75″ here in Prairie Village and the snow is still coming down!

  • jeffro3311

    Measured 8 inches in Shawnee. Still snowing pretty hard.

  • Measured again and got about 5 and half to 6 inches.

    NE Cass(Strasburg)

  • Nick1

    Yea, but I’m not complaining;)

  • mamaof3girls

    Measured 2.5 inches here. Sure wish it was more, booo to mother nature!! I think we will still be able to sled though.

  • Kcchamps

    Latest GFS looks GOOD for snow for sunday

  • weatherfanatic

    What does it show? Lol.

  • f00dl3

    Latest GFS shows 0.5″ precip water southwest edge of Metro and from North Eastern Nebraska southwest clipping the metro and extending down to just north of Joplin MO

  • f00dl3

    Southeast not Southwest – my bad :)

  • Kcchamps

    gfs show around 4-6″ of snow sunday, lets wait and see what the models do tommorow and friday

  • Bryan

    ok measured 7″ here in extreme western Wyandotte County.

  • f00dl3

    I think it’s rather pathetic how road crews are handling this. I-635 had to be shutdown from K-32 north past I-70 due to dozens of vehicles getting stuck. I-35 is shutdown at Cambridge right now due to vehicles stuck. Roads are terrible out there. Did they run out of sand or salt or something tonight? I don’t remember roads being this bad from 5-8″ of snow before – last year we had blizzards and everything and we didn’t have to have highways shut down for 5, 6 hour timeframes for them to get around to clearing the roads. What’s up with KDOT? The Johnson County police scanner activity is crazy with vehicles getting stuck on ramps, hills, etc..

    • ravenscroft

      Yea,as I left work earlier all road were just horrid. No sign of any road crews at work here on the Mo. side.

    • mowermike

      I agree somewhat, but if you look at this storm, most of the accum. happened in about a 6-8 hour window. Hard to keep up with that.

      • f00dl3

        But allowing snow to get to “10 inches deep” on the ramp from I-635 NB to I-70 EB (according to police scanner reports)…. I don’t think they even touched that highway.

  • smmikeman

    So what did Gary say for the rest of the night?

  • angvic00

    Gary and Jeff
    Thanks for all the weather coverage this afternoon and evening. You and the rest of the crew at NBC have a safe trip home.

  • mowermike

    Gary, you keep saying that we can make some snow creations on TV. You can’t make snow creations out of dust.

    lighter snows now on the westside of Liberty, measured 7.9 inches around 10:00, might get up to 9 if we can maintain this lighter snow activity.

  • dpollard

    6.5 inches in Blue Springs at 10:25

  • Just measured 7.1 inches here in KC North. Final snowfall measurement for tonight as snow is tapering off. May remeasure in the morning.

  • weatherfanatic

    He said about up to two inches.

  • numbers

    Ok. Please tell me the roads will be cleared by early Saturday!! When do the JoCo crews start plowing the neighborhood side streets?

  • sehawk

    We measured 7 inches here in Olathe, around 8:30 tonight. It is now measuring 10 inches.

  • weatherfanatic

    Still snowing pretty good on 75th and state line on the Missouri side.

  • LSSnowHusker

    7″ here on the South side of Longview Lake and still coming down at a moderate clip. Incredibly light pow-pow. Perfect for skiing!

  • weatherfreaker

    No slowing in the snow intensity in Lee’s Summit/KCMO border!!! It is DEEP out here!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • lillis

    still coming down hard looks like at least 8 inches here in SE Olathe

  • I measured in 4 spots here in Riverside and we are 6 1/2 inches and still coming down

  • wxwatcher

    11:00 pm in Osawatomie…not quite 3.25 inches…just a very, very fine snow coming down…feels kind of like a crunchy, crystal texture.

  • Kcchamps


    Latest GFS snow map shows 12-14″ of snow. subtract 6″ (thats from this storm) and thats the total for the friday and sunday snow

  • weatherfanatic

    So about six to eight inches.

  • cryptonate

    I here some people saying the roads are bad and that the road crews are doing a bad job. Come on people, this is why we are in a Winter Storm Warning and have been since 10pm last night. This storm came in during rush hour, so the plows were in the traffic same as the other drivers. Please give these guys a break, there is a lot of pavement to try to clear in a short amount of time. Thanks and be careful out there if you have to go out.

    • Kole Christian

      Very good point. Plus the road crews around here are not designed for this amount of snow in just a short time. Kdot and modot are more used to the typical 3-4 inches of slushy snow.

  • weatherfanatic

    So the Sunday storm would be six to eight inches?

  • weatherfanatic

    Wow. If that pans out there would be about fourteen to fifteen inches of snow.

  • Weatherfreak01

    The snow on top of my arbor looks like glitter it is so sparkly.

    On a different note, some people have no choice about driving in this weather. My eldest daughter is out in it right now. She is taking her dog to an emergency vet. I am worried about her driving in this mess..

  • weatherfreaker

    Where is Gary Lezak??? Why is he not responding to any blogs during such a major winter event (or someone not responding for him)????????? This only happens once in a very few yars after all….duly noted….

    • I am sorry, it just got so busy. I had been at work since around noon and I just got wiped out.

      There are more bands of snow rotating in!


      • Kole Christian


        How much more snow could Kc get as of midnight?

      • weatherfreaker

        I understand Gary. I apologize! I just got excited over the snow event. I’m glad you made it home safely. Thanks for all you do! You are the best, the most accurate, and I only listen to you!!!

  • There’s some nice returns in north central ks and south central nebraska moving southeast!

  • McCabe58

    weatherfreaker it’s almost midnight and the snow is about to be over… what’s there to report? Got close to 8″ in Blue Springs

  • f00dl3

    Looks like some re-development occcuring in Northeast Kansas.

  • CL13

    6.25″ 2 miles west of Gardner, KS. It’s still coming down pretty steadily here.

  • huskerz

    got about 7.5 inches of snow in shawnee Kansas. Very nice storm.

  • wxwatcher

    I would just like to say Hats Off to Gary, his team and all of the bloggers for all the information they provided to us today. It really helps to have the updates, the notifications from the bloggers on when and where it started snowing, as well as the amounts of each location. I did try to post the Road reports for MO and KS, to no avail. (I Guess I need to learn how to do that in order for it to post)I do these maps may have helped those traveling, as well. Good Job All and Many, Many Thanks! JMO from Osawatomie.

  • nickskytonix

    Keep an eye WNW, there looks to be potential with (some) energy on the back side of this. It may fill in a bit with up to moderate pockets.

  • wxwatcher

    Oops…I didn’t check my grammar, and now I see a mistake…I meant to say that I do THINK these maps may have helped those traveling, as well…sorry!

  • mbilar1

    Looks like all done here in Grain Valley for a while but for flurries.

  • Still snowing in NKC… Measured 8 inches.

  • dpollard

    mbilar1..better look out the window again, another band moving through and more to come off and on in the next 4-5 hours..maybe totaling 1″ more to what we have.