Much Needed Rain

Good Morning bloggers!


What a beautiful Saturday sunrise after some much-needed rain overnight.

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The widespread rain has moved east and most of us our dry now, but how much rain did we see last night?


Some spots like Emporia, KS only got three hundredths of an inch compared to Chillicothe, MO got 2.53″ of rain.  How much rain did you guys get?

The forecast moving forward is mainly dry, but a cold front that will sink south throughout the morning and afternoon hours may have a few storms that fire up along and ahead of it throughout the afternoon.


The front will be south of us by this evening and our winds will be out of the northwest for tonight and tomorrow.  Also, I took rain chances out for Sunday, but there could be an isolated shower, but overall we should be dry.  Also, a nice warm up next week with temperatures up in the lower 90s.

Kalee Dionne

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24 comments to Much Needed Rain

  • AW

    .06 inches doesn’t do much. I feel like it’s teasing me.

  • Emaw

    .24″ in north Olathe.

  • j-ox

    .35″ in NW Lawrence.

  • VerySkeptical

    Down south is getting dry again…where is Mike to bring them irrigation?

  • sedsinkc

    Measly 0.03″ in KC North. Was in Michigan for all the rain action last week. Had around 3″ at my house. I get back to town and it’s like nothing has changed.

  • Hume-Dude

    I lucked out and managed to get enough showers to drop 1/2″ in the gauge at the farm in Vernon, co. I think I got about 1/3″ at my house in Shawnee,ks nice cell came through around 3:30am

  • Drought Miser

    Drought Miser reporting live from Merriam Ks, near the sight of the new Ikea plant… not quite a half inch in the old rain gauge here in Merriam. did run into some good T-Showers coming home from Council Bluff’s last night Folk’s and Farmers up there are blessed with nice green lawns and corn taller then me not to mention Beans as tall as corn!!!

  • OP-Merriam-Line

    .73 at 68th and Antioch.

  • Fat_Louie

    what happened to the “Wet Pattern” ?

  • robyn corzine

    I was going to comment on JD’s blog but the comments are closed?

    I like the way JD said “model guidance”. The models are exactly that a tool to be used with other tools. So many on here take the models as gospel.

    Looks like the sprinklers will be coming on while I’m gone as not much water fell. Hope the chances later in the week pan out!

  • luvsno

    Why can’t we comment on JD’s blog ? Is this how it is going to be when he puts the blog out ? What….because we wanted to talk sports along with the weather ? The least he could do is give an explanation in his blog write-up.
    I had noticed the last few times that he does not answer questions . That’s ok by me, it’s his blog.
    So I will take my questions elsewhere. The JL on the furry animal answers questions…and so did/does Gary when he puts out this blog. Won’t bother asking JD any questions if he opens comments again.

    • Dobber

      It is a nicely written blog.

      • luvsno

        I agree. Nicely written blog. I guess we can wait until the week day blogs to comment on JD’s weekend blogs.
        Wonder where Jeff is…..he writes nice weekend blogs too, but he is not on this weekend. It was only a couple of weeks ago that he was promoted to weekend morning Met. But vacation already ?

  • Hockeynut69

    Another blog written and more closed comments. Well I hope we can get something from the slight chances ahead. The heat this week will be rough on the yards without precipitation. Looks like we could see some highs in the 70’s the following week.

    • Dobber

      Oh well about that.

      You know mr hockey, if we can get through the next 7-10 days it’s all downhill from here. Can’t wait for our first frost.

    • mowermike


      We have had close to 5 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks, the yards will be fine as long as you water a bit. We may catch some rain before the heat kicks in and we will likely turn wet again early next week. I think the turf will be fine as long it is watered a bit later in the week. The new and clay soil yards will stress. Yet another summer month and we have had all irrigation systems off for our properties for the last 2 weeks.

      No drought!!


      Not even close.

      • Hockeynut69

        Mike- According to stormwatch.com the sensor at 96th & Flintlock has received 3.23″ in the past four weeks. .8″ per week is much less than the recommended 1.5-2″ you need this time of year. This particular area has received less than others like KCI which had 5 inches. Rain or sprinklers running is needed especially with the upcoming heat.

        • Dobber

          It’s still wet where I’m at mr hockey

        • mowermike


          I use the 96th and Upper Shoal creek one as it is 1.3 miles from my house. It has 4.83 in it this month and my personal recording at my house shows 4.56 for the month. So, pretty close. I would imagine that the 96th and Flintlock one would be similar. It’s only like 1 mile from the 96th and Upper Shoal Creek one.

          “recommended 1.5-2″ you need this time of year”

          Yes, many say this, but, with the beautiful temps and ample rain the first 11 days of the month, we had enough to last 2 weeks in the soil. It being green helps also. Now, this week, high dewpoints and very little wind, if you put .50 inch to 1 inch on it now and keep it long, it will make it to next week’s cold front. Soil make-up and mowing practices can determine how much to water also. It sounds like we’re in the same area, I have not once ran the sprinklers this month. Now, I have great soil underneath as I top-dress this lot with black dirt before we completed the construction and sodded. That goes a long ways when it comes to preserving water.

          Water deep, not often. Sounds like you must be in the neighborhood of Copperleaf or Woodneath?? Love that area!

          Go Royals!

          The Chiefs need some DB’s and some O-line men. With Charles, Kelsea, Davis, Bowe, Facsano, and the speedy Thomas, we stand a chance to score some points. Your going to see a lot of miss direction plays from the Chiefs offense this year with all those speed backs. A lot of play action to keep the pass rush at a hold….

  • Dobber

    Talk about killing a blog ….. Wow.

  • Bill Z.

    The Chiefs need WR’s. Charles can’t have the ball 50 times a game. Chiefs won’t sniff the playoffs with the lack of offense they have.

  • yewtrees

    Chiefs QB Aaron Murray’s girlfriend will join KSHB