Much lower snowfall totals than expected

Good morning bloggers,

The snowfall accumulations were not as high as we expected for one main reason.  The temperatures were 32-33 instead of 29-30 like we had thought.  So, the first 3-4 hours of snow that occurred from 8 AM to noon melted as temperatures were in the mid 30s.  We likely would have had 2-3″ by midnight.  Them once temperatures dropped to 32 around midnight and the snow increased, it began to accumulate, but there has been compacting due to the weight of the wet snow.  Amounts across the city are 4 to 5″ and we will likely see another 2-4″, but it may compact to 1-2″ more.

After 10-11 AM, temperatures will rise 1-2 degree and the sun being up (not out) will stop the accumulation.

We will have an update later.

Jeff Penner

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61 comments to Much lower snowfall totals than expected

  • spaceotter

    I don’t know, I have near 7 in the 83rd and Metcalf area. May have been some drifting involved in that. I’ll bundle up and find a sheltered area a little later.

    If it is 7 your forecast verified for my location.


    Have had heavy snow since about 1030 pm last night with temps at or below freezing in Platte City all night. We have had good accumulation and even with compacting we are approaching 6″ . Winds make it hard to get a great measurement but the rates are covering roads 10 min after plows come through.

  • Twistersis

    The folks on your blog were diligent about keeping track of temperatures in their area. I could see that this was going to have a huge impact. That said, these few inches appear to be causing power outages and other mayhem…so just as well we didn’t get the predicted amount!


    Im lovin how it’s just sitting there bringing the precip straight west into LS. I see the snow just lingering on until atleast 2pm

  • rkcal

    Next time, pay heed, all who forecast, beware the TEMPS

  • Cacti51

    I have 8″ that has accumulated on my picnic table (had nothing on it before this second round) and 5″ on the driveway at 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe

  • spaceotter

    Grr..my power is really trying to go out. Hope it holds.

  • erock89

    I have 6.5 inches in Prairie Village post your amounts and locations people!

  • weatherkcmo

    Wow what a disappointment. Oh well. Those temps just wouldn’t bud like you thought.

    • erock89

      how much snow have you got weatherkcmo? How do you consider this a disappointment…. Stop being so negative go enjoy this beautiful sight! :) Ill give you credit though you did say temps would affect snow totals, Im ok with getting 9-12 instead of 10-14 especially with this heavy snow.

      • spaceotter

        Which would still be within the forecast amounts…even prior to the revision late last night. Some people just feel better when they talk down to others erock89.


    Bad thing is that there is a layer if ice under the snow. From compacting and the sleet on the onset of the storm. Totals may not be as high but this is a different beast than last snow we had. More dangerous.

    Gary just said only two more hours but I am skeptical of that. Guess we will see.

  • goldenroads

    Power out in Gardner.
    Several inches of snow & still snowing. Not sure how much, due lots of blowing & drifting.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    about 6-7 inches of snow in South Olathe.

  • Freeze Miser

    Well, it’s a least pretty! I’m sort of bummed out that we didn’t get the huge amount of snow but at the same time I’m hopeful that we’ll be back at school tomorrow.

    Okay, Heat Miser, you can now proceed with Spring.

    • erock89

      freeze miser what area do you live in? How much snow have you gotten? I have gotten 6.5-7 so far Gary said wed possibly get another 1-3 inches before noon. Then another 1-3 tonight/tomorrow morning. I honestly dont think school will be in session. Atleast my part of town (prairie Village)

      • Freeze Miser

        Hello erock89….I’m in eastern Independence right about 291 and 24 highways. I just measured a tad bit over 5″ of new snow on my deck. It’s still snowing right now here so I suppose we can pick up some more.

        It’s funny how “not cold” it seems outside.

    • HeatMiser

      I will proceed wit spring after tonight’s mini-storm, you know, the one you created to give us a dusting to two inches?

  • weatherkcmo

    I thought this thing was supposed to persist throughout the day?

  • lvksguy

    Not much at all up here in Leavenworth, maybe 3″. Sticky stuff though. Not complaining, but seems like the snowpocolypse gave us in the north a huge pass.

  • u10girls

    I am so happy that the Temps stayed up so several inches melted. The faster it melts the better. Spring is just a few days away!!!! I cannot wait for Sunny and 70’s.

  • douglas6280

    I just shoveled a path for my dog and I have right at 9″ on my deck that was clear of snow before this started. I am near 143rd and Switzer in south OP. Be safe everyone!


    Exactly, Pilot, this storm regardless of the amount has it’s weapons, and think this will go on till almost noon then lingering on till evening.

  • craigmac

    Looks like it is going to stop snowing by 9AM. It is utterly amazing how unpredictable weather still is even with all of the computer models and radar that we have.

  • blue8091

    Still snowing and I’m right in line with others in my area (S OP) and have about 6-7. Wind gusts seem to have picked up. Branches on trees are caked – which is scary/beautiful at the same time.

  • Henley

    I’m here in southern Lees Summit, I don’t have anything to measure with but it seems like we got more than others are reporting. I also have a large pine tree down

  • partyon

    Here in Odessa, I have received 8 to 9 inches on sheltered and previously snow covered areas. Went to 32.5 degress last night as soon as it started snowing moderately and went to 32.0 and below about 11 PM. I would say 1 to 2 inches lost due to melt and another 1 or 2 for compaction, which would get us to a minimum of 10-12 inches if the temp had been 29 or 30 to begin with(you could even add another inch for increased snow ratio at that temp). if we get another 2 or 3 inches, that would get us up to 14-15 inches. That would get us into Gary’s last snowfall forecast of 14-20 before the snow started. So not too bad of a forecast.
    Of course, you could argue that he should have been able to take all these factors into consideration ahead of time and adjust his forecasted amounts accordingly.
    I think also that the storm moving in after the atmospheric heating of the day played the most important part in the temps not coming down. If the storm had moved in Monday morning instead of slowing down, it may have been a much more efficient snow maker.

  • goldenroads

    Garfner has power again! Was out for about 1.5 hours.

  • craigmac

    Where is the snow going to come from for tonight? Rotation of this storm?

  • Sky

    When I walked the dogs at 6:30a this morning (dodging fallen tree branches!), we had 6-7 inches near Corporate Woods in OP and it was – and is – still coming down. So it looks like we will make your range of 7-14″ – just on the lower end (thank goodness!). The good news: this snow will make a great snowman later on!

  • lvvball

    Up by 20th and Eisenhower in Leavenworth we have about 5 in. Heavy wet snow. Power has flickered on and off for hours since about 5am.

  • weatherjoy

    8am- South Raytown- 8 inches, still snowing hard. Power lines sparking, neighbors have lost 1/2 a tree.

  • nerd in lansing

    Not the case in Lansing ks 7.5 in accumulated since 10 last night. I see no end in sight for Lansing

  • Kole Christian

    KCI reporting 8 inches. That’s pretty close to where I live and we have at least that much, still snowing hard, so I’m at a rare location that got what was predicted. I knew temps weren’t going to be a problem at least at my place.

  • tushchaser1

    It snowed. It snowed last week too. We have received more snowfall in the last two snows than we did in the last two years, combined. Schools are not in session, a state of emergency was declared, businesses closed…what more can someone want?

    I am continually surprised by the level of emotion demonstrated by those on the blog, from being depressed that the snow didn’t happen as forecasted or excited that a model showed 20 inches of snow. If people would put display the same amount of emotions towards more important things in life, all would be better.

    Snow falls, it melts, life goes on. Be happy we got snow, be happy the farmers got moisture, and be happy that we may have finally broken the “snow drought.”

  • looks to be at least 7 inches of new snow here in Olathe…but wow heavy snow moving in now so its not over yet..

  • salukiman

    8″ on cleared area of my deck in Cleveland, MO

  • weatherjoy

    I agree – seems like we here in South KC are getting what was predicted- the lower end, but still…. Great job Gary and team!

  • FlyenHigh

    total are much lower than expected but still looks awesome outside! its coming down hard here in OP still right now.

  • windyinmarshallmo

    We have about 10 inches here.


    8″ in Platte City. Finally able to get out in he light and measure. We have drifts if 2 feet in some areas. The snow has picked up with large flakes. Wind is howling.

    Hang in there cousin Heat, Monday is looking interesting again

  • weatherkcmo

    Snow is weakening. Not sure how much I have yet but it does look pretty outside. Worried about the trees.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    8 inches in south Olathe

  • snowlover71

    South Overland Park maybe 4-5 inches. I am disappointed. I was really excited for a historic snowstorm, one my kids could remember. It is pretty, but they could have gone to school and I wish we would have gotten more.

  • partyon

    tushchaser1, most people on this blog are weather enthusiasts. To them, and me, weather is one of the more important things in our lives along with family, community, politics, and job. Perhaps if more people paid attention to the world around them, outside of their iphones and reality TV, it would be a better place. I myself find it amazing and sad how uniformed, uninterested, unconcerned and uninvolved most people are about the weather and most other important things until the media tells them to be concerned with their twisted and sensationalized view. That level of willful ingnorance is what leads to much suffering and death from predictable events, be it a hurricane, tornado, corrupt government, etc. Having lived in KC for 35 of my 45 years breeds the “level of emotion” you witness. Us enthusiasts want that “one giant storm” of 18 inches or more and will always be dissappointed when it doesn’t happen. We have been closer in the last 5 years with some of the events we have had than I can remember. Some folks in the KC metro and closed by have even had it. But for me, and where I live, not yet. We had 14-15 inches in one storm back in the winter of 2009/10. Oh so close! Warrensburg, 20 miles away had 21″.
    okie, rant completed!

  • lvvball

    just went and measured in different places to try to get more accurate measurements…..I have measured 5in up to 8 in. but I know that there has been blowing.

  • craigmac

    Looking for another 1″ tonight. No school tomorrow for most of the viewing area.

  • ChrisK

    Approx 8″ of snow – 3.5 miles North I70/Grain Valley exit.

  • CityofPrisons

    I have a solid 7″ of snow in Leavenworth, and it is probably approaching 8″ by now. Still snowing pretty good here as of almost 9 am.

    My place of employment has been without power all morning.

  • ArmyMa

    St Joseph – 6-8 inches of new snow and still falling hard. Our bird feeder is very popular! I/O thermo says 33 but that’s up near the house. Great coverage, weather team, and I agree with Tush! It’s Weather – we have no control over it. I’m just gonna enjoy it, and be glad I live indoors!

  • Twistersis

    If you still have power, do the following: get out flashlights, extra batteries, blankets. Charge up the electronic devices. Quickly hard boil all those eggs you bought along with the milk and bread. Store the milk and hard boiled eggs in a snowdrift. Amass all the dogs and cats you can…in case you have to bank them around you for warmth. Get out all the flannels, wools, blankets, heavy socks. And if you want, put a bottle or two of wine in your outside refrigerator (snowdrift). Then sit back, look outside and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed on us.

  • Ladybug

    I measured about 7.5 inches in Shawnee near I-35 and 67th Street. I measured in seveal places on the sidewalks and driveway which were clear of snow prior to this storm.

  • caracol

    7 inches 127th $ Switzer in OP.