Morning Update & Snowfall Totals

Good morning bloggers,

Snowfall totals:

  • Louisburg, KS:  9.0″
  • Greenwood, MO:  8.3″
  • Overland Park, KS:  8.2″
  • KSHB-TV:  8.0″
  • Prairie Village, KS:   7.5″
  • McLouth, KS:  7.0″
  • Lawrence, KS:  6.2″
  • Leavenworth, KS:  5.5″

I saw lightning and heard thunder around 5 AM while I was walking Breezy & Stormy on the Plaza. The snow was coming down so hard. We are now up to 7 inches of snow here on the Plaza!  Here is the 6:30 AM radar image with the heaviest snow just southeast of Kansas City:


And, here is the bigger picture as the storm is spinning by to our south.  We will continue to be in the snow for a few more hours.


Let us know how much snow you have received.  And, check out the maturing storm as of 7 AM on our watervapor satellite picture:



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119 comments to Morning Update & Snowfall Totals

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    7 inches so Far… South Olathe


    5 1/2 inches up north in Platte City

  • windyinmarshallmo

    Around 1 to 1.5 inches here.

  • Twistersis

    Guesstimate at 103rd and Metcalf, about 6″ based upon height of snow on labrador retrievers legs! Sorry, Gary, I’m on grandma duty this week and can’t get outdoors yet…until the grandchild is ready to go out to play!

  • Drought Miser

    Just 6″ here on my deck railing in Merriam thinking some blew off when wind picked up last night.

  • jcinkc

    3.5 inches in Gladstone.

  • f00dl3

    8″ near downtown Lenexa so far.

  • grassmankc

    About 8.5″ in Greenwood MO. Still snowing moderately at 30 degrees.

  • westonhere

    About 8 inches in weston still snowing but more like a mini blizzard now. More blowing snow than snow falling.

  • blue8091

    Gary! You just said on air more snow tomorrow!! Ack! Say it aint so Joe! I’m guessing I have about 7″ or so judging from snow piled on deck here in S OP. Light blowing.

  • Cacti51

    Measured 8-9″ on my deck in different spots at 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Snow is blowing around a lot.! Just went outside and measured and got 7-9” in different spots

  • donovan1972

    7 1/2 – 8 ” independence @ 39th and phelps or a mile NE of I-70 & Noland Rd

  • MikeT1

    i’m guessing about 7 inches here in PV near 83rd and Roe.

    7:50 a.m. just got back from taking the wife down to the WW1 museum. left for there just past 7. streets were snowpacked, but KCMO had evidentally made at least one pass along ward parkway, 63rd, brookside blvd and main. passable, but don’t get caught at a red light on a hill!! KS side was pretty good too except the side streets, but PV crews had made one pass on some of those too.

  • kiwifruit

    I’m in Gladstone and just measured various spots ranging from just below 4″ on parts of the driveway to a hair under 7″ on the lawn so I think the actual totals may a little higher than what JcinKC posted…

  • farmingnolkes

    5 to7 with 12 to 18 inch drifts on east West Country roads the cows an baby’s aren’t fans of it

  • randomthoughts

    Radar estimates from nws say 8-10 for Lawrence and Baldwin City. Blowing around too much to get a real accurate measurement.

  • grassmankc

    9.5″ in Greenwood. Still snowing good but snowflakes are getting smaller.

  • jeffnskc

    9″ at 119th & State Line.

  • lsmowatcher

    Husband driving back from Columbia. He said near white out conditions. Only going about 20 mph. Wish he would have waited.

  • kcpurpledog

    Measured the patio table, which is protected by wind, so there is a nice big doughnut….between 8 and 8.5 inches. 143rd and Nieman Rd., SW Overland Park.

  • Eswar

    8.7 inches total in SE Olathe. About 5 inches from the 2nd part of this storm system.

  • kcpurpledog

    Uhhhh….NWS, you may want to update your range of expected snowfall from 5-7 inches to 5-10 inches. Oh, that’s what Gary said. Good job Gary, as usual. Ok, the NWS did say locally higher amounts possible, but it seems the forecast area will generally be 6-9 inches and a few spots will probably touch 10 with the lighter snows now coming down the rest of the day.

  • windyinmarshallmo

    3 inches here will be all melted in a few days.

  • dudelove

    Just wondering where the snow naysayers are on this blog? Surely all the rain professors and the poof-ologists aren’t snowed in are they?

    • kcpurpledog

      You mean the snowtrolls right? LOL. Can the trolls all now say, ok, Gary, good job and now we understand why you give a range of 5-10, because when the storm ends, it looks like some will have 5 or 6 and some have 9 or 10?

      • Rock Hardon

        I am just glad to see all of the snow fairies prancing and dancing around in a highly aroused and hyperventilated state of self induced ecstacy based on something so simple as snow. I guess the old saying is true: The simplest of people enjoy the simplest of pleasures

  • JanaW

    WOW! Must be 3 inches out here in SE KC. Definitely the worst storm we’ve seen all week.

  • Skylar

    Here is a map of estimated snowfall totals, just zoom in.


  • Henley

    I live about 2 miles from Greenwood and have 4″ so don’t quite understand the stated total of 8″

    • Drought Miser

      I questioned that total also… the change over occurred to late out there.

      • kcpurpledog

        You may be right….maybe it’s just timing. I’d be shocked if that spot didn’t end up with similar numbers as this really is a broad storm and not one with sharp cut-offs, at least not til you get way, way north of the metro area.

      • Dwight

        Drought Master. It was snowing heavily by 6 pm last night in Pleasant Hill, just a few miles se of Greenwood. We have about 9 on top of the picnic table.

    • kcpurpledog

      Not saying I don’t believe you and there can be sharp cut-offs, but that doesn’t seem to align with any maps or other reports from places even further east and even south.

    • Dwight

      what are you measuring on, Henley? patio, grass, table? I’m about 4 miles from Greenwood and we have 9 inches on the ground, maybe 6 on the patio.

  • weatherkcmo

    So much for that bullseye southeast of the metro. Seems like the metro and points southwest saw the most.

  • weatherkcmo

    I still can’t believe I’m looking outside my window on March 24th with 8 inches of snow on the ground.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Got 8 inches now… Still snowing, and blowing alot

  • LSPeter

    Here in SW Lee’s Summit, I shoveled 6 inches off the driveway at 6:30am, and there’s another 2 inches on it right now.

  • Joseph Tay

    Probably be some drift measuring either by error or to validate a persons prediction

  • kcpurpledog

    Anyone know what KCI if officially reporting?

  • funwweather

    Measured in three spots & have 9 to 9.5″ in SE Raytown.

  • funwweather

    Also will add that from 5-6am there was consistent thunder & very heavy snow…maybe the result of a thunder snow.

  • Teachermom

    7 inches in driveway. 8.5 in yard, semi-sheltered area. Average of 3 measures. OP area, roughly 87th and I-35.

  • OlatheMatt

    Went out to walk the dog and let her run around, but its hard to enjoy walking around outside in the snow with this awful wind blowing in your face!

  • donovan1972

    Holding steady at


    :)Independence :)


  • Skylar

    If you’re looking for more official storm reports, the NWS posts them on here. Just click in the different numbers highlighted in blue.


  • MotherNature

    LOL did HeatMiser pass out from his snow fever?

  • lvksguy

    Measuring 5.5 inches here in Leavenworth.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    8.25 inches now..

  • Casebier

    East of McLouth…yard measures 6.5 to 7.5.

    In the pastures and driveway 3 foot drifts.
    It has covered my daffodils :).

  • McCabe58

    The greenwood, mo measurement is accurate. I live in pleasant hill and we got close to that

  • Dwight

    Official snow total measurements are taken over time, with the previous measured snow being wiped away and new accumulation measured and added to the total. This takes away the compacting snow factor and gives you an accurate reading. So while you may be “seeing” 7 or 8 you most likely would have more if you used the scientific method for determining total snowfall.
    With this snow being so weighted early on, it is no wonder it compacted and kept visible totals below actual totals.

    • Drought Miser

      That makes since… the snow did seem to compress itself inwards. I will remember that tip for the next storm when do you clear it every hour then remeasure and add them all up or every half hour?

  • Coach KC

    6 inches near I-435 and NE 96th Street

  • erock89

    7.5-8 inches in prairie village off Lamar and 76th

  • WeatherNerd

    9″ total in Louisburg, KS

  • Drought Miser

    I’m going with a solid eight here in Merriam taking in to account .75″ worth’s of compression.

  • blueflash

    8 inches in West Central Independence

  • luvsno

    Are we supposed to get more tomorrow ? I hope not !!!!
    DONE with this winter….even though the snow did not start until Feb 22, it was a very cold winter before that.

  • sedsinkc

    6.5 inches in KC North just S of Gladstone.

  • sedsinkc

    With this storm, KCI’s seasonal total should be over 30 inches. That means 3 of the last 4 winters KCI has received over 30 inches of snow.

    • kcpurpledog

      Seds….do you know what kci is reporting from this storm? I’m at 143rd and Nieman (Switzer). This puts my total for season at just over 35 inches. That’s amazing when we had around 5 up til the last week of February. My total is 5 even up til the first storm in February. 13 total from the 1st storm, 8 from the 2nd February storm, an inch earlier this week and 8.5 from this one.

      • sedsinkc

        No, I don’t know the storm total. As of 7 a.m. KCI reported 3 inches since midnight and a seasonal total of 30.3 inches. I’m sure they had quite a bit more with yesterday’s snow and whatever fell after 7 a.m.

  • Farmgirl

    Wow, we got really huge drifts in La Cygne. And it looks like the wind blew from several directions last night. Every side of the barn has snow stuck to it.

    I am averaging about 9 inches in La Cygne.

    Sunshine is out now. Bring on the MELT!

  • Kimberly

    6 inches at 101st and Lamar.

  • Skylar

    This really isn’t the kind of satellite picture you’d expect one week from the 1st of April.


  • looks to be about 8-9 inches here in SE Olathe. Darn I slept thru the thundersnow!

  • TheSnowMiser

    Right at 5.5″ here in South LS at Pryor & 150. I’m at the Price Chopper near Greenwood and I don’t see 8″ of snow. Maybe 5-6″.

  • kcpurpledog

    Urgggggggggggggggg….Can’t watch the tourney games. I have directv and it’s totally out from too much snow. Up on roof, so I’m not going up there. I hope it compacts and slides off or I’m heading to a bar. Anyone want to join?

  • windyinmarshallmo

    Starting to melt pretty good here snow could be all gone by tuesday.

  • McCabe58

    Officially confirmed, greenwood, mo got 8.6″ of snow last night/this morning. Don’t believe it? That’s your problem lol

  • mamaof3girls

    Pleasanton KS 7 inches. Very wet!!

  • frigate

    Had 5 inches here in Grain Valley. I think lower total as the rain and snow mix kept the amount down here…the snow didn’t start collecting on grass here until around 10PM. Now…all you snow and winter lovers should be happy, so can the rest of us now enjoy spring, I’ve had more than my fill of snow and cold and dreary cloudy days!!!! ARG!!!!

  • kellyinLS

    We had 8-9 inches on our deck in Lees Summit (close to Wal-Mart). Haven’t measured anywhere else but it seems pretty deep in the yard too.

  • chiefs

    I can also confirm the Greenwood amount got 8+ at my house as well


    Good news is we got snow. Lots of great moisture and the roads aren’t bad at all. This will all melt faster in next couple days. But im hoping for a ground saturating slow melt.

    Our totals were on the low end of the forecast mainly due to temperatures but 6 inches is nothing to complain about. Platte City.

  • Overbrook

    Measured just shy of 10″ in protected areas just after 6:00 this morning. It was still snowing some then, but tapered off by 8:00. Less than an additional 1″ accumulation for a total of 10.5-10.75 inches. I’ll have to double check, but I think that puts my area up over 33 inches total now. Crazy…

  • LarryA

    NW Lawrence received 6.2″, with water content of 0.83″

  • momoftriplets

    For those of you having trouble with your satellite dishes, put de-icer in a super soaker water gun and shoot it. It works great. I’ve been doing this for years. :)

  • Suzq

    I have a good solid 6″ (152 & N.Oak) That doesn’t include precip before it started accumulating though.

  • OlatheMatt

    Get your dogs out in an open field and have some fun today before it gets too slushy and nasty!


  • TeacherInStJoe

    I measured 6 inches off the trash cans in back yard. It was the closest flat surface. I figured it would be closest to how much fell since it was an elevated service and the snow would stick to it quickly.

  • TeacherInStJoe

    I measured 6 inches off the trash cans in back yard her in St. joe. It was the closest flat surface. I figured it would be closest to how much fell since it was an elevated service and the snow would stick to it quickly.

  • Lilydale

    8 inches measured on deck patio table (near Crysler baseball stadium in Indi ). Maybe HeatMiser is hiding so snow doesn’t melt! Love this blog, Gary! Lots of fun reading comments, great info, just have to ignore the ones who abuse it! Time for a snow angel!!

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    When I walked the dogs this morning, it measured approximately 8.5″. Some spots where higher (about a foot-foot and a half) due to drifting and wind, but this measurement was from the flat surface areas where the wind wasn’t a factor.

    (West Side of Paola, just outside of town)

    Winds are still blowing like crazy!

    I couldn’t tell the color of my front door this morning…the snow had stuck and put an 1/8-1/4″ layer of snow from top to bottom! That was cool, until the heat of the house slipped out the door with me and it started puddling down onto the floor in giant glops of slush.

  • Alex Pickman

    I measured 4.5″ here in St. Joe.

    Nice little late March snow here. parts on my deck rail had like six, but that was just the way the snow was rolling of the roof with the wind. Im just off of Frederick. I would bet based on radar trends last night that the south end has over 5″

    Lets bring on the warm weather now, im ready for mushroom season.

  • Henley

    Spent most of the morning out and about in the southern 2/3 of Lees Summit, anyone who says they got 8″ in this area is crazy. 4″ is all I saw. You can tell by just how much the plows have pushed…this wasn’t an 8″ snow.

    • Dwight

      Henley, there wasn’t 8″ on the roads. They probably only got 4 on the roads as it took quite a while for the road temps to fall so that the rate of melt slowed.
      You can’t argue with dozens of people reporting 8 inches on their lawns.

  • NCSUguy77

    That 5″ of snow is about 8-9″ of compressed snow over time…

  • McCabe58

    8″ was right Henley, buy a ruler next time. Your eyes are failing you.

  • Joseph Tay

    They are lying or measuring drifts, most likely the former as I don’t think the people on this particular blog are stupid enough to measure drifts but they will lie, lol

    • Skylar

      Official reports indicate a minimum of 5″ in the metro, with the majority of the city seeing 6-8″. The only places with less than that are far off to the north and southeast.

  • HeatMizer

    Here I am

  • HeatMizer

    I changed my mind….i HATE snow.

  • I’m starting to like WeatherNation, alot better than TWC almost like Wx Plus was. “http://weathernationtv.com/OnTV”

  • Lilydale

    HeatMiser….the bag is afire!!!! Lol what changed your mind?

  • Theo

    Check the spelling, idiots. Just like mowermike and kcpurplehog posting on Theo1. HeatMiser is not HeatMizer. I’m convinced this blog is just filled with dumbasses.

  • Theo

    And KSHB will do nothing about it. Minions rule. Praise Gary, you stay, no matter what. Dissent and you are banned.

  • Lilydale

    Theo, you must be a perfect person in every way. We are so blessed to have your wise words on this blog. Have a wonderfully perfect day in your non- idiot world. So sad you can’t take a joke.

  • sdsfcc

    No more than 5″ in my yard here in Lexington. The streets are and have been clear throughout the day.

  • McCabe58

    Dusting-1″ possible tomorrow

  • erock89

    So we getting that inch of snow tomorrow?

  • Emaw

    I’m going with 2-4 tomorrow, snowshowers will intensify right over us, and don’t pay any attention to that 7-day temps won’t get anywhere near that warm, this is just the start folks, mini ice-age coming due to global warming!

  • McCabe58

    Lol @ emaw

  • HeatMiser

    What the……an imposter Heat Mizer!!!! Why, this is an out rage!!!! I wonder if my icicle headed brother is behind this!!!! GRRRRRR!!!! Okay, just for that, I hereby take the reigns from my brother and declare that warm weather is now here to stay!!!! Say hello to Spring!!!! I am in command here now!!!! (er, after the next couple of days play out that is – brother already set that in stone).

  • HeatMiser

    Oh, Go Hawks!!!! You sucked a** in the first half but you kicked it in the second half. Way to pull yourselves out of a comma!!!! That’s three times beating Roy in the Big Dance since he left…Glorious!!!!

  • Emaw

    When do we get an update on tomorrow’s storm?

  • winterfreak

    Tomorrow’s storm? We’re only getting a dusting-1′ out of it. Hardly a storm.

  • winterfreak

    Woops meant 1″ out of it.

  • paxman

    Looks like that’s a wrap, Ladies and Gentleman. PHEW!!!