Morning Showers, Warmer Days Ahead

Good Tuesday morning bloggers,

One last disturbance is moving through this morning and has produced a band of showers that is quickly moving south.  The rest of the day will be dry, breezy and cool with the scattered showers mainly across southern Missouri.

Here is the radar from 830 AM.  Amounts were trace-.05″.  The April showers will help bring the May flowers!


Also, I caught this rainbow on the way to work.  It did not last long, but a nice way to start the day!


Tomorrow morning will start cold, but then much better weather moves in.


If you have been waiting for more than one day in a row of decent Spring weather, you are about to get your wish.  Tomorrow will be windy, but highs will reach near 75° with abundant sunshine.  A cold front will move through Thursday, but it is not that strong, so highs will cool to the 60s to near 70°.  There will still be plenty of sunshine and with the front nearby as high pressure moves in, the winds will be much less.





Friday will also be nice with highs near 70.  Saturday warms into the 70s ahead of another change in the weather.  A strong cold front arrives Saturday night with a good chance of thunderstorms.  Sunday looks windy and cold with a chance of rain, so we will get 4 decent days in a row!

The cold could lead to a freeze next Monday and a few more freezes will be possible, so I would wait to plant the tender vegetation until early May.

Have a great day!

Jeff Penner

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24 comments to Morning Showers, Warmer Days Ahead

  • yewtrees

    El Niño could be strong enough to make 2014 the globally warmest year on record, with 2015 possibly even warmer.


    • Fred Souder

      Hey Yewtrees.
      Here is a very in-depth article on the predicted el nino. It is very informative and breaks things down nicely for the lay person.


      • yewtrees

        Awesome article. Very informative, Thanks Fred.

        • yewtrees

          It is going to be interesting to see how the 2014 El Niño could affect the upcoming hurricane season and summer…continuing onto fall and winter.

          • Drought Miser

            One thing is for certain either Nor Cal or Southern California will reap the harvest in the rain gages out there, flooding and land/mud slides will be the norm either this winter or the next if a true El Nino set’s up.

  • Hume-Dude

    Jeff/Gary – how do think this strong El Nino will affect us? From what I understand, the El Nino pattern can have greatly varying effects, from droughts to floods depending upon your location. All I know is it is something different, which cannot be THAT bad for us considering we have been a drought or drought shadow for a couple years now. Cue MowerMike to enter and tell me we have not been a drought for that duration, only 2012. I will tell you our region (250 mile radius) of KC has had one or more areas affected by drought ever since 2010, with the exception of a few wet periods here and there that fool everyone into thinking we are not in drought. I hate drought and don’t ever like to see it set it, but I know one when I see one. I think it is a pattern very similar to what created the dustbowl in the 30′s. If we know anything about weather it is that it will repeat, so another dustbowl WILL happen but our modern farming techniques now will/have mitigated the disaster.

  • frigate

    Go about 30 miles to the east and there is no and hasn’t been a drought since early last year. There is a sharp and distinct line of where the drought is and ends. This last rain event was a perfect example of that.

    • Pete Capone



      How about Kansas?


    • Hume-Dude

      You are just about right, might be more like 60 miles east but not far at all. I really pity those west of Kansas City, they are in a real bad shape. Take a look at Google earth, and most of Kansas looks like Wyoming or other arid regions, no green anywhere. I am also not looking at wintertime pics either….

      AW – nice try with the snow, but April fools was last week. Highly doubt any snow falls out of this system. The precip. will be far gone by the time our temps tank to freezing levels. Also, TERRYD would be ALL over that if any snow was showing up.

      • terrydsnowy

        It’s is possibley to snow. It will be cold enough. I personally don’t think that we’re done with this know quite yet!

      • AW

        My sources are telling me an inch of rain and a dusting of snow out of this system. And my sources are usually correct.

        • Drought Miser

          It’s still fairly easy for us to get snow still cold air remains prime for the taking in Canada but, once you move into and arrive at the last week of April and first week of May it’s almost nearly impossible save for last year’s freakish cool spring

  • Pete Capone

    But of COURSE, they’re wrong. Right, Adrian Adonis?

  • Drought Miser

    Wowowo the temps have been dropping if you out of the sun and facing north it’s cold out here !! Let’s get this cold weather outta here I’m ready for summer time fun!!!

  • AW

    Snow Sunday night into Monday. Could see up to an inch.

  • Drought Miser

    Oh gosh another fire weather alert coming over my phone this stuff is getting old folk’s!!!

  • batman

    Drought miser you sure do find a lot of time to blog. I thought you werebusy building the Ikea plant?

    Still waititng to find out who the scientist are that Gary refered to in his LRC press release. Anyone have any idea as to whom he was refering to?

  • f00dl3

    Thought Gary said no chance of a drought this spring? D1 just a few miles south of the 435 loop.