More Thunderstorms Miss KC

Good Wednesday bloggers,

Well it is another day this summer with heavy thunderstorms not in KC, but just 20-100 miles north and northwest.  Some days they are south and east. Right now the weather pattern is set up for thunderstorms to form in the western Plains then turn east and northeast into Nebraska, northern Kansas and Iowa to northern Missouri as there was a decent stalled summer cold front to the north.  The thunderstorms yesterday forced the front to I-70, but last night the thunderstorms once again formed north as this is where the best upper flow is located.  There were a few thunderstorms near the front Tuesday evening.

Now, today the thunderstorms have forced an outflow boundary south of KC, which will keep the front near by.  These thunderstorms, while missing KC have at least allowed temperatures to be a few degrees cooler.


So, this afternoon the front/outflow boundary will be set up near I-70.  The new NAM has some nice thunderstorm activity this evening in our area, near KC.  Is this right?  Or, will it be just a few thunderstorms, will they form far to the north?  We will be monitoring this at 41 Action News and have updates all day long.

Have a great day.


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11 comments to More Thunderstorms Miss KC

  • frigate

    Considering how KC keeps missing everything…I’m not getting my hopes up for this afternoon. The outflow boundary however gives me a little hope though! Northern MO, NE KS, SE NE and SW Iowa have been getting dumped on night after night, hopefully our time is coming!

  • Hume-Dude

    I’d like to give this pattern a swift kick in the rear. Bring on Fall already, so sick of this heat and dry weather. I want to see mud, leaves falling, and hunter orange ASAP. Watching these storms go by EVERY single day over the same places is definition of frustrating. They are probably SO sick of the rain, man, can’t remember last time I said I was sick of the rain. It has been years, and years…..can we finally kick out this dry cycle and get some big rains back in the region?

  • Hockeynut69

    Looks like rain to the north and to the south now. The metro area, not so much.

  • Henley

    I guess “rainy days” are a thing of the past….when is the last time we had a true rainy day? The kids are going to be asking their parents “Where did that old timey term ‘save it for a rainy day’ come from?”

  • Hume-Dude

    I am on same page Henley. Seems like I used to chased off my pit by a storm once in awhile, or get caught in a bad storm on my way back and forth from the city to the farm. I always here the Mets say “this storm won’t be a washout” , I ask when is the last time we had a washout anyway, 8 hour period of rain or more? How about 2-3 days of rainy weather? Just doesn’t happen around here anymore, unless an Isaac remnant comes around or something freakish, every system just zips by us and produces elsewhere, basically anywhere but here. Maybe just a dry 10 year cycle, I would think a wet pattern would HAVE to come through eventually.

  • robyn corzine

    41 the official forecast for the Royals? What a joke. I was thinking of heading out to the game and watched the news at 5 and Gary didn’t give a forecast. He said let’s see how it looks like at 6. Really? Please just say pretty good chance of rain or not so good chance of rain. Make a darn call.

    Why is it that Gary is such an attention seeker? If he really wanted to make a splash and get attention I know of one way he could do it and would get a lot of support and praise for it.

  • Drought Miser

    Drought Miser reporting live from Council Bluffs Iowa, well folk’s it’s a down right flood situation up here the corn and soybean are wanting no more rains wish I could send it to KC! ! Yes we are dodging frogs up here it is just nutz up here crazy I tell you! !!

  • AW

    SPC has us in a 30% chance or higher of severe weather on Sunday.
    Accuweather is also saying 2.25 inches of rain Sunday night. Last time, when Accuweather said 1.5 inches of rain, we ended up getting 3.47. So this could very well be a flooding threat.

    • Hume-Dude

      Thats great except there is no chance of rain on Sunday and system not looking all that impressive any more….. Accuweather is not that good in my opinion….gotta look at all forecasts and make an average…NWS is the best

      • luvsno

        Hume……on the new blog this morning Gary says there IS a chance for rain Sunday…..possibly severe.