Mom Update

Good afternoon bloggers,

I have been by my mom’s side for almost seven days now.  Her name is Kay and I was about to do the weather last Tuesday when just a few minutes before 4 PM I got a call from the doctor telling me that I should come to Los Angeles now.  There was a flight 90 minutes later and somehow I got on the plane and headed out west.  She has had two major surgeries and almost died last Wednesday. It has been a struggle and very difficult and emotional for me, but I am so glad that I am here for her.  She has improved after five days in ICU and is now in another post critical care room here in Santa Monica, CA and I am able to finally have conversations with her. We are hopefull for a full recovery, but still have concerns. We appreciate the good wishes and I will check in again when I get a chance.  Here is a picture of my mom and me from earlier this year.

Mom Gary

I just wanted to provide an update. I really haven’t even had a few minutes to catch up on things.  I hope everyone is doing well.


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40 comments to Mom Update

  • mukustink

    Gary thoughts and prayers to you and your mum. Praying for a fast recovery for your mum. Glad you could be there for her.

    • tushchaser1

      How do you feel now? Spreading rumors about Gary being suspended for posting pictures with his shirt off. I saw you all over the KSHB Facebook page spreading the same stuff, Ed.

      Perhaps you should have waited to find out the real information before jumping to conclusions.

      Gary, hope your mother continues to improve. Stay by her side, you are not missing much here.

      • mukustink

        Hey dumas I stated that I was just saying what I read and that I was not saying it was true. I feel fine by the way but you air are a dumas. If you don’t know what a dumas is look it up! Try using my correct name of Jonathan. Have a great day and remember God loves you :)

        • tushchaser1


          Since everything is so boring right now, I am going to take a moment to respond.

          I don’t know what a “dumas” is. However, in taking your advice in looking it up the following was discovered:

          1. Alexander Dumas (French Writer)
          2. A city in Arkansas
          3. A city in Texas
          4. A men’s clothing store in Charleston, SC

          Thank you for enlightening me about the word “dumas.”

          Further, God does love me and he does so unconditionally. If you would like to further debate God and his good book, I would have no problem having this discussion. I love to discuss theology and philosophy.

          However, I find it funny (as do countless others, I am sure) that you were shouting to the rooftops the other day about Gary and his “suspension” and yet, you are the first to post saying how truly sorry you are. Further, you criticize others for having a “man crush” on Gary, but you looked on his facebook page, his webpage, the blog, and the kshb facebook wondering about his whereabouts. “Pot meet kettle, how are you?”

          Now, I am sure you will resort to juvenile comments and name calling. And if I chose to respond, it will be a rational and calm manner. Nothing angers a bully like someone who doesn’t engage in a similar type of response.

          My only hope is that people who are disgusted by your actions on this blog work to get rid of you. Until that time, when you bully, remember rationale thought will always prevail.

          • mukustink

            Mike errr I mean tushchaser1. I didn’t think you would be smart enough to figure what dumas means. Think of dumba** and there’s your answer. Heck you couldn’t even come up with your own name. You had use a name that already exist and add the numeral 1. Very creative.

            I wasn’t shouting from any roof tops. I simply posted what I saw and read kind of like what this station does with breaking news reporting things as facts that turn out to be incorrect. So what turned out to be a mum update and folks wishing Gary and his mum the best and well wishes you turned into a rant and an attack. So who is the juvenile and who is the bully?

            If you noticed Edward says mom and where I come from we call mother mum. I guess you were not smart enought to figure that out as well. So you have a good day and I’m sure Gary appreciated your rude and uncalled for remarks. Thanks and have a good night Mikey.

            • The0

              MU/KU…You thought I was Mikey. Now you think someone else is Mikey? Or, do you think Mikey has multiple accounts? Which is it?

              P.S. MU/KU……Can you please learn sentence structure? You are a blubbering idiot. You either can’t type or can’t spell very well. Tushchaser1……I love you.

          • mukustink

            One more thing is that I don’t have a Facebook account so it would be impossible for me to post anything to Gary’s Facebook page. I don’t like Facebook and social media in general. I don’t use twitter or instagram or anything like that they are all useless and provide nothing worth while to society.

            • mukustink

              Oh yes one more thing God didn’t write the book. It was written on stories from Jesus that his followers wrote. I would suggest you study some more.

              • tushchaser1


                As I continue to be bored, I will further debate you on the merits of your posts.

                In order for you to read anything posted on KSHB Facebook page, you have to have a Facebook account. So, in essence, when you state that you were just repeating what Ed said, you admitted that you had a Facebook account. However, you contradicted yourself by stating you don’t believe in Facebook, nor have an account. So which one is it?

                Further, you stated that you don’t enjoy social media? A blog is social media and you spend an inordinate amount of time policing the blog and providing insight.

                As for your statement regarding me being a bully. Nice try with the passive aggressive retort. I wasn’t bullying you, in fact, I was simply providing an alternative viewpoint.

                Finally, the Bible was in fact written by God, as he dictated the Word to his disciples. However, a weather blog is not the place for this type of discussion.

                Now, my boredom has subsided. I am no longer going to respond, however, I am sure you will. You love having the last word, as most bullies do.

            • On Aug 22nd MUKU wrote: “The rumours are swirling as to the reason. From what I have been able to gather a lot of people did complain to 41 about his pictures. A lot of people pointed out that you don’t have to be in the pic shirtless to show a cloud and or rain. Some have said he was suspended for the week. Now before the usual suspects jump all over me this is not confirmed nor is it me saying it. I’m just posting what I have read on Facebook and other sites.” Then a couple days later when pressed said one person said it… How immature! But then again, that’s been par for the course. Attack attack attack. Then in full Eddy Haskel mode, “Gee Mr Clever, the weather is blah blah blah, good job weather team”. It gets so old.

              • mukustink

                Hey scotty beam me up. King Dumas tushchaser1 you can read comments on facebook without an account. You may not be able to read the entire comment but you can read them before it says more. Why do I even bother with the 2 of you knuckleheads? Do the both of you even have jobs? How much time it must take to read back thru all the blogs and cut and paste comments. Have a great day and remember God loves you. The disciples wrote what Jesus told them by the way not God.

                • tushchaser1

                  Dear Jonathan,

                  I see that enlightening you to the ills of your words and the mistakes you refuse to accept will take a considerable amount of time. However, I am bored, so you are challenge I happily accept.

                  Let’s knock out the theology lesson quickly. In my system of belief, I believe in the Triune God: The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, I refuse to debate the subject of the Bible in a weather blog. Best left to debate in another medium.

                  As for the inappropriate language you continue to use when describing me. Please continue, as it only makes you look more child-like and immature as each moment passes. Your language and words also continue to build the case for your ultimate removal from the blog. As I stated yesterday: I am going to allow those who continue to be disgusted by your remarks to ultimately get rid of you.

                  Being a bully on a blog is an interesting habit, one that requirements some serious reflection on your part. Why do you feel the need to bully those who speak in this forum? Why do you feel the need to comment to those who ask a question, no matter how inane? These are rhetorical questions and truly don’t need a response.

                  Now, I am sure you will wish to have a say, and definitely have the last word. However, you will be responding to anonymous person on a weather blog and I will probably choose not respond…as I am getting bored by you.

  • weatherman brad


    we will keep you and your mother in our thoughts, thanks for the updates and keep them coming. I know this might be a little difficult for you to go through.


  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    So glad to hear she is improving. I hope her recovery is quick! I’ll keep you/your mom in my prayers. You aren’t missing much here…hot and dry covers it all.

    Thanks weather team for keeping the blog updates coming while Gary is away!

  • MCIRamp

    Hey Gary,

    I share in the well wishes for your mother to make a full recovery. I know it must be doing her a world of good that you are there for her. May Kay continue to fight the good fight and return to the normal, happy life she is accustomed to as can clearly be inferred from your photo!

  • sedsinkc

    Gary, I hope your mom makes a full recovery. I also hope she gets out of the hospital soon. My mom lingered for a month in the hospital after she had necessary major surgery in early 2010, not well enough to leave, and wound up dying from a hospital-acquired infection.

    The end to our heat wave is nowhere in sight. GFS and ECMWF models are insisting this anticyclone will continue to dominate KC’s weather for at least the next 10 days and probably longer.

  • Ladybug


    Its good to hear your mother is healing. Hope she continues to heal everyday. Thanks for taking the time to updates us.

  • Farmgirl

    Speedy recovery wishes going out to your momma. And honestly Gary, you are not missing anything weather wise. Wish the LLTI would take effect and bring some rain!

  • Drought Miser

    Glad you went out there Gary, my mom went through that a few years back and I flew out right away also hopefully she keeps improving thoughts are with you and your mom….

  • j-ox

    Gary, you ARE where you need to be…

    When you get back, PLEASE permanently get rid of the goofballz around here…I will not mention names as they are OBVIOUS. This is a weather blog…and keeping it civil should be EVERYONE’S priority. Too much childishness around here.

    The only person that gets under my skin is Dobber…so keep her around. Is the drought over………Dobber??????

  • Emaw

    Gary, best wishes to your Mom for a full recovery.

    Billy Joe down on the farm said it was so hot today his trusty old hen Wilma layed a hard boiled egg!

  • Weatherfreak01

    I know what you are going through Gary. Family is the most important thing. I am glad you are with her. You would not have forgiven yourself if you did not go and you lost her.

    As stated above, we are in the middle of the Summer doldrums. At least Summer finally arrived.. It will be interesting to see what Old Man Winter brings us.

  • Brian

    Best wishes Gary to you and your Mother….I hope a fast and full recovery is in front of you both

  • sansherm

    Gary, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother. We miss you but family ALWAYS comes first. Be there with your Mom and we hope for a speedy recovery.

  • AJRiddle

    Gary, you deserve the time off to spend with your mother. Not a harder working meteorologist in Kansas City than you! Hope your mother has a speedy recover, take care!

  • weatherman brad

    so where the heck is Brett or Jeff at, weren’t they supposed to update the blog today. they need to stop slacking off if they want to keep their jobs. just sayin.


    • rred95

      Whats to update? Its going to be hot and dry for 10 days… there u go.

      • weatherman brad

        yes, but what about the cold front and rain chance after labor day though. that’s what I want to know because I am sick of this heat already.


        • mukustink

          Bradly you are a met student correct? Look at the models and figure it out. Your comment was outrageous about slacking off. They are pulling extra duty due to Gary’s absence.

        • Alex Pickman

          I don’t think not updating a blog is going to determine whether they keep their job or not. They are broadcast Mets. Their job is to go on air, not update a blog. The blog is a something they put extra time into.

  • Hockeynut69

    The update on the front is: it will knock temps to around 90°. No rain for the KC metro area (especially the Northland).

  • greek

    Rain is not permitted in the Northland.

  • Emaw

    Billy Joe said it was so hot down on the farm today the squirrels were pouring gatorade on their nuts! . . .

    • mukustink

      I was wondering what Billy Joe was seeing and thinking down on the farm with all this heat. I wonder if farmgirl is seeing the same thing?

  • blue8091

    Gary – many blessings for you, your mom and your family and wishes for her full recovery! Glad you are able to be with her.

    Emaw – lol

  • mukustink

    Mowermike since you like to point out with cut and paste when someone makes a incorrect prediction what happened to the wetter then normal August? I don’t have time to go back and read thru blogs and cut and paste like you do as I have important work to tend to. I’m just curious what happened? How does this heat pattern even remotely come close to 50-57 days ago per the LRC?. Just curious if you could help us out with that one as I see no relation to previous patterns at all. Thanks.

  • tbdoc4kids

    Gary, I hope your mom is back on her feet and out to dinner with you again soon!