Modelitis: The Horrible Weather “Disease” – Symptoms & Remedies

Good evening bloggers,

Okay bloggers.  I know many of you are not well.  You have a horrible case of “modelitis”.  The best remedy, and I know the best one, is a good snowstorm in KC.  The most horrible case known is when models have a lot of snow, then they don’t, and then the fever rises when you get within two days.  The symptoms:  High emotions when a model run is posted by a blogger.  Then, some bloggers tease other bloggers with “poof alert” and other emotional statements. If you react to these statements, then you have contracted this disease.  If your emotions go way up and then way down within an hour, then you have a severe case.    The best remedy is to ignore other bloggers, realize Kansas City rarely has snow and it has been 5 years since our last 3″,  and realize that what will happen, will happen, and the models are just playing with your mind. They are just guidance. Go see a movie Saturday and get away for a few hours, and you will feel better.

Now with this said, take a look at one of the recent GFS (American Model), and the EMWF (European Model) beginning with the latter:



The energy from this storm is still near the coast, and just coming inland. The models should have a better solution tonight that has a much better chance of narrowing in on a solution. Until the new NAM model comes in at 8:15 PM, let’s discuss this battle.  Have a great evening. The discussion will be on Weather2020.com.


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