Minor Icing Early Today, Then Just Wet

Good Sunday bloggers,

From one of our bloggers:

“How is it that precipitation is already starting well east of here? Furthermore, temperatures haven’t been above freezing for that long, so how can the ground warm above freezing quickly enough to not freeze any liquid that falls on surfaces that were subjected to the freezing cold for 15 days? Given the angle of the sun, and the fact it is a cloudy day and not a clear and sunny one, would really like to know how all of this is setting up so perfectly as to keep us citizens super safe from evil Mother Nature. Go!”

Great questions. Jeff Penner just wrote up this blog which provides the answers. Let me address one of the questions. The rain is falling from areas above the ground that are now above freezing, so the water falling from the sky, the rain drops, is around 35 to 36 degrees as it hits the ground. This will in turn warm the surfaces and prevent any major icing. but, some ice is still likely due to how cold it has been. It should be short lived. That air temperature near the surface is much more important than the ground temperature. If it were just 32 or 33 we may see some icing, but it warmed to 36 to 38 degrees this morning.

Here is Jeff’s blog entry!  

South winds overnight have taken our temperatures to the mid and upper 30s. This has put an end to the ice threat. A few north facing surfaces may see some ice for a few hours this morning, but we are looking at mostly wet conditions today. The other part of the story is the rainfall. Some locations today will see beneficial rain.

Also, one other item. Tonight the sky will clear allowing temperatures to drop to the 20s along with poor drying conditions. So, locations that receive a decent amount of rain will be susceptible to black ice, especially after midnight. The current salt on the roads will be washed off, so new treatment may be needed.

Here were the 730 AM temperatures. It is basically above freezing in all of the viewing area.


The Winter Weather Advisory has been cancelled for the KC area, and to be perfectly honest locations to the northeast will not have a huge issue as temperatures are warming their as well. Again, north facing surfaces will have the best chance for slick spots.


Let’s go through the forecast.

SUNDAY NOON: Rain will be widespread, mostly along I-35 and east with temperatures above freezing. If there is any icing it will be located in northeast and east Missouri.


SUNDAY 6 PM: The rain will be mostly over and well to the east with temperatures in the mid 30s. Surfaces will be wet to damp.


MONDAY 7 AM: This is when we could see some ice as any leftover water could re-freeze. The sky will clear after 10 PM to midnight from northwest to southeast allowing temperatures to drop to the 20s. The drying conditions will be poor with a light wind and high humidity. The salt on the roads prior to the rain will have been washed off by this time.


The other big story is the rainfall as it has been so ridiculously dry since October 23rd. KC has seen just 0.46″ of rain which is 4.15″ below average.


Today, KC may see as much rain that has fallen since October 23rd with amounts around or higher than 0.40″. Locations to the southeast may see .50″ to .75″. Unfortunately, locations to the northwest, especially far northwest Missouri may not see much rain at all.


Have a great week ahead and enjoy the rain!

Jeff Penner

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1 comment to Minor Icing Early Today, Then Just Wet

  • overlandpark4me

    It was already above freezing, albeit barely, at 2:30 AM. By sunrise, 35 in Merriam. A lucky break.