Major Improvement in the Weather

Good Saturday morning bloggers,

After an early winter like Friday, the weekend will return to feeling like fall!  Highs today will reach near 60° as winds turn from the west as we sit south of some fast moving weather systems.  This will create a down slope affect from the high plains, eroding the cold air mass.  See maps #1 and #2

MAP #1: Highs today


MAP #2: Surface map for 3 PM today.  Notice the warm front to the west.  This will have a role in Sunday’s weather.


The warm front we mentioned above will push through tonight and early Sunday.  It is attached to a classic Alberta Clipper.  This is another name for a fast moving system tracking southeast out  of Canada.  When you are located on the south side of these systems it can warm fast, especially when you are in between the trough and the warm front.  And, fortunate for us and all of the Chiefs fans, that is right where we are located Sunday afternoon.  Highs will reach near 70°!  It will be breezy from the southwest with gusts to 20-30 mph, but still a nice day.  The cold front will come through Sunday night, making for a colder Monday with highs in the 50s.

MAP #3: Surface map for Sunday at 3 PM


Below are the forecasts for some area big football games.  MU, KU and the Chiefs.









Have a great weekend!  And go Chiefs!

Jeff Penner

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4 comments to Major Improvement in the Weather

  • stjoeattorney

    Good morning fellow bloggers, it has been a while. The weather has been extremely blasé up in St. Joseph. I have been reading the blog, however, I have not been posting. I agree with several other bloggers, we are definitely in the throes of a drought. I figure this is either the third year or the fifth year of a drought cycle. I have been watering my trees to keep them from having long term damage.

    On my way into work this morning at 7:45 AM there was frost on the top of my car, windshield, and the grass. The temperature was noted that 31°. I do live in a low-lying area when I went to bed last night after the Cardinal victory, the temperature had already dropped to 35° at around 11:315 PM. I suspect there has been at least some vegetation burned, however, if anything has been completely killed I do not know, but any reduction in pollen is welcomed! :-)

    Now onto the outlook for the very tail end of October. It is getting a little bit interesting cold and wet? Or cold and snowy?

  • j-ox

    Last year was as bad as I’ve ever seen it drought-wise…and I’ve lived in the area essentially my whole life. This year is MUCH greener in Lawrence, but we’re still a good bit below avg precip. I truly feel for you all that are missing these rains…it really can grade on one’s psyche.

    Nearly 1/2″ from yesterday’s rain/sleet.

  • stjoeattorney

    last year extreme 1932-36 like this year not as bad [very dry but timelt .75 tp .50 inch rain too keep crops going and only one 100 degree day] and zero rain/snow on Friday. Stuck inside working but it hss warmed to 63.

  • Kole Christian

    MIZ-ZOU!!! 7-0 Missouri Tigers! I am looking forward to seeing some flakes next week. Maybe a little bit of snow for Thanksgiving too.