Major Hurricane Lane Is Now A Category 5 Storm

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Major Category 5 Hurricane Lane is going to take a turn to the north northwest on Thursday.  This major hurricane will have significant impacts on Hawaii.


Hurricane Warnings are now in effect for the big island first with Honolulu now in a rare Hurricane Watch. Only four tropical systems have made landfall on Hawaii since 1959, two hurricanes and two tropical storms. The strongest of which was in 1992 when Hurricane Iniki turned north right over Kauai, the island I was on two weeks ago, the farthest northwest island.  The water is in the upper 70s near Hawaii, so the hurricane should weaken significantly once it moves over the cooler waters.  It takes 80 degree water or warmer to support the strength of these systems.  As Lane approaches the islands it will likely still be a weakening CAT 3 hurricane and by the time it gets closer to Oahu, Lane will likely weaken to a CAT 1.  By the time Lane passes near Kauai it should get close to weakening below hurricane strength. Kauai had a massive and devastating flood in April where 25″ of rain fell in one day in spots, and they may have another big flooding event from Lane.  The timing is for this to all happen between Thursday and Saturday morning.

Kansas City Weather:


An interesting (wanted to say strange) warm front will be approaching from the southwest. As it approaches rain and thunderstorms will generate.  A complex of thunderstorms is likely going to be approaching the KS/MO state line Thursday, and depending on how strong it is, it will affect that warm front Thursday evening and may help generate more thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday morning.  Once this warm front passes, much warmer air will surge into our region with temperatures jumping into the 90s.  Here is a rainfall forecast from the GFS model showing amounts of around 1″ wide spread.  The amounts are likely to vary from 0.10″ to over 2″ once again, feast of famine.


Have a great day.   Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.


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