Major Hurricane Irma Moves Into Florida

Good morning bloggers,

Landfall Of Irma

Hurricane Irma, a Category 4 storm, was crossing the Florida Keys this morning as I was writing this blog entry.  The eye of the hurricane was crossing Cudjoe Key near Pirates Cove and there are many homes in this area as you can see here:

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.38.08 AM

Hurricane Irma:

  • 130 mph sustained winds with gusts to 150 mph near the eye wall
  • On the Keys at 8:45 AM eastern time
  • Moving northwest at 7 mph
  • Tracking towards Fort Myers & Marco Island & Naples Florida

This category 4 storm may still intensify as it approaches the main Florida coast line.  Miami and Fort Lauderdale will be spared the worst, but there have been tornado warnings on that quadrant of the storm. All of Florida will be hit hard by this historic storm. It is just taking a perfect track to have an impact statewide. It will be tracking into Georgia tonight.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.52.43 AM

This radar map above shows the eye over the keys. Now, where will it track from here. It was still drifting northwest at 7 mph. It will likely turn more northward and pick up speed a bit, but when?

Irma stats

This is the latest forecast path. If it would just be a bit east of this track the eye would move over land and Irma would begin weakening faster, but this track keeps it over the water with a worst case scenario for all of the coastal cities on the west coast of Florida.

Rainfall Forecast Next 15 days:


You can see the tropical systems with all of the rain in the yellow colors, but look at Kansas City. Could we do it again? Of course we can! The second half of another month will likely be wetter than the first half. This has happened in every month this year with the exception of April, but it was wet in both halves of that fourth month of the year. There is no chance of rain through the first half of September, but there are a couple of chances showing up in the next ten days.

I am so proud of our weather team! Congratulations to Candi, our producer, and Tom Brown our director, and to our weather team at 41 Action News, Lindsey, Nicole, Gerard, and Jeff. Jeff Penner was there in St. Louis when it was announced that our Winter Weather Special won the Emmy for Best News Special last n right in St. Louis:



Jeff looks pretty excited! We will have to post the link to the winning show in the next day or two. I will look for it. Have a great Sunday, and let’s keep our friends and relatives in Florida in our positive thoughts and hope that we can get through today with a limited number of fatalities. Unfortunately we are not going to avoid the worst in some of the targeted locations on the west coast of Florida. Have a great day and thank you for sharing in this weather experience on the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis.


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