Major Changes Taking Place

Good morning bloggers,

Today’s Forecast thoughts:

  • Sunny, very warm, and a light southeast breeze. Highs today and tomorrow will reach the middle 8os and the wind will increase on Friday

We will be experiencing some pretty warm late September weather with above average temperatures ahead of a storm system that will be ejecting out into the plains states Friday night and Saturday.  This next storm system will have trailing energy dragging across our area Saturday with a very good chance of rain. The big questions:

  • How much rain will fall Saturday?
  • What time is it going to rain Saturday?

The timing continues to be in the 7 AM to 3 PM time frame and it should last 2 to 4 hours. ┬áThe NAM model, in the past two runs, has only had a under a tenth of an inch in our area, while the GFS is close to a half inch in some spots. Let’s see what the models show today and we will update this forecast on 41 Action News. Remember this storm is caught in a changing weather pattern. And, this is the time of the year for the biggest change as the new LRC sets up.

LRC 2012-2013 is finally ending in the next few days as new jet energy intensifies over the Pacific, and the new LRC is showing strong signs of developing. I think we will all welcome a new weather pattern. Click on this link to the Weather 2020 blog:

New LRC Is Forming


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15 comments to Major Changes Taking Place

  • yewtrees

    Doesn’t sound like much changes at all in a short term

    NWS: Quiet weather is expected through much of the rest of the forecast with mostly zonal flow across the country. With the origin of the air mass behind Saturday`s front being Pacific in nature,
    temperatures should remain fairly close to normal through the first
    half of next week. Highs will climb into the 80s by the middle of
    next week as flow becomes more southerly.

  • blue8091

    I am really ready for something new. Looking forward to the crisp fall weather because it always energizes me. My favorite season! Have a great day everyone.

  • trinlivco

    The change can’t happen fast enough for me. I am sick and tired of this darn warm, dry pattern we are in for my area (Chillicothe,Trenton). Its hard to believe now just 50 miles or so can be a very large differance in rain fall. Hope its a wet pattern. TR

  • MikeL

    Looking at Gary’s model charts, the new energy forming over the pacific looks like strong zonal flow into the western U.S. Wouldn’t that signal warm and dry here? Hopefully that kind of pattern wouldn’t dominate during winter.

    • Mike,

      October is typically one of the drier months of the year. Hopefully the new pattern that begins evolving will drop the energy west of us allowing us to have a wet system or two, like what is on the 06z GFS model. But, everything is changing so right now let’s see how it develops during the next week.

    • sedsinkc

      30 year average monthly precipitation for KCI:

      September: 4.62″
      October: 3.16″
      November: 2.15″
      December: 1.53″
      January: 1.07″

      October isn’t that dry, on average, compared to the months that follow it. But it is drier than the spring and summer months.

  • Drought Miser

    I’m really looking foreword to the new LRC pattern! With the la Nina calming this tropical season down hopefully that will cycle are pattern into a nice wet snowy winter and spring it almost has too!!!!!

  • Jrock

    Thanks Gary & Drought Miser! Gary, so what’s the prize for winning the competition? Hopefully some Chiefs tickets. If we get a 3 tenths of an inch of rain at KCI on Saturday then I will be dead on with my prediction.

  • Dang! It is 91 over here in Lawrence this afternoon, and the AC system has been reactivated.

  • mukustink

    Don’t major changes always happen this time of year?

  • kellyinkc