Looking for Rain can be a Pain

Happy St. Patrick’s day bloggers,

The best way to describe the weather is using limericks. We had a storm system on Friday that brought about .05″ to .25″ of rain. The next storm system arrives Monday and the data that was coming out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was suggesting a widespread rain event with a possible change to snow. Well, when I got up to go to work this morning at 41 Action News I looked at the new data and said..Really?  Again? Yes, the new data is trending towards a smaller storm system that tracks too far south to bring our area much rain. And the snow chance…LOL.

Now, could the data change back to a wetter storm system? It could, but it is looking like a smaller storm system, so we are going to need a farther north track.

Let’s go through the next few days and once again we will focus on a storm system that may bring some locations a few drops of rain.

I lived in KC my whole life and have seen just about every kind of weather on St. Patrick’s day ranging from sunshine and 70s to snow. The 2018 version will be cloudy, dry and cold with a decreasing wind. So, if you are headed out, grab the jacket, but leave the umbrella at home.


DRUNK DRIVING WATCH: This is in memory of all of those who have been injured or killed in drunk driving accidents. PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!


SATURDAY: Low clouds left from the Friday storm system will hang tough. They will try to clear about 50-100 miles south of KC with possibly a few peeks of sun around KC before the sun sets. Highs will be 38°-43° in locations that do not see sun and 48°-52° in locations that do see the sun today.


SUNDAY: It will be dry in our area with clouds in and out. It will be warmer with highs 55°-60°, so a much nicer day. The next storm system is getting it’s act together in the Rockies. Rain and thunderstorms will be possible in southeast Kansas and Oklahoma along a warm front.


MONDAY: The storm system is trending, smaller, more compact and farther south. This means the band of decent rain is about 50-100 miles wide and as is, it looks like the northern edge of the rain is along I-70. So, we are going to need this system to either track farther north, or be bigger to bring a nice .25″ to 1″ of rain to all locations. This could still happen, but the trend is away from this, but we will keep an eye on it.


TUESDAY: A second, smaller system will move by Tuesday. This looked like it could bring snow, but this is trending towards just a few rain or snow showers. It will be a cold day with highs in the 40s.


RAINFALL FORECAST: Here we go again! It is looking like another trace to .25″ rain event with amounts .25″ to 1″ to the south. If the storm comes farther north, or ends up being bigger, then all locations will have a nice rain. The chance of it being a bigger system is 10% and the chance it tracks farther north is 30%.


KC 2018 RAINFALL DATA: There was about .20″ for most locations on Friday. This keeps us about 1″ below average for the month and year. We will continue to lose ground if these systems keep delivering the minimum. It will be interesting to see how these systems act around here the next 4-8 weeks.


Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s day.


Jeff Penner

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