Let it rain, sure…but what about snow/sleet?

Bring on the rain!

The cold has moved in, the rain has moved in, the weather has changed dramatically from yesterday’s 75 degrees. 
Here are the rainfall totals as of 9 am:

These numbers are great!  2/3 of an inch of rain in Olathe and 1″+ downtown!  A few tenths more are possible through
midday when the “precipitation” ends.

So why use the term “precipitation” in quotes?  Well, I think you know why.

For a current look at radar, click here.

ESP:Live Radar shows the widespread area of rain over the KC area.  Light rain is green, a bit heavier rain is shown by yellow, and some isolated spots where it’s really coming down shown by the orange.  But that deep red and purple on the west side of this band of rain is something different: some ice pellets mixing in with the rain.  I talked with a woman this morning from Seneca, KS (west of Hiawatha) who had reported some light ice on some elevated surfaces in that area.  National Weather Service has also reported sleet west of Emporia.

As the entire band shifts eastward and temperatures drop, any rain falling this afternoon faces the possibility of some snowflakes or ice pellets mixing in for KC.  This wouldn’t be anything to worry about and would not cause any problems on the roadways as ground temperatures are much too warm.  The highest likelihood is  for areas north and northwest of KC.

I want you to take a look at how cold the air is moving in from the northwest:

These temperatures readings were taken around 9 am today.  Wow, what a drop: teens in Nebraska and 20s in northern Kansas to 30s in KC.  As that cold air continues to surge southeastward, temperatures would be able to drop into the low 30s by midday in KC.  This is cold enough for wintry precipitation – including a brief round of sleet pellets or snow flakes mixing in with any rain as it is in the process of ending. 

This gives us just a narrow window to see some wintry precipitation mixing in with any rain in KC with the highest likelihood north and west.

Let me know what you’re seeing…I’ll have an update at 5pm.  And remember, all of your weather pictures posted on kshb.com/pics go to our entire newsroom.  We like to show them on our newscasts!

Have save Veterans Day.


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45 comments to Let it rain, sure…but what about snow/sleet?

  • themomof4

    Good Morning Gary!

    Just wondering when we can expect your winter weather predictions. My family and I always look forward to it. Thanks in advance!

  • f00dl3

    Wonder if that “tushchaser”/KFC guy still thinks we have a shot of a foot of snow 16th/17th? Nothing showing up on the GFS

    • foodl3, That tushchaser/KFC guy “may” retract his forecast, a little…The GFS never indicated snow next weekend…It was that LYING Euro !!! This was my FIRST inaccurate forecast… I hope my forecast didn,t cause any financial hardships,or stress… Quoting Gary on forecasting the future, “It,s a work in progress”…Forecasting is a MIXED BUCKET of challenges…I break my BACK to be correct…WINGing out mumbo-jumbo predictions,is not my CUP OF TEA…I try to be one LEG up on my competitors…

    • Oh yea, I almost forgot,,, Have a good 1. :)

  • JohnNCWX

    Looks like some higher reflectivity is showing up moving in over douglas and western leavenworth/wyandotte counties..perhaps some sleet moving in?

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    36.f here. Raining hardly. Sleet or snow soon?!

  • grassmankc

    Currently 41 degrees and we’ve had 1.10″ of rain in Greenwood MO.

  • Miky, I went to Changs yesterday looking for you…Didn,t see your lawnmower parked out in front, so I figured you must have went back home… P.S. How are you able to cross the Mo.river,without law enforcement catching you ??? Isn,t against the law the drive an unlicensed motorized vehicles on highways???

  • NorthlandKB

    Sleeting very heavily at I-29/Barry Rd.!!!

  • NorthlandKB

    Accumulating sleet on parts if the yard now…c’mon snow!

  • Got sleet coming down in NW Olathe. Starting to accumulate on my deck.

  • NorthlandKB

    SNOWING!!! Taking pics and will email GW when I can…

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Sleeting in Olathe.

  • RickMckc

    Radar looks strong to the south and west … anyone for a November surprise?

    • mowermike


      Close,but the precip. is inching east. Should be over in the next hour or so, at least the heavy stuff….great moisture though

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Getting Sleet on and off

  • OlatheMatt

    Sleeting hard here in Olathe. Surprised when I heard it on the windows.

  • stl78

    1.86! 4 miles nw of liberty. Can anyone confirm similar totals. Sittin @ 34 w sleet mixin in.

    • LibertyJeff

      I’m by the Community Center stl. Closing in on 2″ and still raining hard here. No sleet yet but I’m sure it’s on the way. What a great soaking for the area!

  • hippygoth

    Raining ice at Shawnee Mission Park. Hear it bouncing of the windows.


  • weatherjett

    NorthlandKB is right, heavy sleet off hwy 152 and 169, for the past 20 min. Sleet covering the deck and grill. Amazing changes w/in past 6-8 hrs.
    If u don’t like the weather in KC, wait an hour. Ha ha

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Snow and Sleet!

  • McCabe58

    Looks like more precip, although light looks to be developing behind this line of heavy rain/sleet?

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Snow Later Today?

  • McCabe58

    Well, nevermind :( it already died out. Why does the precip gotta stop as soon as it gets cold enough to have some wintry stuff? Just wanted to see some snowflakes

  • f00dl3

    Topeka radar shows a nice area of light precip from Manhattan south to Wichita, at least in composite. If this stuff is reaching the ground, who knows.

    • sedsinkc

      It’s virga. Look at the radar loops. The echoes disappear as they get closer to the radar sites in Manhattan and Wichita.

  • mowermike

    1.82 inches in Liberty, along with the rain Monday morning this week, over 2 inches of rain this week.

    Now I’m going prepare for the foot of snow that Tush(KFC) has predicted for late this week….

    • Miky, You can have your mother put the galoshes away…If she does,make sure that you can still reach them,when needed… It wont be to long…Winters only a month from now…Remember what day it falls on…I,ll remind you if you like. ;)

  • mowermike

    Going off the most EC run, I say,somewhere in the K.C. metro area gets screwed W/ a foot of snow…You have just now heard it here,from KFC…KFC,our motto is; “We,re one LEG up on the competitors,and we BACK up our forecasts”…Have a good 1.

  • sedsinkc

    1.52 inches of rain here in KC North just S of Gladstone. Sleet coated the deck about an hour ago but has mostly melted off now.

  • Emaw

    1.5″ in north Loathe, and about 13 ice pellets. The mid/late week forecast looks very nice!

  • blueflash

    Rain has just ended in W Central Independence, just the slightest bit of sleet at the end. Storm total 1.75 inches.

  • mamaof3girls

    Loved yesterdays weather, but loving todays more…because I got rain. Woke up to 1.40 inches and a temperature of 38. When I went to bed at 2am it was 69 degrees. Wow!
    Pleasanton KS

  • DougHeadyImpersonator1

    Went out of town this weekend to western Ks to hunt pheasants. I went out around Hays,Ks just west of there to a town by the name of Ellis, Ks. Yesterday was absolutely MISERABLE! There was a dust storm and the winds were sustained at 40-50mph. The dust was so thick that you could only see 5-10 ft in front of you. The dust was up in the atmosphere and it was just really, really bad. We ended up not getting ANY rain there because the line of storms developed to the east of Hays. My relation took me out to Cedar Bluff reservoir and it is 18 ft below normal! They are in an exceptional drought out there and it is just not a good situation at all. The wheat has came up and it is 3 or 4 inches tall in many areas but you can tell it is VERY, VERY stressed due to no moisture at all. They have had 8-10″ of rain ALL year. We only saw 6-8 pheasants the whole time. It was the worst hunting that I’ve ever seen. It was bad.

  • DougHeadyImpersonator1

    It was kinda cool because yesterday it was 83 and by 8 or 9pm when the front hit there, it was plummeting through the 40’s and eventually this morning when we left it was clear, 25 with a wind chill of 11. We drove back east on I-70 toward KC, and we eventually ran back into the cloud cover. The pheasants couldnt survive the drought, that and wheat harvest out there was 3-4 wks early so it ruined a lot of their nests. Also CRP and their cover were destroyed for emergency feed for the farmers. Just figured I’d share some of the weather phenomena and events that I have went through this weekend! :) That was my first dust storm, I was shocked how dark and nasty it was!

  • Theo

    1.18 rain total 167th & Antioch near BV West.

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton 1.6″ Best rain we’ve had since last spring. Just wish it was spring and getting warmer instead of colder.

  • shisey

    1.65 here in se lee’s summit

  • stl78

    1.99….LOL…4 miles nw of liberty

  • McCabe58

    At least we got a good soaking… Snow will be here soon enough!

  • frigate

    1.52 in Sw Grain Valley, Mo.