Less Than 25 Days From The New Weather Pattern

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Welcome to the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis.  According to the CPH a unique weather pattern will be setting up and the pattern we have experienced for the past year will get wiped out.  This pattern we just experienced, and it isn’t quite done yet, has produced some rather fascinating weather across the Northern Hemisphere from the two recent hurricane disasters to the obliteration of the western drought with record snowfall over the Sierra Nevada.  Within 25 days something brand new will have started.

Speaking of the Sierra Nevada. Look at this rare waterspout over Lake Tahoe, on the lake, and a Tornado Warning was issued for the north shore as this rotated around a strong thunderstorm:

I still dream of living there some day. This past year has been just fascinating. The drought got obliterated and now this.

Hurricane Irma just destroyed many of those early island hits such as St. Martin and others in that area just east of Puerto Rico.  Irma could have been much worse in the United States, but fortunately it went inland near Marco Island. The fact it traversed the entire Florida Peninsula created many more power outages due to the amount of populations it tracked across.  There was a reverse storm surge in many areas, and then there was a “normal” storm surge on the east coast of Florida all the way up into the Georgia and South Carolina coast. Take a look at what washed ashore near Hilton Head:


Many residents left Hilton Head Island way in advance of Irma. There were a few model runs that had South Carolina getting a direct hit, so residence did leave early in many incidents. But, there was one visitor that showed up because of the storm.  This visitor, that lives out over the ocean,  was red, weighed 13,000 pounds, and will likely not be moved out for a long time. 13,000 pounds! Wow, and you can see a couple of dogs wondering what that big thing was, and did you ever realize how big these Buoys  are, 13,000 pounds, as I say it for the third time?  I am heading to Hilton Head for the first time in two weeks. I bet it will still be there.

DSCN4475Sunny The Weather Dog found the sprinklers this morning. After a summer where most of the Kansas City residents did not even need to water their lawns in July and August, suddenly it became necessary during this current dry spell. Kansas City is now up to 18 days in a row without any measurable rain.  This dry streak may get a break this weekend as a cold front moves through. There is another tropical system to monitor closely, well really two systems. Jose continues to spin over the Atlantic Ocean and it is making a move towards the east coast, but will likely curve offshore. It still needs to be monitored closely. And, another system is forming near Baja California.  This system will likely spread some moisture into the southwestern states and possibly out into the plains. The GFS model has been the most aggressive with this moisture by Tuesday and it even tracks it over KC early next week.  This can be seen on the overnight GFS, in fact you can see both tropical systems:


In tomorrows blog we discuss the second season of severe weather season. There is, what has been called, the “second season” as the “first season” is spring severe weather season. In KC I think we would all agree that summer was almost more active that spring, but it certainly did calm down in the past three weeks.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis. Let us know if you have any questions. We have been having some great conversations over on the Weather2020 blog.


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